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    Carving student for life

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    Calgary, Alberta
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    Nakiska, Panorama, and love Sun Peaks!!
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    Bike geek
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    Way too many, but never enough. Not unlike beer. Please help me.
    Oxess's, Jasey Jay's, Coiler's, Alpine Punk Metal Burner, Kessler The Ride's, Madd's, Sims Burner's, Coda Side Carve, Tinkler, etc..... Love em all.
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    Head Stratus Pro (punched), step in heels, BTS (blue), Booster strap with the stock "booster strap" (yes two booster straps!), Shintronics, some kinda heat molded foot bed and Conformable liners. Final answer.
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    TD 3's, step in, SW!!!! Yeah baby!! 60 deg rear 64ish deg front, 6 deg cants both ends. Red elastomers. New winner in the sub plate system is the Apex Gecko plates. Got em on a few boards .... I like!!!!!!!
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  1. These magazines are beautiful and Missin you FD. Hope you’re killing it bro
  2. I weighed anywhere from 200-250 on that board BUT it’s NOT stiff. Kid you not cant believe this hasn’t sold
  3. Omg. Buy this thing. Seriously. special does not begin to describe.
  4. The little doughnut bumpers? I got a sh*t whack of yellow ones email me Kurt at bowcycle dot com Mine are from the alpine version not sure if they’re different
  5. Hi Kurt! I bought this from Madd Mike at one on the SES sessions in aspen years ago, not sure how many previous owners but its in great condition. 8-9 out of 10.

  6. Email me kurt at bowcycle dot com
  7. It’s a 182 cm? Condition out of 10? How many owners? # of days on it? really cool board.
  8. 160 Coiler Angrry will never be for sale from my quiver. It’s AWESOME
  9. Riding wicked Mark! I remember that run. Pity the video doesn’t show how steep that run is especially at the bottom. Say hi to the lads for me kc
  10. All good brutha. Gonna sit tight. Hope your seasons going good bro
  11. You have just the one BP 6* cant disc?
  12. I own and use these. I love em. Pretty good deal IMHO
  13. Miss ya Fin. Hope you’re doing well bro!!! Sorry for the Hijack.
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