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  1. I love my FR2's From the Carver's Almanac: http://www.alpinecarving.com/binding_model.html#catek A pdf from the Catek Site: https://www.catek.com/resources/FR2_IM.pdf Edit: I think you got FR1's from Snowcoach? Those are great too! Simpler setup than FR2's and burly.
  2. Is part of the post accident protocol getting some sort of description of what happened from witnesses, or ski patrol? dgCarve: was a determination made by ski patrol?
  3. What is post-accident protocol? What does one do? Collect names, take photos, get the ski patrol... or toughen up and limp home? I was hit by a skier (trying to go around my turn) I fell and he kept on going! I got up (so mad) went down to the lift and told him off. His patrol buddy agreed with me when I quoted the skiers code #1,2 and that the scene of an accident should not be left. I gained a number of in-eye floaters as a result. Brushing up on the skiers code has been good for me for when discussing an accident, but what actions does one take if hit?
  4. Thanks guys for the great insight. The traffic is a factor I didn't really know about. Do you think this makes sense?: Thurs: arrive late DEN, stay in Lakewood Fri: Lakewood -> Copper -> Basalt Sat: Basalt -> Buttermilk -> Georgetown Sun: Georgetown -> Winter Park -> DEN 8:00 flight
  5. Related article from Outside
  6. Thank you GeoffV. Board going to a guy who can ride it right!
  7. Which Kesslers are you referring to?
  8. They ran out of parking.... Good or bad (idk) it seems there's a shift toward favoring multi-passes, and online ticket sales. Locals were complaining the Ikon pass holders were causing crowding. I've wondered if the Multi-pass model is economically advantageous to the Corporations over the buy-at-window model. I've also wondered which is best for the user/mountain.
  9. FS: SG Bindings Used once, perfect condition, includes everything. These bindings are just better than F2's. They feel more responsive and "tighter", they have a number of mechanical improvements like spherical nut retention for the toe/heel blocks, removal access of the blocks from below (not obscured above), machined center disks etc. A good review from this forum. Fits "Large & Small" boots and says these have, "Standard bails fitting standard Snowboard Boots." Apparently these wont work on "specialty snowboard boots including "Northwave Point" and some modified ski boots" (per bottom of box). I don't know if they work on MS 951. They do work well on UPZ and Deeluxe. Used once. PM or RJNakata (art) aol (dart) com $300 shipped USA. Paypal F&F or add
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