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  1. was the slice a collaborative experiment that led to the contra? talking sidecuts and flex pattern executions here. however, the slice was designed for softies? i think any softy is a little out of the box for Bruce, but dam does he build a nice bxfr! just professional quality equipment mastery. i have only seen/heard of the contra being on alpine/hardboot/mono/etc boards.
  2. dhamann

    Bend it....

    screenshot from video. Not so good quality. Bxfr68.
  3. @Jack M ya but what socks did you ride? I liked the course sets at Shawnee when I did either usasa or the moonlight challenge thing. The Maine series usasa courses were fun and the only time I could race a true GS board. River was awesome too. Clean courses with a couple outlier gates. A couple. Not my experience at some other mountains. The space on a trail has a lot to do with a set too. Or building bx courses for 90lb kids and sending it with 200lbs+. It can be sketchy to race but also a different kind of challenge just to ride for adults.
  4. no wonder the handicaps! i told myself to try to Okemo for daily nastar but never happened. definitely next year. the evening adult race league nastar course sets at crotched and definitely pats peak are more appropriate to slalom boards, or softies. i ran a K68 once or twice, but SB most weeks. way too much skidding with a GS board except for the last four gates. reference back to the reason for choosing the appropriate gear in bx; recovery. i'll also point out that the pats peak course is set over the top of rather significant ruts from previous training. it was downright dangerous at some times and horrible beyond being challenging. good thing most of the skiers/riders are really good and can navigate around potential season ending injuries. from what i can see of @patmoore video above... that looks like more of a gs set course to me. the Innkeepers race might be set with more flow intentionally like an EICSL race, so kind of turns into a wax race at that point. would it be fair to say that there isn't any nastar GS course or usasa bx course set that's going to compare to a high level WC course (snowboard specific)? so equipment choice ultimately shouldn't matter. maybe it's more about tuning and maintenance along with technique and skill with regards to us regular folks. and of course luck with a side of liquid encouragement. there's stiffer/softer equipment and boards with large/small sidecuts in both HB or SB. read that one again. each have their own advantages/disadvantages. also have their own limits. also have their own fun factor. to each their own and go with what's most comfortable under your feet. no excuses. i try not to beat myself up too much about chasing gates. especially in a recreational setting. we're still snowboarding. have fun. fourth place, come and get it.
  5. July 4th. Maybe? Nobody knows shit for sure. Beartooth pass is A LOT more than the poma lift. Some scary terrain. Doesn’t have to be scary but it is a different kind of terrain from what most folks have the ability to conquer. Be smart and you’ll be fine. You’re on you’re own up there... and the skills of your party. Just remember the 6’ rule. Jealous of access to such terrain. Lived in bozone at one time in this life... and just sold my splitboard kit to some guy in Billings. At least part of me will see that area again. That board was a momento I shouldn’t have sold but oh well. Can’t take it with ya! Be safe out there either at the grocery store or hucking cornices. We expect pictures if anyone heads up the pass Memorial Day if that’s still the planned opening these dayzzz
  6. i have had a 166W nitro pantera the past two seasons as my freestyle/freerider. 27.2 waist and about an 8.6scr. it's not that stiff although most descriptions states it is. not damp at all. does hold up an edge pretty good though. a versatile soft playfull knife (compared to the rest of my boards). when you ride either a ptex topsheet or full titanal, not many (if any) stock or mass produced boards are going to perform even close. understood. it's nice to see boards getting wider and having a lot more options than what their used to be. a 26cm waist was a unicorn just a few years ago, which is why i personally have gone customs only (now i'm spoiled). i see a lot of boards hovering around this spec as a wide option. it's definitely a good benchmark for mass produced boards, but i still need bigger. what she said. the bataleon stallion interests me and the weston range. never ridden either. many others perk interest, but not at least 27 waist, full camber 160-65 all moupntain. we all have our own base specs. i'll get to the short/fat trend in a minute. there's probably more out there, but i've found two boards over a 27 waist and they're larger boards: the 67 bat. stallion and 170+ skunkape. nothing this wide between 160-65. there are other options than going the stock route at a fairly reasonable tradeoff if you look around a little. with the mass produced boards i have ridden over the years, all of them have a fairly friendly feel/ride/experience to them. they're mostly a softer flex than what should be for a softy carving board. "should be" can be relative. well, if you're truly carving on a regular basis and riding hard, this aggressive style needs a board that isn't going to have much forgiveness either lengthwise or torsionally. all we can do is go by the description and hope the manufacturer is accurate with the description of the board. there's some good one's out there no doubt. if they were given to me and made in my size i'd like to have/try a 17' or 18' ride Ttimeless and a smokin momentum. the timeless is the only board i've ever seen with a scr of 10 or greater. most every mass produced board has an scr of 7-8. i even read some companies describing boards of doing high speed carves with a 7m radius. makes me wanna throw up. think you'd hook up, chatter out, blow a knee, over strain your back or maybe just get frustrated/angry cause it's not really a feasible theory? if you're an expert and can maneuver such a board to carve at a high rate of speed, congratulations. just not the masses i've seen ride. unless high speed is like 30mph i guess. at the end of the day, it's what people are asking for and what moves off the shelves. snowboarding is hard. it's harder than learning how to ski. there are many board designs out there now to make it almost as easy as skiing. tight sidecuts, super wide, super soft. all these factors, among many other, give the rider within their ability a good experience... or the experience they're after. there's no such thing as a one board quiver for either softboot or hardboot. no, there's not. impossible. just one more. i disagree with the short/fat "carvey" trend or that heavy nose rockered boards rail turns. this is probably why they're not mentioned as carving boards. although, some riders can turn a raw piece of plywood with bindings for a turn or two, film it and use it for advertising as a carving board. buyer beware. some mass produced boards literally ride like plastic toys, where their are a few that ride like a piece of equipment. that is the difference. what are your needs? however, a board is only one piece to the puzzle of getting our snowboarding fix. choose your weapon's wisely.
  7. Saw a post... Loaf is clearing mountain with motorized equipment. They urge people to chill with the uphill travel while they do this. Place has to be an absolute ghost town now. Respect their request and use common sense at any mountain I’d say. The “glaciers” will stick around longer without the traffic of daily operations.
  8. small ding near edge. came like that and didn't effect the ride. see pic. a couple of small scrapes on base too. not sure you can see in picture, but they're there. oh. edges are set set .5 base, 2 side. never ground. CONUS. @Jpilon check message
  9. Glass board. Not metal. 2015 build? 3rd owner. About 30-40 days total between all 3 owners. 170cm length 27cm waist 8-12scr built for 180-240lbs no major scratches/damage/etc pow and big freeride bomber! starting at 250. PM best offer.
  10. 400 obo bump
  11. K non is still spinning and it's really hard not to go ride this week. like exponentially hard. almost every ounce of my body and my soul says who cares, i'm good and i'll be careful, but there's greater powers at work and we should all do our part for as long as we humanly can to narrow this curve thing. look out for our loves ones, etc. it sucks beyond the end of time, but stay positive, healthy and we'll be rewarded next year... or maybe in a month or so.
  12. K2 thraxis with intuition SBC liners. not going back to insano's since these are stiffer and hold up better. i also ride now o-drive bindings which beat the hell out of my insano's after one year. my flow nx2-cx are much kinder on boot wear/tear. i'll get two years (60+ days/yr) out of the thraxis boot and going on three with the SBC liner. boa has popped a couple times. i didn't realize it until i took a break since the other two boa's held. the thraxis is a hard charging, carving boot. i've tried to tweak out grabs and tuck knee's. there's not too much lateral flex to them. good for running higher angles on bindings where (god forbid) you can't rotate the highback. complete opposite of the burton loafer boot.
  13. i think you literally got one of the last best runs down spiillway. it went to spring like conditions about two hours later... even up high. way to go out. just gotta adjust style and change equipment to the conditions. still plenty of season left. maybe see you out there on that monday following the banked if it's decent weather. surface conditions, i'll deal with as long as they're spinning lifts.
  14. Spillway at the Loaf is one of the best carving trails in the entirety of New England. IMO. Sometimes even mountain media steals a souvenir to share. Lots of good trails under lifts and you can inspect every ride up too. You are not alone. Could be bit of a 90’s thing too. @trailertrash ruined spillway yesterday morning. Gondi was nice. Upper skidder still the best.
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