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    Wood and leather craftsman
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    2016 Coiler Schtubby 172cm
    2013 Prior WCRM 177cm,
    Dupraz unknown year 5.5’,
    2018 Prior Khyber 165cm
    Prior 4WD 169cm unknown year
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    UPZ RC12
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    WCRM - Sidewinders 55F 3 toelift 4 cant /52R 6 lift 5.5 cant

    21.5" stance width
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  1. $450 CAD or $366 USD plus shipping.
  2. I bought this board winter 2018 at the Prior factory because I liked the top sheet. I already have a Dupraz as my powder board so selling so I can get a Contra. Asking $450 CAD plus shipping from BC Top sheet has binding marks 9/10 Base 10/10. Here is the link to the specs. https://www.priorsnow.com/products/khyber
  3. Bump for an awesome board. Not ridden this season and once last season. Maybe a dozen times since I purchased it new and I am not a hard charger at all.
  4. Really great board but I haven’t ridden it in almost two years.
  5. @powdahbonz Thanks for the offer but I’m in the same boat. No one in my family is riding anymore and I am getting bored after many years of going by myself. I am shrinking the quiver.
  6. I purchased this board end of February 2016 and have ridden it a handful of times. Selling because I only took it out for one run this year. I just use my WCRM as my main stick. Custom made for me at 200lbs- 215lbs Sidecut 13/14. length 172 waist 22” Sidewall notes T172 Stub V2 017MB 6.6+9 Topsheet has a small amount of rash 9/10 base is 10/10 Asking $500USD plus shipping
  7. @BlueB thanks for the offer. I got an older 169 4WD offered to me cheap and he’s on the North shore. I do have a 3800. Just one of the threads is stripped so I haven’t ridden it in years. It’s a fantastic board. I’m out of work at the moment but I am hoping to be able to get lessons from you next season. Otherwise I would absolutely have come out to Cypress.
  8. Looks like they have an evacuation lane open for a few hours today. Hoping for good news about full repairs later in the week
  9. @dgCarve thanks for the advice. Maybe I’m overthinking. The website says it is softer and I thought the nose would have more lift than the WCRM.
  10. @dgCarve Thanks. I appreciate that. I have a 177 WCRM and love it. My goal moving forwards it to have more fun and ride the whole mountain. I have been focused on carving and I’m just about ready to accept that I am never going to progress further as I have only seen two other hardbooters in the past decade. Unfortunately I can’t afford to go to Vancouver to get lessons. I want a board that is softer, slightly shorter and that can handle going off piste and surf off some banks.
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