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    TD3 mostly. Cateks on the Elan. 50 and 45, ~19.5 stance.

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  1. I also use a standard binding in front and step-in in back. The downside is the difference in stiffness but I don't notice it. My boots are pretty soft so they may absorb it all. Another upside that could someday be useful is if you're traveling with both boards and your Intec/Fintec heel fails and you don't have a spare. In that case, you could canibalize one board to set up a board with standard bindings front and back and salvage your day or even your whole trip. It's unlikely but certainly possible. Also, if you buy a pair of heels and only use one, you can convert the "spare" heel t
  2. Here's a picture of a TD3 toe block on which a previous owner has taken a heel block and milled/filed the ledge down to make it function as a toe block (bail type in this case). The silver aluminum is where the material was removed.
  3. There's a ledge on the block that determines how far the step-in toe bail can flop forward or how far the heel bail can flop backward. The angle of that ledge is different between the toe and heel blocks. The bend angle of the bails is also slightly different.
  4. If you do order the parts, you will need a new bail as the angle is different like you said. Also a new toe block because that's a little different too (the bail "rests" at a different angle). Plus the heel receiver and lock bar. Also, before you order, try to get the toe and heel bails apart on your current binding to make sure you can reuse those parts. Sometimes, you can't get things apart if they've been screwed together for years or if someone used too much Lock-Tite. I had a bail snap trying to unscrew a lug from it.
  5. Wolf

    Yellow BTS (SOLD)

    I'll take them. Will PM you....
  6. This thread is about the tee nuts that mount the F2 heel and toe blocks to the bindings, but the tee nuts that hold the Intec heels on the boots can fail too. Moisture trapped in the boots helps promote the failure. Here are some failed tee nuts from boots:
  7. Me too. At somewhat of a plateau and with limited years left on the legs I'd happily take ten really nice days. I get out more than that but a few times a season I'll bail out after the first hour if conditions aren't great and head to a nearby state park for a hike instead. That way I feel like I haven't wasted the 1 1/4 hour drive without getting something out of it.
  8. FTA2R - It sounds like getting bindings that will work with your old Burton is still under consideration. If you happen to come across a set of Bomber TD2 bindings, I have a pair of three-hole (Burton) disks for those that I'd sell for $25/pair. It's just an option to make one possible binding work for you. Alternately, a new board like you're also considering would be a great way to go too.
  9. RJ - I'll take those if you don't want to reserve them for a newbie. I'll PM you.
  10. An 8M SCR is about as tight as they get. I don't have a specific recommendation for a board, but I'm also on a tiny hill making tight turns and really like my ~2018 Donek FC-Secret 167. It has a variable SCR that ranges from 8.5 to 10.5. Looking at Donek's site, the specs for the shorter FCs run just as tight as your Burton: MODEL LENGTH SHOVEL SIDECUT TAIL SIDECUT metalfc 157 7.00 9.00 metalfc 163 7.50 9.50 Metal or Donek's Sectret construction adds damping which improves edge hold on non-i
  11. I think you might find that newer freecarve boards often have a little tighter side cut radius than the old Burtons, i.e., a little longer board can turn just as tight as the Burton. I think there's a list of specs on the top sheet of the Burton Speed, behind the back binding. If so, what are those specs, especially the sidecut radius?
  12. I'm on the fence too. There's never really never any lift line at our little place on weekdays, but with a lift ride every four minutes it's still a lot of opportunity to get close to other patrons and the lift operator. And the indoor ticket window, changing area and restrooms would also be of some concern. For me it may come down to whether sliding down the same little 250 foot hill for another season is worth the risk, no matter how small. But I sure look forward to the season every year! I also think in terms of the small likelihood of an accident bad enough to have to go to a cro
  13. Still available for the new season......
  14. Wolf

    MP 25-25.5 Boots

    Chris, she's interested depending on condition. I'll PM you my email address and would appreciate it if you could dig the boots out and send some pictures. Thanks!
  15. Wolf

    MP 25-25.5 Boots

    Thanks Chris. Do you remember what shape they're in? Much use and wear? I guessed at shipping using the following details and got $US 50.15 on Canada Post, From L4L 1Y4 (a random Toronto area code): To 44720 Length 22.00 in. Width 16.00 in. Height 8.00 in. Weight 14.000 lb. I'll let her know and see if there's any interest.
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