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  1. https://www.saminfo.com/news/sam-headline-news/9879-australian-resorts-shut-amid-covid-surge SAM Magazine–New South Wales, Australia, Aug. 16, 2021—Ski fields in New South Wales (NSW), Australia, including Perisher and Thredbo, have temporarily shut following a government imposed statewide snap lockdown, in effect Aug. 14-22. The resorts had previously been open to locals. In a statement on its social channels, Thredbo said, “While we’re incredibly disappointed to see the temporary closure of our resort, we are committed to playing our part in ensuring the health & safety of our guests, teams and our community.” Perisher echoed that sentiment in its own statement: “Unfortunately, Perisher’s operations will close until it is safely possible to reopen. We know that this is difficult news for our guests, employees and local communities, and want you to know that we share this sadness with you.” Both resorts had been operating with Covid protocols in place, including physical distancing, fitted face coverings indoors, and cashless transactions. They will remain closed during the seven-day lockdown, at which point officials intend to reassess the situation. Sydney, the capital of NSW, has been in lockdown for the past nine weeks in an attempt to combat a Delta variant outbreak. Stricter restrictions have been imposed on the city, Australia’s largest, which is thought to be the source of regional clusters appearing throughout NSW. Residents require a permit to travel outside the city. Essential travel is limited to five kilometers (about three miles) from home, and violators can be charged up to 5,000 Australian dollars ($3,685). The lockdown in Melbourne, Australia’s second largest city, in Victoria, was also just extended and a night curfew was reinstated. Ski areas in Victoria, including Falls Creek, Mount Buller, and Mt. Hotham, remain open to locals, with travel restrictions in place.
  2. https://www.saminfo.com/news/sam-headline-news/9867-toggenburg-sold-new-owner-to-close-it-sell-assets
  3. Maybe check out Monarch Mtn / Salida.
  4. Pine Knob: https://youtu.be/cItlPJtTWP0 https://youtu.be/Ot8aFrXsDfw
  5. Thermo Fit Liners https://palau-ski-boot-liners.com/ski-liners/alpine-dual-fit-hv/?lang=en
  6. Two pair, one is black and the other is black/red. Both are size L. All original hardware include (screws, 4 cant wedges, one riser block & oppossing offset wedge)
  7. Black with stock black tongue, stock heel pads (like new) + DGSS with green & blue spring sets + stock heel walk/ride. Palau wrap liners which have been baked 3 times and slit on sole to accomdate Hotronics cable in footbed (footbed/heater not included). Right heel area of inner liner fabric had a quarter size wear on which was repaired with fabric tape.
  8. Where’s the video and/or photos?
  9. Not sure if they improved upon nylon hardware, but my old boots would not hold canting adjustments. You may need to find something robust as here:
  10. Are these boots the same ones worn during your catastrophic wipe out? If so, you may have stretched them a bit.
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