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  1. I met the brothers Leines at Copper, several years ago. They were repping their brand at the base, handing out schwag. Very hospitable, both of them. About 20 minutes later, I broke 5 ribs and punctured a lung. I need to go back to Copper. Love that place.
  2. SunSurfer is correct. All good advice. If a cable snaps while in use, find a hex wrench, pencil or screwdriver to manually push in one of the pins and the pin on the opposite side will follow along. Its tedious but that is not a mechanical that necessarily brings the day to an abrupt end. if it happens, hopefully it’s the front foot.
  3. Yes. I second everything Jack wrote. Also, find a way to get to Targhee - amazing place to explore with alpine gear. Very unique topography, best low-key vibe ever. No scene. Amazing.
  4. If the plate and bindings sell separately, let me know please. Interested in board only.
  5. When I first saw a photo of the new 2door 2021 Bronco, I thought of the FJ.
  6. for pow. good in crud. competent on groom. i know these have a following. great board in the trees, pow. best time i ever had on this board was in hardboots, in trees, on steeps, pow. typical pow board nicks and scratches. no core shots, ever. all the inserts work. laminate is good save for a few nicks here there, some chips in laminate around edges on tail. base could use a grind or some passes on a belt, at least. edges need sharpening. if your just going to ride pow, it doesn't matter. this has not been getting used. now, i seem to only want to ride Tankers when i can find
  7. Thanks Ace. You are correct. I do look at ebay.de from time to time and there are occasionally some old Pogos that pop up. The only Pogo that I have ever scored was an Impact 168 from a contributor here (BOL,actually) who lives close enough to me for pick-up. If I recall, I may have been advantaged over others who wanted it because no shipping was necessary. I am always looking for the Pogos. They have a special build quality, for sure.
  8. you are so polite. i wish i were more like you. teameight boards were handmade in Maine, if i recall correctly. each board was bespoke.
  9. I know its not a virus but Mosquito borne malaria killed over 400,000 worldwide in 2018. We could eradicate mosquitoes entirely, but we don't. Not sure why but I assume its food chain/ethical reasons ?
  10. I know one of you has a Beluga and you're just holding out on me. I'm patient.
  11. German economy just retracted 10 percent. I am needed.
  12. Hi Ace. Agreed (unlikely to find one here). Just the same, I would regret not asking. Especially were I to buy one and then see one subsequently pop up, for sale. Also, I think I have discovered that I like buying little-used boards as much or more than new ones. Less to do with money saved or saving the earth and more likely because there is no "first scratch" heartbreak, I think. Weird
  13. a few days ago, my daughter asked me to get her race gear out (ski) so she could shimmy around on carpet. kind of made me proud, even though i suspected it would segue to a discussion about the need for several new purchases. i was happy to help her and then I got out my Hazelwood 200, some Bomber Power Plates that I just bought here from a contributor and some Flow NX2gt bindings that are about 10 years old (but practically unused). i put it all together just to look at it and i was suddenly pretty psyched for next season. Zoysia grass not recommended. a legacy of my home's pre
  14. Very accurate, especially about the coffee. Whenever I am going from Denver to Loveand, I get coffee at the Starbucks on Kipling (Wheatridge?). The other 2 on the way up are always crowded or slow. Maybe the closer I get to Loveland, the less patience I have.
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