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What's Everybody's Quiver Looking Like For The 23/24 Season?


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Thank God it's finally October!     I'm on the AIL sidelines until (hopefully only!) March if all goes well with PT but here's my quiver for this upcoming season.

My arsenal has slimmed down from 5 to 3 boards this season.

1- Swoard Dual II 168 - my everyday, all conditions work board, EC board

2- Coiler Angrry 160 XXT  + Donek UPM F Plate - Hard Charging Carving Machine

3- Moss PQ60 - It will ride/carve everything but I save it just for Pow days                                                                                        If I had to be limited to only one board, this would be it! 

4- And to provide me inspiration while on the AIL sidelines I got another turny little bandit in the oven at Donek that Sean promises I will see in early Dec. that will round out the arsenal!    I'll hang it on the wall for motivation until the day I can get out and ride it!

What's Your Lineup??

20231012_075159 (1).jpg

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40 minutes ago, Jack M said:

barryj, you are the undisputed king of underhang.  Also, I thought you had a Donek AF plate too?

Ha!  Yea Jack,  your not the first to pen that!...that's  been my moniker for quite awhile here!  Historically I had set all my boards at the same angles....it's just what worked, or has worked for me but with this upcoming ankle surgery for a torn left outside tendon, well now  I feel I have to try to learn to ride with the  angles on the wider boards set out to the edge.   This debate has gone on for quite awhile here  and I had, of course tried the Fuego box method  to move my angles but riding those decreased angles  just felt too awkward to change at the time.      But now,  well  I feel I have to adapt...... because I have to decrease the amount of torque/pressure on my post surgery weak ankles and hamstrings! 

Yes.....I'm still the UPM  Plate Master and Yes I still have a Donek AF (or two :eplus2: ).   The AF was/is the Bomb on my K168!! ......... but the F plates are OMG Wow! on the shorter (Rev and Angrry) boards .......which is just how the Master, Sean designed their application! 



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On 10/26/2023 at 12:55 PM, ShortcutToMoncton said:

Geez what a bunch of hoarders……..

Nov 2023 https://imgur.com/a/6zYsppD

Left to right

Retired: Coiler 177AMW, Oxygen Proton GS 164, Burton PJ 6.2

Rides: Riot Supercarve 178, Coiler Nirvana Energy Torsion+ 174, Thirst Superconductor 175, Coiler Contra 173, Burton Factory Prime 173, Palesport Spook 170, Skwal USA Powder Skwal 167, Hot Blast Slalom Racing 160, Kessler Alpine 162, Oxygen Summit 178, RadAir Pinkerman Extreme 169

Pleased with how the storage rack has worked. Maybe should have made it bigger! 🤣

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On 11/10/2023 at 3:11 PM, Jack M said:

Active roster. Not showing the plated race boards because I don’t think my shoulder will allow that this season, but this is not too shabby. 

Jack, I like how the black/red AND Black/silver TD3's match the topsheets.  I see what you did there!

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1 hour ago, ShortcutToMoncton said:
1 hour ago, ShortcutToMoncton said:

Got a better close up of that rack? 

It’s a fence picket with coaxial wire holders. I change the screws out to 1 1/4” coarse thread drywall screws and adjust to fit. Boards work pretty well too but I just use m6 to mount bindings to them😂

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