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  1. I went through a lot of boot fitting gymnastics but never with a heel problem so my solution may not help you. My feet measure 28.2 and the UPZ 28 shell ended up being correct. There is no 28.5 shell. That .5 has to do with the liner. Most people don’t seem to like the stock liner. My favorite liner is the size 28 Deeluxe 131. The only way I could get what I think is a perfect, very, very comfortable fit is by doing liner surgery as shown In the attached pic BUT my problem was my right big toe only. There was room in the shell but not in the liner and a bigger size liner did not solve the p
  2. Nope, not That board. I’ve never owned a Proteus!
  3. I’m sure I sold that Contra to someone on this site. Just curious who?
  4. Wow! A very scary story...second opinions are frequently valuable!
  5. Totally SUCKS! Soooo sorry! N E chance this was the usual “over the handlebars” disaster? When that has happened to me it’s like all hell breaks loose instantaneously and you wonder what happened. Or, are you pretty sure your board hit something?
  6. I have discovered that I actually can link up perfect pencil lines IF the terrain and grooming is near perfect. Now onward and upward to try to do the same on slightly steeper slopes where I must control my speed by getting my knees/hips closer to the snow and bending my board to turn tighter.
  7. TGR, Continum Restaurant and hotel. We dined there two evenings...very good and quite reasonable. My grandsons, 11 and 14, of course idolize Kai Jones and they invited him over to our table as if they knew him which they do a little. Crazy (k)Carl signed the back of the 14 year old’s ski jacket after his probable winning run at the bottom of the Couloir. It’s a pretty magical place especially if you’re into huge free riding or skiing and if it’s snowing every day. To watch those guys and gals launch off of the lip of Corbet’s and then hit the huge jumps they have built in the middle of t
  8. A kid in the lift line tapped his buddy on the arm and pointed to my board. I said that I was trying out for the Olympics. He looked at me and said, ok, what about the ski boots on a board? I said go to YouTube, alpine carving.
  9. I don’t recommend you go to my YouTube channel unless you want to be bored (onexsculler) but Pat Donnelly wanted vids of my pencil lines.
  10. I’ll have to figure out how to reduce the file size. If you have an iPhone I can text them to you.
  11. Kings and Queens and crazy sons’abitches of Corbet’s was amazing to watch at Jackson Thursday! Visibility was sketchy but they pulled it off. Unbelievably good skiers and boarders.
  12. Whole new day today...rented some pow skis and am lovin the steep and the deep with the fam! My son-in-law hired a mt guide so no line waiting for the five of us Waffels and a Baileys latte at to top of the Tram! I am a slow learner but I do eventually figure it out! finishing up last the 45 minutes linking up pencil lines on a new board, hot lapping Eagle’s Rest. What a day! One for the record books for me for sure! The problem is that i am never going to learn to become a hip dragger riding a hill like this and let’s face it being a hipdragger is what separates
  13. It is an awesome and challenging mountain. If you can board and/or ski this mountain well you can do it just about anywhere. I’ve been super lucky to have had a great 1st half of this season and I am looking forward to an equally great second half.
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