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  1. I don’t get it?! Do you mean an old carver back on the hill?! btw- riding at Sunday River tomorrow 3/11 on the new set-up, very excited!!
  2. Finally ready to ride again and pretty excited! I think this Voyager will be a little softer than I’m used to but could fun and safer at my age?! Thanks again for your help and comments!!
  3. All set now on board but thanks anyway! I ended up buying a Donek voyager 165 hopefully I like it never bought anything without demoing it first!?
  4. Thank you ended up buying something new...Donek Voyager 165. Hope I like it?!
  5. Thanks Jack I will check back in. Exciting to get back on snow after such a long hiatus!!
  6. All great tips thanks for the input guys!! I ended up buying a Donek voyager. Because I bought boots with them I got a $250 discount on the board. Any thoughts on this board if you know?
  7. Is this really sold? Interested if not?
  8. Very interested in this board is it still available and do you think it would work for someone wearing 165 pounds? I wouldn’t want the flex to be too soft...
  9. Nice BlueB where do you ride?!
  10. Hi Ace!  Sure I would definitely be interested in your old ultra prime what are the specs and what kind of shape is it in?  Can you send pics?

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    2. SeanO14


      Just bought a new board (Voyager) thru Donek.  Because I bought boots with them they discounted my $250 on the board.  Thanks for your time!

    3. *Ace*


      Sean builds great boards. You will be happy with it. My second board after my old UP was a Donek GS and it was miles better than the burton.

    4. SeanO14


      Great to hear thanks Ace!

  11. I ended up buying the Deelux 325 in a size 28. They are a little tight but I think they’ll stretch out?! Now I’m in the market for a board as my old 62 ultra prime is delaminating yet again on the tail... where can I go to go and demo boards in the east?! I would love to try some of the newer boards as mentioned in this post!!
  12. Hi Ace! Sure I would definitely be interested in your old ultra prime what are the specs and what kind of shape is it in? Can you send pics?
  13. I have the same UP 162 as heal side and I’m just getting back into it after 20 years! My board has Apoxsee all over the tip and tail and it’s starting to delaminate again so I think it’s time for a new or used board! Where does someone from the Northeast demo alpine boards or purchase one without breaking the bank? Thanks!!
  14. Thanks guys for all the quick responses I appreciate it!! That’s good to know that there are only a few good brands out there these days because I looked at the deeluxe 325 model and those look like the ones that would work best for me just a little pricey!! I’m 53 now and I will probably only ride less than five times a year but still feels good to get out there!! Thanks again! Sean
  15. After 25 years my Burton reactor boots blew out on me and I’m looking for something comparable? These boots were the most comfortable boots for free riding wonder what people here would recommend as I wouldn’t have any clue after all these years but I want to get back into free carving? Thanks, Sean
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