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    Ski Sundown, Berkshire East, Arapahoe Basin
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    Owner/Manager @ The North House
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    Ace Skwal 175cm
    Ace Skwal Green Mountain Proto 165cm
    Thias Skwal: Easy Jungle 165, Guepard GS 183cm
    Virus: Chimera 175cm, Executor 203cm
    Atomic Radon CT 164cm
    Madd Twin Tip 158cm
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    2008 UPZ RC10 27-27.5(Fintec)
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    Bomber TD2s & TD3 Skwal Stepin
    Goofy and steep
    Quicksilver Arcane Stepin
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  1. Etsy has tons of items.
  2. With special permission from Thias Balmain himself to upload this video which is of better quality. Enjoy!
  3. @west carven possibly. I had to sit and watch the movie while it was converted and it looked ok. I never downloaded the online one to compare. I will find out later today and report back.
  4. @Dan So I am digitizing it right now and as I am waiting for the PC to finish processing I did a quick search and found that it's already available online. http://www.skwalzone.org/videos.php Halfway down the page it should be there.
  5. “You could say snowboarding is like church to me, like church is what it is for other people. It’s your soul [that picks how you go down a mountain] and it always feels good. When a human being can be creative, that’s really when anything is possible.” - Nicolas Müller 'The Art of Flight'
  6. @dredman based off the feedback I will definitely have boards available. @monodude will be bringing the 175 and I will also send out a 165 for people to demo. I wish I could be out there with you guys and lead a demo/instruction but I don't think it's in the cards this year. @svr thanks for offer to house the boards next to yours, I really appreciate that! Thank you to everybody who responded!
  7. From what I gathered from the last Clear CUT nobody got on the demo board I sent out. Even the guy that won it in the raffle wanted nothing to do with it. There seems to be little, if any, interest in the one that is listed in the classifieds right now either. I certainly understand that this forum is alpine snowboard specific and that Skwals might be the black sheep of the carving arts. I also recognize that my company is not one of the bigger board producers that people are looking to ride or may even be aware of. That all being said, if people have interest in getting on a Skwal
  8. Politics? There are bigger issues. #1 Is the earth round or flat?
  9. I pulled the trigger on a northeast midweek epic pass. I have a bunch of work friends who like to ride at Mount Snow so I will probably be there a bunch this season.
  10. I was hoping these might fly under the radar as this is one of the very few eBay alpine listings I could pickup.
  11. *Ace*


    @philw Where did you ride? How was the snow sliding experience indoors?
  12. Sometimes these boards pop up on ebay.de maybe it's worth a look over there?
  13. Would you consider trading it for an Ace Skwal?
  14. This isn't a Pogo rich environment. There are a few floating around in members quivers but I wouldn't bank on one finding it's way to you.
  15. I came across this company on Instagram. Board has a mechanism to fully adjust the camber. Has anyone heard of this company before? Looks pretty trick. https://www.proteussnowboards.com/
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