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    Bomber Plate 4mm SI TD3's on Donek Axcess T and 180 Kessler, 181 T NSR. 175 AM, 188 Monstah
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  1. Have they changed the design of the 700's at all over the years besides buckles/straps?
  2. 3 color e rings 5 plates 3 zero 1, 3 and 1, 6 1 step in, 1 standard 4 hole, 3 hole and plenty of extras.
  3. I so want this board!!
  4. I am interested could you meet me 128/93 say Hogan tire tomorrow around 7:00-7:30 I would text time of arrival on my way. Im headed to Loon. Thanks, Clint 617-893-1721 text me.
  5. You still have this, cant believe you did not even try it I pulled the inserts out of mine.
  6. Do you still have the Driver X boots for sale?



  7. Are these boots still available. cdraper469@yahoo.com thanks

    1. dgCarve


      Sorry, they are sold.
      I have updated title of the post.

  8. Thanks for the input going to get them heated and punched.
  9. Boot fitter said I have all the tools to do it but the plastic that is used for these is too hard and will melt it. Is this true?? My problem is front foot baby toe getting squished. One, two days riding is ok but i just rode 8 days in a row and its sore. Let me know your experience on this, I think i'm going to go back to the T700's (wider boot) till I can resolve this issue. The feeling of a true carve is "Snowgasmic"
  10. so whats it ride like ...one day?? Too soft, too stiff
  11. I went thru a couple of these in the late 90's early 2000's First sold under the name aggression then Volant. Was a fun board you just have to be careful with them, does not like to be abused.
  12. Three weeks after surgery Full hip replacement, walking with no limp, pain free, back to work. Looking forward to stepping back in the plates end of Feb. beginning of March. If you know someone dealing with hip pain caused by lack of cartilage I highly suggest getting this easy and quick recovery surgery done, do not wait any longer. Don't get me wrong I used all the Oxy I was given to relieve the pain that's why they give it to you. In the hospital at 6 am on the couch at 2 pm "walking" with crutches. Again thanks for the encouragement to get it done. Think snow, Clint
  13. I am going to research this some more and speak to my doctor about BHR, if its a fit for me as I am very active. Carving 35-40 days a year 2 softball leagues, Mt and dirt biking, wake boarding... Great to hear the encouraging info from the mouth of the experienced bionic carvers. Thanks again, Clint
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