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  1. Terrible news about your injuries. We MUST be very vigilant at all times, look up hill, look down hill, understand that some idiots can come out of nowhere going WAY toooo fast, as other people on the slopes don’t expect the “wierd” stuff they think we do, i.e. make nice, big, we’ll controlled, but locked in, turns. Whenever the slopes become crowded I go home. Wishing you a speedy recovery.
  2. It’s painful to have to admit it but after three years of working my butt off trying to eliminate skidding back and forth down the hill I must go back to finding the edge by, again, mastering “The Norm.” Part of the problem is finding a wide enough run of the proper slope to zero in on good Norms but I have only two choices, i.e. 1. master Norms to move forward in carving or, 2. quit trying to carve, sell my carving equipment and go back to skiing occasionally with my grandkids for a few more years before calling it quits altogether. Sobering choices but I at least have the mental and physical ability to act on those choices. After learning to linkup a few zero skid carved turns in 2005 I lost interest in carving because not one single one of my skiing buddies would join me and carving was too terrain specific. I went back to skiing for ten years. Never had, nor do I now have, any interest in regular skidding snowboarding. It’s either on edge carving or back to skiing. I’ve done heli-boarding and skiing and, of course, deep pow is fun on both but I prefer skiing in it if I’m fortunate enough to be presented with it. On the quest for the edge again.
  3. Brand new, never molded size 28 (280) Deeluxe 141 Palau liners. YYZcanuk sells these liners for $199 plus shipping.
  4. I don’t believe UPZ makes 1/2 size shells. They make 27, 28, 29, etc. Their liners, which are considered useless by most people, do come in 1/2 sizes. Your foot is very close to the same size as mine (28.2) and I wear a UPZ 28 shell (312) with a Deeluxe 28 Thermofit 131 liner with a cut In the top at the toes. IMHO, a 27 shell will be too small and a 29 too big for you. A couple of years ago Deeluxe offered two Thermofit liners, a 131 and a 141. The 131 was thicker and therefore a little softer. Neither had a toe box that could be made to work for me, hence the liner surgery, pictured in my previous post in this thread. I went through the silliy exercise of buying both UPZs and Deeluxes in. 27s, 28s and 29s, always buying UPZs without the UPZ liners, and after settling on UPZ 28s sold the others. I can’t wear smaller than a US size 13 Nike running shoe.
  5. So happy to hear that I am not alone in my feelings about carving. I will forge ahead.
  6. My sentiments, exactly. My wife accuses me of being a loner too.
  7. That makes great sense but it won’t happen. My problem...not yours. Thanks for all of the thoughtful replies.
  8. When skiing with my buddies or my family members, some of whom snowboard, I find that we are seeking mostly different terrain from what I want to carve on. I agree that pure carving can be boring but I want to, at least, get back to where I can do it as in 2005.
  9. Not sure what you mean by "riding." I have zero interest in snowboard riding. Anybody can skid back and forth down the mountain. I would like to find a half dozen guys who are as determined to link pencil line tracks as I am. I am having fun. It would just be a lot more fun to have some company.
  10. In the early 2000s, after 40 years of skiing, the coolest thing I ever saw on snow was a VHS tape of Cliff Ahmada (sp?) carving. I was bound and determined to learn to do that and by about 2005, on my SX91s and 175 Maverick board I could link up some pretty nice turns on the right groomed slopes. The problem was I could not get a single one of my skiing buddies interested. I was on my own. I would ski with them in the morning and go carving in the afternoon but every minute on skis was a waste of time because I was not working on my carving. I became frustrated and went back to skiing for the next ten years. For the past three years I have devoted all of my Mt. time to carving but I am, again, becoming frustrated because I am always trying to get "the carve" back all by myself. It's getting a little boring. All of my carving is done at Crystal Mt. and that is the way it will stay. It doesn't fit into my family plans to fly off to another ski area to find other carvers. Why is it that I am almost the only guy I know, other than you guys, who thinks pure free carving is the coolest thing around? Just venting. I had to get that off my chest.
  11. IMHO, with those foot measurements I’d say a UPZ 28 shell is your size and it is my size for my 28.2cm feet. I use a Deluxe/Palau 131 liner with a slice through the top of the liner at the toes for a perfect fit and, believe me, I tried EVERYTHING else for two years. No cold toes and bedroom slipper comfort.
  12. I my row Van Dusen on the water every day unless it's too rough and then I use my DIY C2 dynamic erg Youtube...onexsculler. Doesn't seem to postpone carving muscle fatigue in the slightest. Short, max effort bursts in my boat or on my erg does make sense to condition quads for carving. Thanks for your advice. I am doing very well and ready for a full year of continued competition and training after my Cardiac Catheter Ablation on June 26th which has eliminated my Atrial Flutter to which I was first alerted by my Apple Watch. In Norway it’s called Birkebeiner’s disease in cross country skiing circles and it might be called Sr Vet’s disease for us 70+ers at HOC and other regattas. I hope I have enough B-days left to learn to link up a few turns like this on one of these boards. IF I can do it on one I should be able to do it on all three. I am tired of chasing boards for the perfect turn. I must look inward. No interest in Extreme Carving or Race Carving but just good, hard core, pencil line, zero skid free carving. At the moment it is eluding me.
  13. My custom yellow K168 and me on my Swoard (in my dreams).
  14. Nothing sold to Lurch yet. Only one Kessler, one Swoard and one Coiler AMT left and I’d be happy to keep all three and I may, BUT, I would sell the Swoard or Kessler for no good reason other than I am in a selling mood at this moment. If someone steps up to buy either I may get cold feet.
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