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  1. Motocross gear, if you can stand to wear it. A false sense of security tends to make me dumber, I just hope you're not like me.
  2. @jburk, I never got to use the liners. I kept them around in case the tear in the old stock liners got worse but I went with zipfits instead. Looking for $350 for the pair.
  3. I'm letting go of a bunch of SL boards, Kesslers and an SG. Also a pair of barely used zipfit and stock UPZ liners in 26.5. And bindings. I figure I'd give locals first crack if anyone is interested. I'll start posting them to the for sale section by next week.
  4. How are square tails unsafe or cause injury? I just can't imagine it or maybe the ban was a knee-jerk reaction to a freak accident.
  5. It's been a while since we had hero snow like today. I did three "last runs" on rainbow before heading out.
  6. @b0ardski would tell you to get a onewheel.
  7. The board on the far right is a stock 157 SL. It's very soft, good if you just want to cruise around easily at a busy resort. Next to that is a 162 metal top with the older style rounded nose. It lacks the early rise at the nose which the newer shape has that makes turn initiation a tiny bit easier. Next two are are also 162 SL, one with metal topsheet and the other ptex. The one with the ptex topsheet was custom made for a racer and is stiffer than stock. Combined with the geckos, it's was my favourite setup until the next board came along. Far left is a 168. Believe the hype, it's a free-carving Cadillac and I haven't even put a plate on it yet.
  8. Tall, dark and handsome joins the family.
  9. The only vehicle i saw on the way up tonight was pulled over to the side by the cops. Pretty quiet night of riding, good grippy snow. And the fog lifted not long after i got there. I struggled to suck in enough air to keep up with the Kessler. Stupid flu. Hopefully the temps hold until this weekend.
  10. I drove home barefoot on Saturday because someone took a pair of beat-up sneakers under the condiments table in the cafe that were just minding their own business. What the hell is the matter with people?
  11. Atomic got back to my email after three weeks with regard to whether the shells can be punched. Below is their non-answer: Either way, Tom from Intuition said he's done them before so certainly possible. edit: basically what the good doctor already said.
  12. I recently acquired a pair of World Cup sidewinder stealth liners for use with my MP 26 UPZ boots. I have (very) low arches, a narrow heel and a somewhat wide mid foot. I heated the shells and slipped in the liners according to the fitting instructions (I'm not sure this made a difference). My initial impressions were that: they have terrific heel-hold. Better than any pair of Intuitions I've had. they have a very comfortable toe-box. It feels plush with just enough room for wiggle but no slop. it was incredibly tight around the area above the arch on the medial side of the foot, presumably from all that extra material in the sidewinder. they're very stiff. I took them out for a day on the hill regardless of the extreme tightness around the arch. I didn't think I could ride in them but I persisted because hey, I've done dumber things. I couldn't close the instep buckle without squishing my feet so I rode with them open. The tightness and stiffness limited ankle flexion, I can't tell by how much but it was very obvious. Over the course of the morning, my feet settled into the liners. They're still tight in that area but more comfortably so and I didn't bother to do up the instep buckle at all. They're also pretty tall. The height combined with my large calves made it uncomfortable at times as I would feel the top of the cuff dig into my calves on aggressive heelside turn initiations. My calves were somewhat tender at the end of the day. I can see how these would be great for racing owing to the stiffness and fit. However, I also freeride in my UPZ's with the stock liner but I won't be doing that with the zipfits. My bootfitter's solution to the tightness was to blow up the shells a tiny bit around the problem area. Carpet surfing in them, they're a lot more comfortable and I can now comfortably close the instep buckle. Still zero heel lift. I also just got a pair of the non-sidewinder world cups. I will throw in my $.02 comparison when I get around to riding in them.
  13. I picked up a pair of carbon backlands and have been amazed at how light they are. Since then, I have been wondering why decades old hardboot designs can't keep with the times. I have no issues with boot weight when riding but as a matter of convenience, I would like lightweight snowboard-specific boots for the gruelling hikes from the parking lot to the lodge
  14. @Aracan, yes I'm using stock liners. I just stuck a pair of zipfit world cup liners in them and I might have made them heavier
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