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  1. Only played through midgets til this sideways sliding thing took over, but congrats! Loon is done and should close. One pass “wide” with cats on some trails. Lots of dirty brown snow with pebbles and some “ponds”. Needed one more and glad I didn’t get hurt. Park is really all that’s left. Wouldn’t count on this weekend. Look forward to December.
  2. Sugarloaf rules. Best day every day. Every other hill is just training. Last day is today at Loon. Late start to season for me and down probably twenty+ days. Just gotta make em all worth it. Til next year...
  3. both with this binding. ankle strap changed from the "flip-it" to what it is now (hyperfuse II). better hold. if i didn't have two pairs of these already i'd take em. good luck but these should go quick.
  4. absolutely. fire on the mountain! i do let people pass most of the time, but not in this instance. thankfully came out of it alive. "but did you die". i was a gamblin man on this one for sure. my 'new to me' oxess is the best board i've ever ridden (alpine). so fun! stranger danger.
  5. ... and? funny story... midweek at loonyville a few weeks ago i was carving casually until i saw a couple college boarders starting to b-line with speed checks. i was about 50-70yds ahead of them and decided to let them know to give me my space cause i tend to use a lot of the trail. did a couple quick wall to wall turns hoping they'd fall into one of the ruts, then pointed it around an s-turn in the trail (flying fox). started to skip out on toeside going at a pretty good pace. had to pull out the 'ol knapton elbow save. lost some speed but not too much. these fkn kids were trying to cat
  6. don't think i posted this here, but going through old photos. some toes and heels.
  7. toe strap caution for softboot carvers. watch the buckles. depending on how you ride and how low you like to go, the buckles may catch on toeside turns. easy solution is to just adjust strap accordingly (maybe swap R strap to L and vice versa) to go over the top of the boot, regardless of the strap being a toe cap design. it rides fine. happy shredding and those A-10's look clean!
  8. is that even possible from a couple weeks ago? like a bad day in CO. i actually liked the boiler plate conditions i found at Crotched last week though. a little variation is nice. rip it up!
  9. i have the same boots, but almost sold them after about five rides (after molding liners). i was getting wicked shin bang and couldn't figure out how to adjust to avoid this. hopefully you don't have any issues, but if you do, here's my experience with this boot... a booster strap around liner at top of cuff (behind shell) is what helped with shin bang. some folks prefer around the outer part of the shell and liner cuff... whatever works. also, i would highly, like extremely highly recommend the BTS system for any deeluxe boot. more money, i know but more comfort that you won't care what it c
  10. I don’t know the difference between Austrian vs Swiss made but it doesn’t appear to have a Swiss symbol on the “R” of “Kessler” on topsheet or base. Could be an indicator? Also, is there something going on with the sidewall near the tail and numbers? Numbers on tail could be indicator of age too? Haven’t been around this alpine gear too long to confirm but there’s gotta be someone to help get this board a nice home, if rideable. Kant go wrong with a Kessler.
  11. depends on binding angles and of course personal preference. i will agree to disagree. center binding over center of plates correlated to binding angle, with the front binding heel edge bumped up one hole slot due to higher load pressure on heel edge. in my mind, this evenly distributes pressures to the edge. for me. potato potatoe
  12. looking for specs. ie, how high riser extensions are (10mm?), durometer of bumpers, bumper options, plate thickness composite, etc. i see two plate options depending on width of board, but not any tech info. assume they're all pretty much identical to gecko cross and carve plates. definitely a sigh of relief knowing there's another set of bx plates out there, with gecko/apex gone. thanks for sharing.
  13. no need to demo an orca with step ins when you can just keep this.
  14. most snowboarders ride what marketing tells them to ride. if you're into numbers... lift/cant on softies is irrelevant for 99.99999999990187% of riders with the ability to notice any such of a difference, like it and have it affect their ability and performance in a turn *and* in a positive way. you can't carve three sixties without a heel lift cause you use your toes to press. that was a joke. sharpen and wax, yes. lifts/cants, gimmicks. hence, the SOFT boots. lift/cant makes sense in a rigid plastic boot and believe it has helped my personal riding, but even with the stiffest soft boot i don
  15. @workshop7 likewise. pick of the week looks like thursday next week. following week at loaf. stellar conditions out there.
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