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    Carving student for life

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    Calgary, Alberta
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    Nakiska, Panorama, and love Sun Peaks!!
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    Bike geek
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    Way too many, but never enough. Not unlike beer. Please help me.
    Oxess's, Jasey Jay's, Coiler's, Alpine Punk Metal Burner, Kessler The Ride's, Madd's, Sims Burner's, Coda Side Carve, Tinkler, etc..... Love em all.
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    Head Stratus Pro (punched), step in heels, BTS (blue), Booster strap with the stock "booster strap" (yes two booster straps!), Shintronics, some kinda heat molded foot bed and Conformable liners. Final answer.
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    TD 3's, step in, SW!!!! Yeah baby!! 60 deg rear 64ish deg front, 6 deg cants both ends. Red elastomers. New winner in the sub plate system is the Apex Gecko plates. Got em on a few boards .... I like!!!!!!!
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  1. You got it Curtis. It’s the N + 1 rule. The right # of boards/bikes to own is N (the # of boards/bikes you you currently) + 1
  2. Oh man. Impossible to get them all together.... Salsa Beargrease Fat bike, Ti Ritchey Break Away w 11 sp Record, S Works Tarmac Super Record, 1996 Ti Bianchi w 10 sp Record Bora Ultra wheels, Super X cross bike w Chorus 11, Optimo cross bike 9 speed w Daytona/veloce, CAAD 8 9 speed Record and Chorus, C’dale CAAD 9 cross bike w 10 speed Record, Look 586 w DA 7900, CAAD 5 w 9 speed Veloce (trainer bike) Pivot LES 29, Bianchi Methanol 29 x 2, Intense Hard Eddie 29 x 2 (one SS), Kona Big Unit 29, GT Pro Performer 26, SE OM Flyer 26, SE QA 24”, Haro Freestyler 20” (replica of the Original) Specialized Seattle Langster, Electra Sunny Garcia cruiser, Norco Spade SS, Kona A’ha 7 sp internal, Kona Paddy Wagon 3 sp, Kona Hot 26” custom flame job, Norco Team 853 26”, Dekerf SS 26”, Lemond Carbon lugged bike DT shifters....... that’s all I can remember off the top of my head. Own a bike shop and a guy tends to end up with a bike or two more than he needs
  3. Hope you’re enjoying the Coiler Doc. Always tough boards for me to sell... GV, I have issues..... first to admit it. You should see my bicycle collection..... that’s my real passion
  4. Lol. “The vent” I forgot about that!! I may have to bring that back!
  5. THE HOLY GRAIL These boards are unreal. Crazy fast, Insane energy. Superb edge hold. Little turns, big turns one of my favourites of all time. Good luck to seller. Will be super curious to see who gets this and ride impressions two thumbs up
  6. My wife’s gonna sell em all for $200 when I have the gripper. Stand by lads lol
  7. Fortunately (or unfortunately if you ask my wife) it’s my quiver. Doesn’t show the 20 on the far RH side of all Burner lengths, (including a 178 Hazco) Madd’s (orig 158 and 170 as well as a few newer gen 170’s and a 180) and on and on
  8. Bought one, sold one, had regrets. Bought another. Enjoying the 168 too much and I’m eyeing up some other softie set ups
  9. They sell for $1500 Canadian but the 76 hasn’t been made in a couple years. Near mint shape, maybe 3 days total on it. $900 USD plus shipping. Pics and specs coming.
  10. big canuck

    Father to son

    So cool. Love it
  11. Will do bro. Thx agsin. Excited for my first Asym ever
  12. Finally got it James (obviously not your fault!!!) looks great stoked to try it. Many thx again.
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