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    retired dentist and grandpa of nine
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    172 Coiler Custom Classic, 166 and 162 Contras, 171 Thirst XC
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    UPZ RC8s
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    F2 Titan-flex step-ins. 55/55
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  1. Do these Ground control boots have the heel hold down of a UPZ ?
  2. IF I had any joint or lower back pain I would never let any other Dr touch me and I would get on an airplane, if necessary, to get the opinion of Dr Dan Nelson at Pro Ortho in Kirkland, WA. His specialty for the past 30 years has been musculoskeletal pain. He once had an hour radio program from 11:00 to noon PDT on either KVI or KTTH on Saturdays. He may still be doing that. If you listen to him his knowledge and integrity comes through loud and clear.
  3. Thanks fo all of the informative comments especially the one about aging plastic. About the plastic, I was standing in line with a friend some years back and the toe of his boot broke completely off exposing his socks.
  4. Is the Burton Reactor a decent boot?
  5. What’s he/she riding in?
  6. Do all hardboot racers wear the orange boots?
  7. What’s the difference between the XC and RC boots?
  8. Thank you very much for the 360 suggestion. It looks like a 360 captures everything and then you edit to what you want to save. I have no experience with a 360 but after doing a little research it seems it would be the way to go. Thanks again...a whole new thing to learn about.
  9. N E body have experience with the DJI Osmo Pocket camera? It has a very good review on youtube and it costs half the price of a Hero 9. How about mounting a cellphone on your helmet. Would a 12 pro plus have image stabilization adequate for this purpose for short video runs?
  10. Looks like the perfect carving hill. Nice tracks!
  11. I really appreciate all of you guys chiming in on this as it eliminates unnecessary and potentially faulty info.
  12. About 45 days at Crystal and 8 days at Jackson and I’m not complaining about a single one of them. My Crystal days begin at 8:45 and I’m in my car heading home by 11:00 mainly because I don’t want to get hit by a straight liner when the slopes become crowded. I learned a lot and neither me nor any of my friends or family suffered from C-19 so I guess I’d have to say that I am one very lucky guy so far. I feel that I actually graduated from a consistent slaver to a legitimate carver and on slightly steeper pitches than I could carve on even three weeks ago. After hot lapping for 7 to 8 runs, after which my quads burn out, I revert to slarving and I go home. I would say that I really had only one day, about ten days ago, at Crystal when I was a descent carver. I could link up nearly perfect pencil lines for as long as I wanted to on Eagles Rest in Jackson but the slope was gentle enough so speed control didn’t enter the picture. That proved to me that true carving was in me but it didn’t really count as it was a no brained and not challenging in the least. I am running out of Bdays, however!
  13. To answer my own silly question the Hero 9 connects to your phone by WiFi and/or Bluetooth.
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