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  1. I let the mixed precipitation and fog pass before heading up. I caught my first chair at 7 PM and it was still light out. It was chewed up and bumpy sugar on ice everywhere which is why I dislike night riding. But, I figure I'd get one last night session in before they close out evenings for the season.
  2. First tracks down easy rider. We had some pretty good quality snow today, kind of made me wish I was on a board. I don't last long on skis so I was out of there by noon. The car was under some 7 cm and now the Cypress snow stake is approaching 25 cm. It was snowing well past the look out. Not bad for March. It should be very good tomorrow.
  3. Wow they have good roads down there. I think the camera guy was also on a board. Holy crap, indeed.
  4. I would bet that the exploitive child labour practices this place engages in makes the accommodations super cosy. Bet hey, I also love snow until I have to shovel it.
  5. Nope, they're terrible. Just as bad as those Oxess ones which you really should just put up on the classifieds.
  6. It sounds like a solid carver and I've been meaning to demo one. My favourites are Nidecker spectre carbon and the Yes Optimistic Both are a hoot.
  7. Yesterday's awesome snow is today's hardpack with some 5cm of unforecasted chowder from last night. The light rain and the crowds packed it down into some dense grippy stuff so it's actually pretty good carving snow. I had some good runs down Jasey and Rainbow then finished the day off running laps on Midway.
  8. "When you can't make up your mind, half-ski, half-snowboard."
  9. I got to the parking lot at noon, was on the chair by 12:30. Some grippy hardpack today. Massive line up on Lions and it just kept getting busier. It snowed nicely most of the afternoon, there was some 5 cm on my car by the time I left at 4.
  10. Give this guy a new home.
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