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    Coiler AMXTVSR 165cm
    JJA ClearZ 162
    JJA Clear 163
    JJA ClearZ 169 (12-17-15) + JJA plate (center mounted - free floating both ends)
    JJA ClearZ 163 (9.5-11-10.5) + JJA plate
    JJA ClearZ 157 (9) + JJA plage (center mounted)
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    UPZ RC10 (backup)
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    F2s mixed bag; Intec / regular, CNC / Ti
    Angles. 53F-48R most of the time, Stance 18.5"-19.25"
    3deg toe lift front, 6deg heel lift rear
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  1. Replacing a 157ClearZ with the same but shorter radius (something 8.9/8/8.9) and reducing the thickness a tiny bit at the waist. Wanted something even more turny (the previous one was just too close to a 163ClearZ that I have). This one will be more for the icy/narrow/steeps that we have at my local bump. More on it when I get it. I should be one of the first builds this autumn. I believe his current slots are for skis right now. I'm glad Jasey is not a golf nut like Bruce!
  2. BTW, using Jan 1 has pandemic start quite convenient to make your point as most COVID deaths occured past mid-march. And that most Influenza caused death usually occur from Dec to April. Start at the April timeline and you'll see that your line of thought doesn't add up. Flu is seasonal (Dec-Mar mostly). You can't extrapolate those numbers for every week of the year. Using your own quoted https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/covid-data/covidview/07032020/nchs-mortality-report.html chart, you can see that from week 1-11 never reach more than 4500 (give or take a few). And wha
  3. Quebec resorts should be closing as per request from the province's Prime Minister.
  4. I believe that there is hope . It may not be using full on alpine equipment for now but I see a lot of softbooters and (especially) sbxers carving turns at my local hill. They may not do it all the time but they still do it by choice. And for some of them, at one point, they may want to try on an alpine setup. As someone wrote earlier, as long as that when I leave the sport, two of them switch over, the sport is still in good shape. Hopefully they won't wait until that happens!
  5. yeah! the announcer definitely got the crowd pumped up for him. I was (even though I'm Canadian ). I believe he referred to him as a "adopted or honorary" Canadian as there were no Canadians in the finals that day.
  6. Bonne fin de semaine à tout le monde!!! Moi, je suis à Blue Mountain pour la Coupe du Monde.
  7. C'est noté @redia C'était beau en fds. Mais le côté village se dégrade assez vite. Sauf qu'en semaine, il devrait avoir moins de monde. Donc Coupe du monde, Bedford, Magog, Knowlton devraient être pas pire. J'irai p-e m'y pointer. J'y suis cette semaine.
  8. no, for the plate brackets (near the edges, leftmost to rightmost)
  9. @yamifumi what's the width between the inserts? 13 or 15cm?
  10. Nice way to start the new year. JJSB ClearZ 157. 9m single sidecut. 2x.4mm titanal + carbon. 19.2cm waist. JPM inserts. Using a JJSB center mounted plate. Floating @ both ends
  11. Enfin. La saison est commencé. Pas trop de monde hier, conditions correctes. Village, Soleil, Lac et Cantons ouverts mais pas toutes les pistes. Aujourd'hui, quelques pistes des plus. Les BRs a l'ouvrage toute la journée. Bonnes conditions, fond dur un peu glacé mais avec le bon équipement, y'a pas de problème. Content de revenir +- au même niveau que l'an passé en quelques descentes. Bien de la job encore avec les nouvelles RCR. Mais à la suite d'un été très calme en terme d'entraînement, j'ai trouvé le retour physiquement difficile. J'ai dû voir 5 ou 6 autres en hardboots
  12. sais pas. Il semble que le tout a été peinturé (powder coat?). Je ne les aient jamais essayés. C'est venu avec une boîte de fixations et talons intec.
  13. @redia c'est ça que j'ai trouvé: (pas de visses)
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