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    The $1100 "Econo-Quiver"

    Prior WCRM 163 x 19.5
    Coiler Nirvana 170 x 19
    Elan Ballistic 171 x 19 - still a favorite snappy ride
    Donek Metal FC 175 x 20
    Coiler Monster 182 x 21

    ... several more but those five get used.
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    Raichle 225 26.5 - yes, they're old
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    TD3 mostly. Cateks on the Elan. 50 and 45, ~19.5 stance.

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  1. Interested, sent you a PM.
  2. I decided that investing in some future/maybe parts is kinda dumb, so I'm going to pass. Daveo's offer is therefore still available.
  3. daveo - I use a step-in rear and bail front, and have been wanting to try F2 bindings. So, your parts offer is tempting if I eventually get a set of F2 bail bindings too. Could you tell me how much you'd need for shipping to Ohio, USA zip 44646? Thanks...
  4. Not in the same league at all as Scottishsurfer, but I did use my monocrome printer to make a label to cover up the previous owners name on my top sheet. And the top sheet was a custom for that previous owner.
  5. That's really nice! Is there an elastomer ring or pad under the binding, or does the polycarbonate plate give some isolation?
  6. The bindings arrived, as described and shipped even faster than before. Plus, Scott even included a few extra odds and ends in the package. I must have made the "preferred customer" list :). Thanks again, Scott!
  7. The risk they are under in downhill and super G is really scary. On a brighter note, Maxence Muzaton had an incredible save a couple of weeks ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GH_SAhq2pok
  8. Well, I have two sets on boards, plus some spares.
  9. I can't resist. I'll take the bindings. Will PM. Thanks!
  10. I received my parts, all good, packaged well, shipped fast. Thanks Scott!
  11. This is a long shot, but your later posts make it sound like you might not be rushing into buying gear. If you're still looking this summer, I could bring the size 22 boots with me to coastal Maine. If you have any reason to come up that way, you'd be welcome to try them on. No pressure to buy - it's just a chance to try your feet in a boot size that's not too common. So If you're still looking then, and if you feel like taking a three hour drive north, just let me know by early June. (Like I said, long shot!)
  12. Somebody also has a couple of Ballistics for sale here in the Vintage section (they're circa 1999-2000 boards). He says one is a 161, but I believe Elan only made a 163 and 171. I still use my 171. It's a very snappy board, tight turning and quick from edge to edge, lots of fun. I recall a post years ago where somebody said the 171 feels like the "legendary" Madd. The 163 could be even more so. But of course, they pre-date metal construction and the better damping that brings. Being that old, a Ballistic could probably be had for a really good price.
  13. Wolf


    Sorry, I just saw this. I usually get an email about a new post so maybe I missed it. Anyway, they unfortunately sold: https://www.ebay.com/itm/RAICHLE-323-Alpine-Snowboard-Hard-Boots-Size-7-/164691421854?hash=item26585faa9e%3Ag%3Amj0AAOSwLHpf5jvU&nma=true&si=YpfykKiKT%2BdvCiV0svHgxtlVs8E%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557
  14. Welcome Brianna! I have some used Deeluxe Track 225 boots that might fit you. The Mondo 22 shells are intended to cover mondo sizes of 22 - 22.5 with the moldable liner. You'll want to put your bare foot heel up against a vertical surface and then measure the length to the end of your toes to get your mondo size. These are just one possible option once you sort out where to get started. Once again, welcome to the forum and the alpine world!
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