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  1. Maybe check out Monarch Mtn / Salida.
  2. Pine Knob: https://youtu.be/cItlPJtTWP0 https://youtu.be/Ot8aFrXsDfw
  3. Thermo Fit Liners https://palau-ski-boot-liners.com/ski-liners/alpine-dual-fit-hv/?lang=en
  4. Two pair, one is black and the other is black/red. Both are size L. All original hardware include (screws, 4 cant wedges, one riser block & oppossing offset wedge)
  5. Black with stock black tongue, stock heel pads (like new) + DGSS with green & blue spring sets + stock heel walk/ride. Palau wrap liners which have been baked 3 times and slit on sole to accomdate Hotronics cable in footbed (footbed/heater not included). Right heel area of inner liner fabric had a quarter size wear on which was repaired with fabric tape.
  6. Where’s the video and/or photos?
  7. Not sure if they improved upon nylon hardware, but my old boots would not hold canting adjustments. You may need to find something robust as here:
  8. Are these boots the same ones worn during your catastrophic wipe out? If so, you may have stretched them a bit.
  9. Hey Barry, you just switched out from RED to BLUE springs which are softer, more flex. You may want to try heavier BRONZE springs at your size. Scroll to the bottom of page 1 in this thread
  10. One of the reasons I jumped into UPZ's was interference between #2 & #3 buckles on my rear boot on Track 700's.
  11. LESS THAN ONE MONTH LEFT TO PURCHASE The window to purchase a Gems Card is closing quickly! The last day to purchase a Gems Card will be February 28, 2021. Purchase now to take advantage of the best deal in Colorado. With lots of snow in the forecast and Spring Break coming soon, now's the best time to purchase your Gems Card. The card provides 2-for-1 or 30% off discounts twice at each of 11 ski areas and is a great way to explore the independent ski areas of Colorado. Need another Gems Card? Snow worries! You're able to purchase as many cards as you want throughout the season to keep skiing again and again!
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