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  1. Thanks for all of the good tips. I had a pretty good day today with awesome conditions riding my 172 Coiler Contra. Friday I’ll ride my 168S Swoard which is very soft but wider than I like at 22cm.
  2. “Legs come back” doesn’t seem to apply to me unless we’re talking thirty years ago. No problem, I’ll forge on!
  3. I’ll try some of these suggestions on Monday, hopefully, as well as try to make comparisons between my Swoard 168S and a couple of new Coilers. My Swoard is the softest flex board I’ve ridden and I think that is why it’s my go to board along with my 166 Coiler Contra prototype which I got last spring. I’m trying to get a new 172 Coiler Contra dialed in too. My stance and technique are probably contributing to my quads issue.
  4. Correction. I have been doing squats, not dead lifts. Sorry for the game changing mistake. I edited my original post.
  5. Thanks for all of your comments. Pat, I tried Sportlegs a season or two ago at your request and I don’t remember being able to tell any difference but I have most of a bottle left so I will try again. I really thought those barbell dead lifts would at least help a little bit as I have never done any resistance training for my legs in the past. I do, however, row 7k (40’) about five days/week, both aerobically and anerobically which you would think would help. l have no interest in sending a vid until I can link up a half dozen pencil-line big arc turns like I could in 2005. Sendi
  6. At the end of last season I made a commitment to strengthen my quads as they were limiting my time on the hill so, every other day since mid March have done 3x10 dumbell squats , not deadlifts as previously stated, with 52.5 #s in each hand. I went up to Crystal on Tuesday (awesome conditions) and my quads burned just as badly, or worse, than last year. It was very disappointing. Any help would be welcome.
  7. Thanks for the recommendations. I hope C-19 complications don’t derail my trip.
  8. I just learned that Crystal is offering their own season pass which I always bought prior to them only offering the twice as expensive Ikon Pass. I can get a refund on my Ikon and buy the Crystal pass tomorrow which I will do.
  9. I'd like to make my usual annual trip up to Whistler but if I can't, I can't.
  10. Ikon and upper parking lot permit for Crystal Mt for 20/21...keeping my fingers X-ed! If it's open I will be there every day my wife goes to work, i.e. Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays, when we're not on Maui!
  11. Are there some well groomed, moderate, blue circle, good, hard boot carving runs at Jackson Hole?
  12. I will only be in Jackson Hole with my grandkids those days but thank you for responding. I will be doing Crystal Mt as many Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays as possible the rest of the season.
  13. I’d like a hard boot carving lesson for a couple of hours any morning or afternoon January 15-17 in Jackson Hole.
  14. I show my friends and relatives my watch face or my computer screen saver, both of which show an awesome heel side carve, and NOBODY cares and yet I think is the coolest thing on the planet! Based on my experiences I don't think Alpine stands a chance of growing I am sad to say!
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