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  1. I am about to ride a Sims Burner for the first time. 197 I am pretty excited about it, actually. I like the new stuff too.
  2. I vouch for both of these guys. Good to deal with, for sure.
  3. several times, I have limped along with my liner on my left boot and the shell remaining bound to the board. it does get some looks. what I don't understand is why it is that each of the many times that I have snapped a cable on my intecs, it is always front/left boot. always. i have never had a single occasion to break the one on the right foot. the cable always severs at the point that is nearest the heel block. i assume that i pull them at two different angles, or I do something asymmetrical.
  4. some day or another at Bromley, VT. about 5 years ago. Burton FP 185 Race Stock (RIP). this board was awesome right up until it snapped in half between my feet at Wolf Creek, CO about a year later.
  5. lucky me, I don't need to ride with anyone to have a good time. same with road bikes and most everything else.
  6. finally, good news. updated the original post. thanks to all who sent supportive messages and sympathy.
  7. Where are you in Maryland ? I can give you an old set of Flow Pros. They are stiff. If you aren't too far away maybe you could pick them up or meet me at one of the local hills (WT, RT, maybe Liberty) when they recover from lack of snow I am near Westminster.
  8. This board was sent 11/18 to my friend in Park City. It was just delivered today, 6 weeks later. It was initially delivered (without obtaining a signature) to my friends porch, 9 days after I sent it. UPS had told me it'd take 4 or 5 days but when it finally arrived on the 9th day, my friend was already away on a month long trip. Around the 5th or 6th day when it was evident to me that it was going to arrive after my friend's departure, I then paid the UPS fee to intercept/retrieve the package and have it redirected to a gracious contributor on this site who'd offered to babysit the thing. With riding privileges of course. The intercept/redirect service that I paid for was never attempted, even once. The same UPS driver who'd delivered at first without getting a signature apparently retrieved the board from the original addressee's porch and did not scan it back into UPS inventory, so the Tracking information showed that the status was "delivered" and the status remained that way for at least the following ten days. After that I stopped checking because of the toll it was taking on my mindset. I just gave up, really. I had some small hope that maybe my friend's property manager had noticed it and placed it in a shed or something but otherwise I was without hope. The board went all the way back to Salt Lake and sat in some sort of holding area where items are supposed to be awaiting further instruction from the recipient. Presumably, without it having been scanned properly back into inventory and the status remaining as "delivered", the holding area turned into some sort of no man's land for my board. I spoke to UPS call center folks on other continents a few times, to no avail. Two days ago, when I actually lucked into getting a land line number for an actual UPS Manager in the main SLC depot, I spoke to a gentleman (after a dozen attempts that went unanswered - he just happened to be walking by the phone) who listened to my plight. He immediately remembered the board standing around for a few days, about 6 weeks ago, and his first comment was how huge the thing was. That's what made it stand out in his mind. The Tanker saved itself, maybe. He found it and got it onto the truck this morning. It's now in my Buddy's quiver and I am free to worry about other stuff again.
  9. this might be the first time ever that i am wishing i was goofy. that board is lovely.
  10. what is the price that you'd accept for the Tinkler ? (shipping not included in the number)
  11. it's so cool that he is the very best pitchman for his own product. self actualized plus some.
  12. I always think about how discouraging it must be to see or hear about these prices for someone who wants to "try" skiing or snowboarding. The impact of the high day rate prices goes straight to the first timer/uninitiated. Even if they like it the first time out, the very next day they find themselves back at that window. This to say nothing of demo/rental rates and everything else that goes with. I think it's short sighted and doesn't bode well for new blood. There are so many other ways to spend recreational/discretionary dollars. Admittedly, I'll pay $200 for a day somewhere that my passes don't cover but I am hopelessly addicted. I will also rationalize that I get the most for my money because I can use the whole mountain, go from first chair to last, carry lunch in my pockets, get tons of vert, etc. A first timer might decide that $20 or $40 per chair ride is outrageous. understandably.
  13. the one here in MD is a bit of an orphan because three others in PA are closer to the Baltimore/Washington/Northern VA markets. The three PA resorts are about 60 to 90 minutes drive vs 3 hours for the one (Wisp) in MD proper. Still though, the one that is actually in MD is worth the extra time spent in driving. The area averages 6 to 8 times the annual natural snow fall as the other three and is privy to a whole other weather pattern/system. It's a part of the state many Marylanders have never seen.
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