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  1. I show my friends and relatives my watch face or my computer screen saver, both of which show an awesome heel side carve, and NOBODY cares and yet I think is the coolest thing on the planet! Based on my experiences I don't think Alpine stands a chance of growing I am sad to say!
  2. The only thought that comes to me is Roy Orbison's, It's Over. The alpine carving season, that is. I hope, the word over, that the Covid-19 pandemic can be contained with a minimum loss of life and treasure. A lot of people are really hurting at this time. Stay safe and healthy!
  3. WOW! The season is, for all practical purposes, over!
  4. When is this pic going to come out in a magazine? I’d like to get a copy of it.
  5. IMHO, guys who have skied for many years and who worked hard at developing a rock solid style for everything from heli deep pow to firm hard pack are the most likely to want to try Alpine hard booting. For the most part they grip their poles correctly and firmly, stabbing them in the snow at their tips and pulling them out on EVERY turn; never letting them fly past their bodies. They use their entire bodies for every turn and they generally find the most solid platform in keeping their skis pretty close together no matter the terrain and depth of snow (may not apply to the super skiers who jump off cliffs and make death defying runs for the camera). I see most skiers with zero style pointing their skis one way then the other, no knee or upper body movement to help them in their turns and rare use of their poles. They couldn’t turn if they faced a foot or more of powder. They couldn’t care less about stylish, powerful skiing. Most of those people will never get the attraction to Alpine hard booting. Of course neither will hardly any of the other group. I guess I could be considered to have too much time on my hands to post this dribble. I think I read that sometime ago but I figured enough time had passed that he wouldn’t care. I originally found it on FB so it’s certainly in the public domain. It’s my computer and watch wallpaper as my inspiration and constant reminder of my goal. If Larry still doesn’t want it here let me know and I can take it down.
  6. Jack can take it down if he wants.
  7. Crystal has just made the gondola and all dining areas closed until further notice AND all schools are closed for six weeks so, even though the conditions are super up there, I expect lots of out of control straight-line speedsters to be clogging up the runs and my run, which I usually have to myself, will now be clogged up because of the gondola closure. I imagine I will be checking it out on Monday anyway, with grandchildren in tow, but I won't stay if it appears to me that me or my grandkids have a good chance of getting speared.
  8. I ride one daily and if you get one, ride it on grass for your first few sessions so WHEN you crash you will have less of a chance of ending up in the emergency room and you won't ding up your OW.
  9. I have tried to get my skiing buddies interested in carving since 2000 and only one showed any interest at all. He bought the gear way back then and went to a carving camp at Mt Hood, took a hard fall and it was over for him. He still occasionally asks me if I am still “long boarding.” I used to wonder why I thought hard boot carving was the coolest thing on the planet and almost nobody, except you guys, showed even the tinyest bit of interest. I’m over it now, just do my thing and go to this site for camaraderie as it ain’t happening on the slopes. I even have Larry Castruita on my Apple Watch face and when I show it to people they say “cool” and then change the subject.
  10. You’re probably right but I am making satisfying progress.
  11. It seemed the best carved turns I could make in 8" of fresh were tight drifts where the tail did pretty much follow the nose. I couldn't force the edge deep enough to fully engage the firm base. Probably my bad and inexperience.
  12. You never really know what you’re going to find until you get there, i.e. grooming, etc. If I had been there with some of my kids or grandkids we would have made a great day out of it.
  13. The least traffic I’ve seen in years on I-5, River Road and other roads leading to Crystal but plenty of snow. 8” of 25° fresh this morning on a good base and visibility was awesome. Maybe we’ve got some of the best conditions in the nation. Unfortunately all schools are shut down for 6 weeks so mid-week boarding may no longer be in my plans. We’ll see.
  14. That’s my passion and I feel the same as scottishsurfer.
  15. I suppose but pow means floating and pow carving which is not pencil-line arcs. Just all I care about at this minute.
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