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  1. b.free

    Yo Lci!!

    So, out of all day you did only 5-6 runs? Is it that busy there or it's just an early season?
  2. @*Ace*, Frank built it for me this September. Great carving board. Snow is very good at Abasin right now. Just not much of terrain open, only High noon is grommed and open right now.
  3. Probably the best customly built board I ever had. My new toy Virus Phantom 205.
  4. b.free

    Injury sale

    Hey Ladia, What is left on the list?!
  5. Agree, UPZ has better heal box and great spring mechanism. And get a used board as a first board instead of buying a new one, it would be easier to understand what you really need in the future. And get something shorter and wider like 160 long and 21+ wide. It will be easier to transit from soft to hard stance. And don't get any plates, they are worthless if you don't know why you need it. Just get a board, boots and bindings. Easy and simple. And less weight. Good luck and visit CO sometimes, we have a pretty big group of hard booters over here.
  6. Grand


    1. b.free


      Hey, is it a place to visit?! Worth to go?

  7. The plan for now is Jackson Hole and Grand Targree on the way to. And Whitefish and Big Sky and/or Red Lodge on the way from.
  8. Hey comrades! Since I will be driving to MMC from CO, can you suggest a list of must visit resorts along the route to/from Libby?! Any suggestions appreciated.
  9. Reservation system will be in Vail resorts. https://theknow.denverpost.com/2020/08/27/vail-resorts-ski-season-coronavirus-reservations/244367/
  10. Anything works for me. What time? AM or PM
  11. Everyone is more then welcomed. Actually we should do a group ride or something like that))
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