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  1. b.free

    Carving at copper

    GS and something with bigger sidecut usually way more better on similar slopes
  2. Hello, I am looking for D, 120 worldcup shell. Thanks.
  3. No worries , tomorrow and Wednesday I will be there around noon.
  4. I will be there around 12 pm, will mostly ride American eagle lift, since it's only one warm.
  5. Hey Copper carvers, Let's meet up here.
  6. Hey, can you make a picture of the sign in the middle?! What are the nose, tail and the middle of the of the board in cm?
  7. Lots of Carvers will come in Feb, will be fun times!
  8. b.free

    Thanks Jack

    Have not been in WP/MJ this season, how is it there so far?
  9. No music, just one EC ride down https://youtu.be/ZxjXNyf252o
  10. Eldora is decent, awesome carving resort for riding midweek and unfortunately, really crowded on weekends. Elevation gain is same as Loveland, although better variety of slopes, more blacks, decent blues with crazy fast 6 chair lift. Also, they do early mornings on Wednesdays, opening at 8am. Big advantage, no traffic, less mileage from Fort Collins. Included to Ikon pass.
  11. b.free

    Yo Lci!!

    So sad to see this...((
  12. Absolutely disagree with your last comment, you just have to know where to carve. Some of the slopes are crowded, as usual like on most of the big resorts, even on small like LL. Vail is great for carving, various, wide slopes, where you can carve all day, from 8.30 to closing.
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