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  1. Pow-ish day, at least on Raven and Eagle. Had first tracks down Raven and it was pretty sweet considering how just a few cm came down overnight. First sun and Trumpeter still yucky. Everything got tracked out and lumpy around noon so there was no point staying. It was still coming down nicely when I was heading back.
  2. Nice bindings. How much steeper can you go with the angles? Looks like there's going to be a fair bit of overhang.
  3. I might have seen the same hardbooter on easy rider. It wasn't much better in the afternoon. That one-pass nonsense they try to pass off as grooming just turns into sugar on ice very quickly.
  4. I had the urge to put this on and now it's stuck in my head. Thanks a lot.
  5. I ride a spectre carbon, also from the carve series. The specs look very similar. Even though they market it as a board that you can ride with hardboots, it doesn't hold an edge like a Coiler all-mountain. But it's more playful and better in the glades, in my opinion and is a ton of fun.
  6. Yes, it's still available. It ships from B.C. Canada.
  7. I've had 4 days on these. Unmodified except for the addition of Phantom link levers. Also included are the two other pairs of spring for the Phantoms for light and medium tensions; heavy springs are installed. You'll also get the original levers and accessories. $450 shipped from Canada. The stock liners are little more than booties as can be expected from AT boots so I used a pair of Intuition plug liners with these to stiffen them up. I can throw those in for an extra $50. Photos of the liners can be found here. More photos here.
  8. UPZ Flo liners, unused. I believe they're from a pair of RC 11s. $75 plus shipping from BC. Sold. Intuition plug race. Molded once, used 4 times. $100 plus shipping from BC. Zipfit World Cup Sidewinders, used twice. I had me boot fitter heat the outside part of the heels to make a slight protrusion to accommodate my Haglunds. It can be easily undone with a hair dryer. They're pretty stiff. $350 shipped from Canada.
  9. Hi Jack. Forgot to mention that bindings aren't included. Let me know if you need more detailed photos. Shoot me a PM with your zip code and I can get you a shipping quote.
  10. 2010, I think. It had some gouges on the base when I got it used here that I had repaired. It shows up as the white ptex in the photos. There was a bigger nick in the tail that I couldn't get a good light on for a photo, too. None of them were core shots, though. The edges don't have a ton left in them. Bindings not included. $150 plus shipping from B.C.
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