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  1. Thread resurrect. I spoke with Jason Patel of Apex near the end of November 2019 regarding the X-Plate. I had a few questions about installation and his answers in #3,4 were interesting in regard Apex's thinking on the bushing under the plate. My questions with his answers follow: 1) What is the "front" of the plate? is it the square end or rounded end? JP: The square end is the front and the round end is the back. 2) Should the floating mount be located in front? JP: I call the mounts the "Slider mount" and "Pivot mount". The slider goes in the front an
  2. ....Pepperidge Farm Remembers
  3. I'm looking forward to it. Would you share a link to Plate test part 1?
  4. These are available
  5. WTT: I would like to trade my 6* Boiler Plate cant for your 3 degree BP cant. Also If you have a pair of BP center disks let me know! PM me or email at RJNakata (art) aol (dart) com
  6. For reference only, here are the(?) two outdated "step in hardplate" bindings that do not require an adaptive heel. Both are Burton and if they were secure would be pretty interesting designs. Again if you find them the plastic would likely be compromised from age and even when they were new (late 90's early 2000's) would NOT be recommended for a person of your weight. For step in convenience go with Intec or Fintec heels for safety.
  7. Even when new the old Burton step-ins (that didn't need special heels) were not suitable for your weight. For step-ins you'll need an adaptive heel.
  8. Added tags as suggested!
  9. I've used both. From my perspective here are the positives of each: Fintecs: burly machined aluminum body, thicker cable/larger handle, hardy internals, replaceable sole piece available, replacement internals available from Bomberonline, perceived higher strength may be better for heavier riders Intecs: A lot less slippery sole for walking, non conductive plastic body doesn't promote snow/ice buildup under heel, louder "ping" sound when first engaged, compatible with Catek and old Bomber aluminum receivers (steel receivers not required), less expensive
  10. I have ordered from them both and can also vouch for them both.
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