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    Montreal Qc Canada
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    Habitant- Mt-Blanc
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    Coiler 175 Stuby II, Wrcm 169, Burton and Nidecker boards
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    Deluxe 325
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    F2 Titanium
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  1. Loopback call me at 438-888-4761 i'M at St-Sauveur until 5 of march

  2. Here the SN, T175 STUB V2 017 6.3+9 (or x9) The board was order in 2017 receive the board in december 2017 BUT two days before receiving the board i slided and fall into my drive way of my house and broke my right leg, i went into surgery and end up with a metal plate with 8 screws, so the first time i've ride that board was the 10 of January 2019, that's why the board look like a new one, also i've got a couple of other board that rided before this one. By the way price is in 595 $ USD or 744$ CAD no tax of course, it's up to you , tell me as soon you decide cause there is Powdahbonz on this site that told me '' I'll get in line behind loopback... Also Ottawa is two hours from were i am, so if ever your Interested i could meet you around Hawkesbury
  3. LOL, Black ice in my drive way, end up wacthing my brand board without tried it , shit !!! Loopback did'nt came back wet so if your still interested ?
  4. Ok, i'm right now at St-Sauveur for the next 2 weeks and the board is in my locker at Mt-Habitant ski slope about 10m of my condo, i'll write you back tomorrow, to be honest this board is like a new one, i have two of those Stubby V2
  5. That board was built for 190 to 195 pounds, the board is at my house but i can give the SN tomorrow
  6. SOLD---------------COILER STUBBY V2, 2019 , 175 LONG 20 CM WIDE 13/14m SIDECUT Bought the board brand new in 2019 with magnificent snakeskin deco with top carbonium, base look as it was new, no scratch or dig. Its short overall length with comparatively long effective combined with a moderately speedy sidecut is a potent combo for all around fun. It's a super fun ride which can handle a lot of your daily carving duties. If you want to carve while dragging your elbow in the snow this is your board. Really look like a brand new board. 595$ + shipping USD
  7. PRIOR WRCM 169 GOOD CONDITION, DID'NT TAKE THE BOARD THE LAST TWO YEAR, STILL HAVE VERY GOOD FLEX 350$ + SHIPPING Burton Race plate 30$ +shippping Step in heel with cable 60$ + shipping
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