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  1. Just in case - I have TD3, 3-hole center discs that I no longer need.....
  2. Somebody will need boots shipped yesterday...... just saying :)
  3. One or both. I need only one since I use SI in the back. Let me know what you have. Thanks! Millen
  4. Up for sale are gently used Deeluxe Track 700 boots. Shells fit up to M27.5 (although, I had ridden them both with M27.5 and M28 Scarpa liners and they fit perfect. They have about 60 days on them. Liners are practically new – M27, thermo moldable Deeluxe stock liners, molded once, ridden for two half days. They were just a tad smaller for me. One of the heels is brand new since I had Fintec heel on it. The spring system is also brand new, I had ridden them with BTS. Shipping will be $25 for US/Canada. Anything over that will be covered by me. PP as gift or add 3% to total price.
  5. Bummer, our last day was today. I will miss all the action around Nationals .
  6. How much use of these stones? Could you flip them and post a picture so grids can be seen . Thanks!
  7. Nice! I saw you from the chairlift when we were there around New Years. Hard to miss .
  8. We are going back to Copper - 3/22 to 3/29. Hope to see may crvers there, again .
  9. I broke one of mine withot any wipe out. Luckily, I had a spare set, so I was able to replace it. Has anyone used a regular stainless screw for that purpose? I think it is M5 or M6. Thanks! Millen
  10. Wow, this info was exactly what I was looking for. Thanks to all reviewers .
  11. Well, thanks to USASA Nationals, I had never seen sooooo many hard booters on the slopes. It was an absolute pleasure watching them carving the runs here.
  12. I'd start with a good, reliable Orthopedic surgeon, who will see you, evaluate you and most likely get an MRI. See if there are any structural damage on cartilages, ligaments, and underlying bone and take it from there.
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