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  1. Just in case - I have TD3, 3-hole center discs that I no longer need.....
  2. Somebody will need boots shipped yesterday...... just saying :)
  3. One or both. I need only one since I use SI in the back. Let me know what you have. Thanks! Millen
  4. Up for sale are gently used Deeluxe Track 700 boots. Shells fit up to M27.5 (although, I had ridden them both with M27.5 and M28 Scarpa liners and they fit perfect. They have about 60 days on them. Liners are practically new – M27, thermo moldable Deeluxe stock liners, molded once, ridden for two half days. They were just a tad smaller for me. One of the heels is brand new since I had Fintec heel on it. The spring system is also brand new, I had ridden them with BTS. Shipping will be $25 for US/Canada. Anything over that will be covered by me. PP as gift or add 3% to total price. Thanks!
  5. Bummer, our last day was today. I will miss all the action around Nationals .
  6. How much use of these stones? Could you flip them and post a picture so grids can be seen . Thanks!
  7. Nice! I saw you from the chairlift when we were there around New Years. Hard to miss .
  8. We are going back to Copper - 3/22 to 3/29. Hope to see may crvers there, again .
  9. I broke one of mine withot any wipe out. Luckily, I had a spare set, so I was able to replace it. Has anyone used a regular stainless screw for that purpose? I think it is M5 or M6. Thanks! Millen
  10. Wow, this info was exactly what I was looking for. Thanks to all reviewers .
  11. Well, thanks to USASA Nationals, I had never seen sooooo many hard booters on the slopes. It was an absolute pleasure watching them carving the runs here.
  12. I've got it. PM me if still interested. I am going to be in Copper next week.
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