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    Software dev
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    JJSB ClearZ 150 (8-9.2-8.5) + JJSB plate
    JJSB ClearZ 162
    JJSB Clear 163
    JJSB ClearZ 169 (12-17-15) + JJSB plate (bridge kit - free floating both ends)
    JJSB ClearZ 163 (9.5-11-10.5) + JJSB plate
    JJSB ClearZ 157 (9)
    Coiler AMXTVSR 165cm
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    UPZ RC10 (backup)
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    F2s mixed bag; Intec / regular, CNC / Ti
    Angles. 53F-48R most of the time, Stance 18.5"-19.25"
    3deg toe lift front, 6deg heel lift rear
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  1. Planning a trip to Wengen this winter but to make it simpler I won't be bringing my boards with me. So, I'm looking to rent some alpine board(s) there. I'll be bringing my boots. Any shops around there that rents, say, Kessler, Oxess, SG or other boards? Shipping to my location might be a possibility too. But I rather do local. tx
  2. Best accessory? My girlfriend Really, she loves filming. GoPro8 with helmet mount. She's pretty good at following me around. I also have a 3ft stick and I've recently acquired a 9ft one! Haven't tried it yet. I've got some ideas on how to film using it; lay down a carve under it or follow a layed down carved from the front or rear (with the arm extended, that'd be good for about a 7m radius) I've stopped using board mounts as I've had the camera ejected a few times as the mount didn't stick properly (probably 'cause of the cold temps)
  3. Running: Road and Trail & LDP
  4. That's one reason I wear a bright orange jacket. So that I don't blend in with the 'scenery". I'll never wear dark like he does. He just looks like a very fast moving tree...
  5. Ta&?%$%&?*k. Vraiment désolé d'entendre ça. Je te souhaite une réhabilitation rapide sans complications.
  6. Je peux faire 8h30-10h45. À moins d'un empêchement, j'y serai.
  7. Quelle heure? Je pourrais peut-être me libérer une couple d'heures.
  8. Just got a JJSB 150ClearZ (8/9.2/8.5). Installed a plate (JJSB) on it. Note that I'm just a tad shorter than 5'4" and weigh in over 155lbs. I usually ride runs that are 60-80 feet wide at most, I'd say. 3 half days on it. Just love it. I can turn tight or let it go wide (surprisingly). Quick edge to edge when playing around. Feels light event with a plate. If you are agressive on it, it can be a good workout (HIIT) which is one of the reasons I like it. No regrets on Jasey's suggestion to go for a 150 than a 155.
  9. What have learned? - Muscle memory is really a great thing. OTOH, it also means bad habits don't dissapear by themselves. - I should train more in the summer - I can ride more agressively if I try, and I should and I do Which amplifies the above statements What have I been reminded of? - I'm addicted to this. Totally. And I have no cure, nor do I want one.
  10. Encore des belles conditions pour essayer ma nouvelle JJSB ClearZ150 (8/9.2/8.5 - 19cm au patin) Très surprenante comme planche. Tourne serrée ou large sans problèmes, très stable. On se croise les doigts pour de belles conditions pendant la relâche.
  11. Spinorama this saturday! But I can't put on the bridge kit (brackets in the center holes) with the plate as the brackets are pushed towards the extremities. I'll have to move them towards the center to be able to install it.
  12. Turny, Turny, Turny. Short board for short people 150cm --- 8.0/9.2/8.5m --- 25.2/19.0/23.5cm --- .4 titanal top/bottom (very stiff!!!) Just need to install the plate. (Bracket? Slider? Bridge kit? Decisions, decisions, decisions) And now with the plate
  13. Bromont continue de livrer la marchandise. Les attentes sont pas si pires (max 10-12min), et les versants moins fréquentés c'est comme 2-3mins. Y'a eu des journées exceptionnelles où tout le monde sont allés à la montagne mais c'est rare. Conditions très belles mais certaines pistes sont sur de la neige naturelle (deux de mes petits pitch préférés, Kamloops et Sasaktoon le sont ) donc ont oublies celles-là. Donc, ceux qui sont pas certain d'acheter un billet à Bromont, en semaine de 8.30 à 12.30, ça devrait être bien correct (à moins qu'il ai neigé la journée d'avant). Pis même là, suffit d'éviter le versant du village ou prendre la "tortue" pour monter. Conseil: Stationner au P5. Moins long à marcher qu'au P1.
  14. Always with a plate unless it's early (rocks) or late (slush) in the season. I may be plateless if there's some good fluff over the groom. Lots of man made snow @ my local hill. So when the morning groom is gone, lots of ice remains. Diamond filing every outing (200/400/800) +1
  15. My local hill (Bromont) changed their hours so the hill closes @ 19.30. Daily pass holders start earlier on Sat/Sun(8.00) and Night passes also have their starting time dropped to mid-afternoon. Side-effect is that most night pass holders leave around 18.30(as they have to be home before curfew) leaving the hill empty 'til 19.30... So I may do some 18.00-19.30 stints weekdays when I work from the cottage. Right now, I'm wishing for snow. As much as our hill have been making snow about only 50% of the terrain is open which makes for more crowded runs.
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