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  1. I may need to fly to Spokane right now! ...oh wait.
  2. At this point I don't even feel like riding even if they were spinning...
  3. CA: Mt Baldy is open with a lot of restrictions...like 4 at a time!?...and a lot of new snow.
  4. As of 3/17 Brian Head is now closed. I had a "top 3" day last Sunday there. 11" the day before, bluebird skys, LOW key place, a friendly local carver showed us the runs. I want to go back.
  5. I guess I have to agree. Ikon base pass prices: 2018/19 $579 2019/20 $619 2020/21 $649 (without Aspen) I did see the locker rates at Mammoth, $20/day? I like June's lockers at $1/entry but they raised that to $2 this year. At least the restrooms are free. Their pricing strategy is working: I'm thinking about the unrestricted pass now.
  6. Shouldn't IKON be offering a deeper discount on next years passes due to the shortened season rather than charging more and reducing the number of available resorts? I had a lot of riding left to do this year.
  7. Totally agree. Thanks for pointing that out. I would have missed that detail because...who would do that!? Add $250 for a standard pass. Is it worth it?
  8. CA - Dodge Ridge with some capacity restrictions. Someone rip this place up please...it's good!
  9. Darn. My daughter and I were supposed to fly to Denver last weekend, but drove to Utah instead. We caught the "last lift" so to speak for the season at Snowbird and are wondering if even that was wise. What times. Safe travels.
  10. John, check your PM inbox!
  11. https://www.denverpost.com/2020/03/14/coronavirus-vail-resorts-closure/ wow.
  12. I believe they were still doing business while those items existed. How/why is hard to fathom. If Apex is gone that is a shame however. In any case, buyers should go through resellers if they have any in stock. I got one at icarve.com a while ago.
  13. I wonder also. I asked them some questions about plate install and the last I heard was early Nov 2019. I asked a question on Jan 27, 2020, but no response. Their website was outdated by about a year or so and now It looks like their website may have been hacked. Has Apex declared this?
  14. I get kinda of disappointed if I don't see anyone on the lift and I lose some motivation. But I don't like it when I scrub and folks are staring down at me. Also, in my mind I think they're are saying, "he takes the whole run...avoid that guy!"
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