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  1. Yosemite, Sequoia and the National forests here (Including INYO NF which is the entire Eastern Sierra) are still closed. Early in fires I thought I'd wait until the smoke got better to get out...bad idea. I've been waiting for weeks to get out climbing. A Sierra backpack was a great way to get away from social distancing and stuff. Now that's not an option.
  2. From my observations I feel like this is the attitude in Southern California also. With a reservation system etc, I'm resigned to less days on the hill this year. At this point I'm paying by the ticket, not the pass.
  3. So So which is it?! https://www.cnbc.com/2020/06/10/dr-anthony-fauci-says-whos-remark-on-asymptomatic-coronavirus-spread-was-not-correct.html
  4. Mask, no mask, choloroquin, revdesivir, in a market, in a lab, asymptomatic, symptomatic...sigh.
  5. PHASE 4.5 is in: Transfer unused 2019-20 passes to 20-21. It appears IKON has privately emailed people who didn't use their 19-20 pass AT ALL and informed them they can transfer that pass to 20-21. ...No concession given to those who used their pass 1, 2 3x.... but at this rate who knows.
  6. I'm thinking this also, although at A-Basin if you win the daily lottery it appears you can use your pass or buy a ticket on a equal footing. Time will tell.
  7. I believe that was done to reduce crowds there. But that may not be an issue this season. I think they should add it back in.
  8. Here is a copy of my post to IKON's FB page: IKON, Leadership, foresight and care for your customers should be your goal, but I believe your phased rollout of remediations is not communicating those qualities to your customers. Next time, please don't phase, just roll out the right thing from the beginning. People will better understand your remedies (I can't clearly articulate your latest remedy to a friend) and it won't build frustration with your product. BTW you still have one more phase to complete. Here is as summary of your phased rollout of remediations. PHASE 1: 4/15/20
  9. New PHASE 4 of remediations: From Alterra, "More Time to Defer Your Unused 20/21 Pass* For any reason, if you don’t use your 20/21 Ikon Pass, you will have the option to defer the purchase price paid for your 20/21 Ikon Pass toward the purchase of a 21/22 Ikon Pass using the new Zero-Day Credit — no questions asked. Now, you can make this decision anytime between September‌ 10, 2020 and April‌ 11, 2021 (previously September‌ 10 - December‌ 10, 2020). Added Assurance Due to Possible COVID-19 Closures* In addition, should any eligible Ikon Pass destination close due to COVID-19
  10. @John GilmourI like your plan and i would be excited about it. I agree with your assessment of what they are choosing instead.
  11. @John Gilmour Check A-basin and Crystal mountain's reopening strategy for the end of this season: Make a lottery reservation, prepay (or have a pass) and social distance. This is a likely model for next season. We may not be able to get as many days as we like. Large buddy groups may be out. There will be minor changes to these procedures (maybe to accommodate families at destinations?) but I think it's a window into the future. So far IKON has done this: new PHASE 3: Changed early bird deadline from May 27 to June 16. PHASE 4: ??? Rusty Gregory said there might b
  12. Arapaho Basin and Crystal Mountain are reopening for Pass Holder access for skiing. I believe this will be the model for the upcoming season: Make a lottery reservation, prepay (or have a pass) and social distance. Apparently the A-Basin server crashed due to excess demand. https://www.arapahoebasin.com/may27-reopening/ https://www.crystalmountainresort.com/things-to-do/spring-skiing
  13. My feeling is Alterra made a mistake with the rollout of their remediations. PHASE 1: "double" the renewal discount. This met with outcry on FB. PHASE 2: Delay re-up date by a month and allow deferral of 20-21 season pass to 21-22 if you let them know by December 10, 2020. This met with further outcry especially by the people [edit] DID NOT GET Phase 1 remediations for their little to unused 19-20 passes TBD PHASE 3: In my opinion this should be rolled out to exceed EPIC's single phase rollout: 20-80% discount based on 2019-20 usage and free full Covid/injury prorated insur
  14. BC: Whistler Washington: Crystal, Stevens, White Pass, Snoqualmie, Hyak California: Sugar Bowl, Boreal, Tahoe Donner, Squaw Valley, Alpine Meadows, Homewood, Sierra at Tahoe, Kirkwood, Mt. Rose, Northstar, Dodge Ridge, Bear Valley, June Mountain, Mammoth, Big Bear, Snow Summit, Snow Valley, Mt. Baldy, Mt. High Utah: Snowbird, Solitude, Brian Head Of these, I had the best time at June Mtn, Kirkwood and Brian Head, but all are memorable in their own way.
  15. EPIC PASS announced a sliding scale renewal credit depending on 2019/20 usage AND free insurance that covers Covid closures, job loss and injury AND extra time to renew. In general they have met with favorable response from the FB crowd. "To address last season’s unexpected resort closure, 19/20 season pass holders will get at least a 20% credit, and up to 80% based on how much you were able to use your pass, to apply toward a pass for next season. Epic Day Pass and Edge Card holders with unused days are also eligible for credits, up to 80%. To provide you with peace of mind, we are
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