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    Carving student for life

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    Calgary, Alberta
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    Nakiska, Panorama, and love Sun Peaks!!
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    Bike geek
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    Way too many, but never enough. Not unlike beer. Please help me.
    Oxess's, Jasey Jay's, Coiler's, Alpine Punk Metal Burner, Kessler The Ride's, Madd's, Sims Burner's, Coda Side Carve, Tinkler, etc..... Love em all.
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    Head Stratus Pro (punched), step in heels, BTS (blue), Booster strap with the stock "booster strap" (yes two booster straps!), Shintronics, some kinda heat molded foot bed and Conformable liners. Final answer.
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    TD 3's, step in, SW!!!! Yeah baby!! 60 deg rear 64ish deg front, 6 deg cants both ends. Red elastomers. New winner in the sub plate system is the Apex Gecko plates. Got em on a few boards .... I like!!!!!!!
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  1. Looks awesome Gary!!!! Nice score
  2. JJA bases are insanely fast. Damn these are GOOD deals!!!!! Good luck to seller!!
  3. Lol. Glad you like bro. The boards and the bikes do bring me joy I must admit.
  4. Hmmmm I’ve always been intrigued by these boots but I’m old and inflexible and addicted to Intec my man. My understanding is these are not intec compatible. Gotta pass
  5. Lol what are those.... I’m outta the loop
  6. Still avail. Cool trades or partial trades?
  7. AllInterested in any trades of sorts? understood. I get it
  8. Interested in any trades of sorts?
  9. Sweet whips!!!! I want the 172 MK BADLY but just bought a board unfortunately. What boards you keeping to make these beauty's expendable? Pretty sure DTP stands for "Down To Party" bro, way cooler!!!! LOL Good luck with the sale, some great boards there.
  10. 166 Contra. 21 waist, 10 m scr been way too long getting a board from Bruce. Million thx man. please turn me!!!! Wtf lol
  11. Lol. Shoulda trusted you. Live and learn $420 USD plus shipping
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