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  1. #technology edits. Forward?
  2. ya. that's a tough video to get through, but thanks for sharing. i'll keep an eye out for those. from what i can see, i like the highback, toe strap (not the buckle) and the fact that the base plate/chassis is metal. the rest is questionable. even the 'mechanics' in which the heel cup adjusts. idk about that one. i broke an adjustable metal heel cup a few years ago on a rossignol xv. too small of a chassis for my size 12 boot, small highback and flimsy; not recommended. these a-10 chassis' look almost similar in size. if we keep breaking em, they keep making em and hopefully improving them. however, i would rather have my bindings break before a board and a board before my body.
  3. wednesday aft, thurs, friday. new coiler bxfr. rippin it
  4. nice. thanks for the response guys and thanks for the boxing day explanation. seems like a great day to ride! i too have failures of softboot bindings every year. solid traditional bindings. the most recent being odrives. i've never ridden a more solid binding with the least amount of failures, given the use they get. if a traditional binding is failing, i just can't justify karakorams for resort riding. given @scottishsurfer extensive experience of binding failures, it's shocking to me that a backcountry binding performs better than anything else he can get his hands on. they're still new and i guess time will tell. i don't think odrives are available in Scotland or he'd try those? i still highly recommend them even though they've failed me once, but this is the second year i've had them. customer service had me new parts in about a week too. i feel more confident with metal base plate for sure like on my NX2-CX. they're just a nuisance to deal with and prefer the odrives. keep pushing it and ride it til it breaks fellahs! that's why they make this stuff.
  5. nice feedback on this binding, but i think you guys are crazy to ride this solely on hardpack for the intentions of lift accessed carving indoors or outdoors. any binding with a quick connection like this is too much of a vulnerability/liability of wrecking yourself. not the same as a TD 2nd board kit, although the theory of it. regardless of great customer service. personally i think the way it performs on hardpack is great for accessing the side country at resorts and maybe riding back on groomers with confidence. a hardpack softboot carving binding? not a chance. i've never tried it and would never even consider putting myself at risk with such a piece of equipment. it is a nice piece of equipment, just with another purpose. i would've drooled over these when i lived in Montana, but then again i would probably be riding Spark's. @scottishsurfer what is boxing day?
  6. i'm pretty sure i'm stating the obvious for most, but i am also working on the same issues. self analyze. my lower back friggin kills from riding like this. over committing and diving into that front boot on the heels and rocking back and forth in transition (while maybe twisting too?), then not having the muscle/body power and/or energy to commit an equal amount of force to the toeside. your heels are killer though! dig those trenches. not sure what board you're on, but most boards have a variable sidecut radius from being tighter at the nose and larger at the tail. leaning heavy on the nose turns faster, while riding a bit back seat turns larger. something i read on this site elsewhere... use my skeleton to "stack" both bindings (heels) in a more balanced manner rather than load the front by muscle and joints. i like basic changes and not overthinking it. conserves energy for the toesides too. the results produce smoother, slower, larger turns, but the style and feel is garbage. see the problem is, i've been working on how to load the nose the past few years while learning how to ride vsr and alpine boards. i think it's a bad habit that i'm trying to correct, but i guess i now know how to do that. my body just can't take that kind of riding day after day like it used to. the style looks bland but it wins races. btw, my angles have stayed the same. 62/57 alpine, 36/15 softy. anyhow, i feel ya and just had some food for thought. a lot of good points above too.
  7. dhamann

    Mt Sunapee

    Hero conditions out there right now. Grooming is great. Go over to sunny side quad first. Liftline is great for carving. Skyway is best for carving. The mountain as a whole is a lower angle slope. The family friendly ski/ride zone is good for a lazy carve lap or two too. I’ll be chasing some nastar gates there tomorrow. Might go for a bit on Monday. TBD
  8. Welcome to real snowboarding. To me, the alpine angles suggest you either have a smaller foot or ride a wider board. I’m a size 12/m30 and ride 62/57 give or take. Then again, I’ve seen 70/70 with smaller feet too. Just start with what’s comfortable for you with softboot angles while limiting toe/heel hang. My boards range from 26.5-27.7 waist widths. My general angles are 36/15 give or take. Anyone with an alpine background such as yourself might benefit from starting steeper such as 30+/12+ for stance angles. Then figure it out as you go. Fine tune from there. My angles, stance width, setback, etc vary slightly with the conditions for the day or how I feel like riding too. Change it up for curiosity sake if you choose. Might help dial in your happy medium. Technique and style is more important than being fixed on exact angles but it’s a good starting point. Good luck and rip it up!
  9. https://www.facebook.com/events/995520330804319/ https://www.skireg.com/berming-man?fbclid=IwAR3PYesUWaN2m_qYXQGtLdDB-BH6smU_sO7XOZFyuTMHhnMiKrseozEDsG4
  10. https://www.donek.com/product/f2-baseplate-t-nut-set/ like these linked above. Sean is out. YYZ is 35 plus 30 shipping to USA. local hardware store only has stainless ones with the sharp prong's, or zinc w/out prongs. assuming don't use the zinc ones? i'm in need of two t-nuts. anyone holding some? please PM. Thanks.
  11. https://www.signupgenius.com/go/904094fadae2dabf94-hill am i missing something? 30+ group, two slots left. sign up. why are skiers allowed? banked events are always fun. probably a quick and easy one if it's a new event. @Jack M rides hardboots at the Loaf banked. K68 i believe
  12. @dredman still looking? these are black and not green/yellow so not sure if they're exactly what you're after. *looking for large race tongues for 325's. MP30 if anyone finds that needle in the haystack.
  13. agreed. existing flex theories turned 90 degrees. most boot shells have flex controls as well such as different stiffness of springs rather than a locked in downhill ski boot. extreme odor control. wrap only. power straps and laces on liners are a royal pain to deal with, especially if adjustments must be made after a few runs, etc. stiff. heel hold. toe box wiggle room. high cuff. affordable. i personally run non-stock liners in both soft boots and hard boots.
  14. never rode the force dlx, but tried the Union FC and lasted a day and a half. bolt connection from highback to baseplate cracked the highback at a bx event. couldn't take the force from carving i guess. i remember it did have a very responsive ride. At the time, I gave Union the benefit of the doubt and tried a more forgiving travis rice model binding. that lasted a little longer, but blew a toe strap during an event and walked down the rest of the course i was so disgusted. i'll never consider Union as a binding option again. hassle dealing with warranty, refund, exchange, etc., nevermind going without a binding for two weeks. Now odrives are a great binding. i run +33-39 on front and anywhere between +12-21 on back foot. don't really "need" to rotate the highback as i thought i'd need to too prior to buying and trying. they're just a solid hold and solid response kind of binding... if that's what you're looking for. if you want a binding with more give, look elsewhere. i've had to replace a couple ratchets and a ladder strap or two over the past couple years. still holding up pretty good. some ankle strap integrity is disappearing slightly, or maybe i'm just used to the support and now wanting more. Flow NX2 - CX. similar hold and response as an odrive but more comfortable and doesn't wreck your boot shells. only drawback from these is the hassle of getting in/out. also the whole forward lean deal. i can't get my front foot (0 lean) ankle strap as tight as i'd like... as to cut off circulation. however, they're worth the compromise. ya ya, can't rotate this highback either. lightweight
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