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    Owner/Manager @ The North House
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    Ace Skwal 175cm
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    Virus: Chimera 175cm, Executor 203cm
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    2008 UPZ RC10 27-27.5(Fintec)
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    Bomber TD2s & TD3 Skwal Stepin
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  1. This has been the first season since acquired that I did not put any time on my Thias Easy Jungle. I got to ride my Virus Chimera, Ace Skwal 175 and Ace Skwal Green Mountain Proto. All great days. All solo days however. First year in a long time that didn't get to ride with anyone let alone another hardbooter.
  2. *Ace*

    Yo Lci!!

    Anyone here think Abasin will reopen this year?
  3. I would start with... 1: Company with 20+ employees. 2: Stock models that are readily available from numerous retail outlets.
  4. *Ace*


    Skwals can do this masterfully. I have some available if you are at all interested.
  5. @ShortcutToMoncton I want the liners! Would you do $30 plus shipping to 06001 in CT, USA?
  6. Snowman is the culprit. I don't have the details. I'll try and find out.
  7. *Ace*


    Ya I figured that out when I got into VT. Poor planning on my end. Ended up going to Mount Snow. Good slushy spring day. Skwal in the slush is bliss!
  8. *Ace*


    Planning to ride Magic Mountain on Mon 3/8. It's a resort that's on my Indy Pass so looking to get a day in. I have never been before and have heard good things and there have been recent improvements. Anyone have knowledge of the area or want to come and ride?
  9. Having a lame ass cap on what should be a great celebration seals the deal that Stratton will be a resort I don't visit again anytime soon. Oh you can buy your ticket in advance today...only $108 now. Bargain off the $130 you would pay at the window...
  10. Cool! I'm going to look into getting to Stratton for this too!
  11. *Ace*

    Skwal riders?

    Ace Skwal Green Mountain Proto 165cm now available for purchase!
  12. Interested in the Executor. Tumbelina needs a friend...
  13. Firmish snow, very carvey. Grooming was ok, maybe a little ridgey here and there. Upper chief has a good sequence of whale/rollers that's super fun if you can figure out the flow. Exhibition was best snow quality of the day. That lift is just too damn slow over there...
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