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    Canton Ma
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    Loon Mt
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    Donek T Axcess, Kessler, AM, NSR Coiler, MONSTAH 188, 24/7,
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    Deluxee T700, 325's
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    Bomber Plate 4mm SI TD3's on Donek Axcess T and 180 Kessler, 181 T NSR. 175 AM, 188 Monstah
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  1. If the NSR was goofy I'd be all over it Damn!!
  2. This board is sold and stuck at the US boarder since 7/17 so anyone buying from Canada expect delays!!
  3. Have they changed the design of the 700's at all over the years besides buckles/straps?
  4. 3 color e rings 5 plates 3 zero 1, 3 and 1, 6 1 step in, 1 standard 4 hole, 3 hole and plenty of extras.
  5. I so want this board!!
  6. I am interested could you meet me 128/93 say Hogan tire tomorrow around 7:00-7:30 I would text time of arrival on my way. Im headed to Loon. Thanks, Clint 617-893-1721 text me.
  7. You still have this, cant believe you did not even try it I pulled the inserts out of mine.
  8. Do you still have the Driver X boots for sale?



  9. Are these boots still available. cdraper469@yahoo.com thanks

    1. dgCarve


      Sorry, they are sold.
      I have updated title of the post.

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