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    Gig Harbor, WA
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    retired dentist and grandpa of nine
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    172 Coiler Custom Classic, 166 and 162 Contras, 171 Thirst XC
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    UPZ RC8s
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    F2 Titan-flex step-ins. 55/55
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  1. I need this info! Rear quad limits my day!
  2. 1xsculler


    A benefit of enjoying old age (80) a privilege denied to many! I tell my 80 year old friends not to get too excited because old age doesn’t last all that long. Snoqualmie, 80 +=free White Pass season pass $24 age 73-122??? Crystal mid week season pass was about $600 when I was 79 and is $49 at 80!
  3. Nice connected pencil line C-shaped carves! line! EVEN I can leave tracks like this on a perfectly groomed gentle slope like this…even when SLIGHTLY steeper requiring finishing the turn up hill (S-shaped). BUT, add a few more degrees of steepness requiring me to get down low and get my board high on edge and all goes to hell and I end up with a slarve! I am not knocking this set of tracks just comparing it to my level of carving. I don’t have enough bdays left to ever carve Turner. The best I can hope for is to carve more, or some, of the terrain at Crystal.
  4. Can’t imagine managing the leverage displayed here!
  5. My guess is that’s about the same % of softbooters that watch, or have any interest in, pure, S-turn, pencil line carving! In my past 200, or so, trips to Crystal I have observed only one other snowboarder attempting serious carving Since the first moment I watched Pure Carve (VHS) in about 2000 I’ve thought pure carving was the coolest thing on planet earth BUT none of my ski buddies, children or their spouses nor my grandchildren, most of whom are snowboarders, have any interest in it whatsoever…blows my mind but I will press on until I can’t almost always by myself at Crystal! Hard, soft, 55/55, 30/20, duck, steep, flat…I couldn’t care less so long as the goal is connecting pencil line S turns! Having just become aware of James and Lars on YouTube and having Ryan thrown into the mix on one of those vids has been revolutionary for me! A total values clarification! I’m on a ten year plan, i.e. win another Big Head of the Charles medal when I’m 85 and 90…LOL…a lot of moving parts to accomplish that AND connect as many S shaped pencil line turns as I can before I can no longer pick my ass up when I fall over on a flat surface in the lift line…that can be problematic!
  6. An awesome carver for sure! With all of the monkeying around he does with a multitude of soft boots and many, many bindings I’m surprised he hasn’t addressed hard boots, more positive angles and narrower boards!
  7. So sorry to hear this! It makes me feel very lucky to have only a broken arm from an idiot T-boning me! Recover quickly and fully!
  8. I doubt he rides at Crystal Mountain, WA. Having said that the very few times I have found a fellow carver where I ride I have been much inspired and my carving was much better when I had a good carver to follow down the mountain! I ain’t giving up yet!
  9. I’m just going to have accept the fact that are only a few sections of various runs where I can link up a pure carve or two, i.e. perfect slope, perfect grooming, maybe a little bowl shape to help with the carve, etc! Most of the run I will have to slarve like 99% of the other shredders! Problem is I never have had any interest in slarving back and forth down the mountain. I had zero interest in owning a snowboard until I watched a VHS tape of Cliff Hamada carving in about 2000! Not than anybody else would care but I really don’t even really consider myself to be a snowboarder but just a carver. I’m a wannabe carver/slarver on most slopes and only a pencil line carver under super ideal conditions! Unfortunately, at 80, I’m running out of bdays to become decent at this niche sport BUT that’s not going to stop me from getting a few more seasons in.
  10. Thanks for this link! I really like that quote from Galmarini as back in 2005 I remember that feeling and I was in my Solomon SX-91 ski boots and riding a 175 Maverick Pure Carve. I’m struggling to get that feeling back on other than on a perfectly groomed bunny run!
  11. I hate to say it but I’m going to have to start doing Norms every time I go out in an attempt to more consistently hook up my edge!
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