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    I work in service of fellow Americans
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    Tanker 200, Tanker 187, Tanker 182, Osin3800, Pogo Impact 168, Kessler KST 185 (White Top), Donek Hazelwood 200, Burton FP 178. , Burton Floater 163, Never Summer Chairman 159, some other stuff I never ride anymore.
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    many Burton Softies (size 15!), K2 BFB (soft), Head Stratos Pro 31.5 x 4
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    Catek Stuff, Flows - always fiddling with the stance.
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  1. Algunderfoot, That is lovely. Do you know which boots/bindings you'll be using?
  2. at any given time, there is always some resort or another around the country raising money this way. sometimes the money is for the replacement lift, sometimes charity, sometimes to satisfy creditors. depending on the vintage and the provenance, some are more desirable than others, for sure. i assume most end up as porch swings, right ?
  3. you can bid on the first of four ABasin chairs until 5 p.m. today (Monday). bidding is well past $5K for the first chair put up for auction. or you can buy raffle tickets for $50 a piece.
  4. before I spend more than I probably should...... anyone have a Pogo Beluga that is cluttering up the place? or you just bought one and have buyer's remorse ?
  5. That was a really good deal.
  6. .Kessler185 .Sims Burner 198 .Pogo Impact 168 .Tanker 200 (camber) .Tanker 187 (camber) .Tanker 187 (rocker) .Tanker 182 (camber - kevlar) . Osin 3800 168, i think .Never Summer Heritage 159 (rock/parking lot board) *Lib Tech Skunk Ape 180something with magnesuction and the most bizarre profile ever described to me. hated it. borrowed momentarily from the guy riding my Tanker187. he wanted to trade.
  7. We have a lot in common. My name is Dave 187 Tankers are my go to Float pow, rail groom better than any other board, I think (combo) I will be smiling when it arrives One difference- i always ride them with a softboot setup that is as stiff as I can make it. Scared plates will be too much stress. With gear, I am about 225 or 230 lbs. And...... I am unable to build amazingly beautiful bikes. btw, thanks Lordmetroland
  8. Tried to PM you. Indicates that you cannot receive messages. Let me know best way to reach you or you can email me at (nineteen six nine)****dtk@gmail.com thanks
  9. dirt, twigs and leaves aside, that groom looks pretty good.
  10. I just rode a Sims Burner 197, for the first time ever. Just prior to riding, the board was given just about the highest quality tune obtainable. It's also a fine example, seemingly not having been ridden all that much and apparently stored well. The Burner is absolutely every bit as interesting to me as a Kessler or any other newer tech board that I have ridden. Just not the same or really comparable, at all. Within a few days of riding the Kessler and the Burner, I also rode a Jones Stormchaser 152, a Tanker 187 (Rocker), a Pogo Impact 168 and an older Tanker 182 (highly cambered) with Kevlar Honeycomb core. To me, it's whatever board you (or I) are feeling is right at the moment. I sometimes choose the wrong board, for sure. That is when I go to the car or my locker and switch.
  11. I am about to ride a Sims Burner for the first time. 197 I am pretty excited about it, actually. I like the new stuff too.
  12. I vouch for both of these guys. Good to deal with, for sure.
  13. several times, I have limped along with my liner on my left boot and the shell remaining bound to the board. it does get some looks. what I don't understand is why it is that each of the many times that I have snapped a cable on my intecs, it is always front/left boot. always. i have never had a single occasion to break the one on the right foot. the cable always severs at the point that is nearest the heel block. i assume that i pull them at two different angles, or I do something asymmetrical.
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