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  1. I still have the Donek 184 and the Tinkler 185, All others are sold. Thanks all!
  2. Carve Dog, Still have the 184 and the Tinkler, make me an offer. Lance, thanks a lot I'd love to make it out your way next season.
  3. There is one other interested party. I would accept 175.00 plus shipping. I traded a new in plastic tanker 200 plus 200.00 to Bryan for this board a few years ago. Thanks!
  4. Any offers on these boards? I'd love for them to go away!
  5. Hi there, I’m not sure how old it is but I was told it belonged to Ryan McDonald. I believe he was on the US snowboard team way back when. its extremely stiff and has massive camber
  6. Keeping DO 165, custom Saber, Kessler 168 Ride, Nomad 170 and a Fullbag 171 Hammerhead. ive got a bunch of old Glissades and some Sterpwaters but they don’t count. Bindings are on the way Troy.
  7. Thanks for the words of encouragement! I am keeping my 5 favorite boards. Bindings on the way to boardski.
  8. OBO on everything, divorce sucks Thanks!
  9. Sorry for the delay, responses in order 1) Aalio- The Kessler 168 BX is a few years old and has maybe 30 partial days use, 1 base grind, base and edges are good has marks from various bindings and plates. 2) Rusty Edges- Not sure how old the Swoard is but its in great shape, without bindings id do 250.00 plus shipping 3)Jarcode- Donek 176 FC11 without bindings, very little use, 475.00 4)Gremlin- Hand measuring the Tinkler the waist is 21.5 insets are 21.25 centered there are 2 sets of 6 5)Boardski, TD3 3* blue 300.00 All prices plus shipping from 98022 Send phone # for pics via text, I also posted pics earlier Thanks for the interest Warren
  10. Any offers on these boards? Need to sell. Thanks!
  11. Kessler 168 BX 800.00 DONEK 176 FC II WITH TD3 , blue 3* 750.00 Donek 184 prototype 14-20-17- 20 waist 350.00 Swoard 175 M with TD3 blue 3* 500.00 Old Tinkler 185 massive camber make offer
  12. I still have the Kessler 168 BX , stock dimensions from Bola 850.00 great base and edges Donek 176 Free carve ll with TD 3 standard, blue, 3 * 900.00 nearly new Donek 184 14/20/17- 20 waist rev prototype low miles, 450.00 Swoard 175 M with TD3 standard, blue 3* great shape, 550.00 Old 185 Tinkler massive camber 21 waist, make offer Text for pictures 425-785-8574 Warren
  13. The Hot Blast is sold. Thanks!
  14. ill try and find out, its not anywhere on the board. I believe its a 2012. SG Force 165 Fat The serial # is 117 20100467 if that helps
  15. I have several boards for sale Donek 176 FC 11 with TD3, 3* blue 800.00, Donek 184 Rev prototype from 2010, low miles 14/20/17, 350.00 Kessler 168 BX from Bola, 800.00 , Swoard 175 M with TD3 blue, 3* 500.00, Super Old 185 Tinkler, said to be Ryan Mcdonalds old board, great collector board, make offer. Please text or email for pictures and questions. Thanks! Warren 425-785-8574 please be patient, my plate is full , I need to sell these boards, all are plus shipping from 98022
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