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    Mount Cleveland
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    The Big Mountain! Whitefish Montana
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    Oxessessess and Kesslers
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    . UPZ RC13 / Ride Insano's
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    Wench Diggers TD4s
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  1. Any news... They gotta either dump, sell or ride.. Was the whole place cleaned out or targeted?
  2. Cleveland is good... Central Geographicly located from a plane ride anywhere.. Beer is cheap, gotta lake that looks like an ocean.. Cost of living is good, jobs plentiful and no one comes here..
  3. Whitefish sux... I would never go back.
  4. Needs more rebar.. Some bricks and lead... You don't want these silly plates to be too light.. I put tungsten in my boot soles so my weight is lower and edges grip more.. But you need to make sure you don't go over the boards weight requirements it will stop functioning Also then the flex will be way off and get all kaffooey on you... So maybe 1/4 inch carbon steel would be better..
  5. What weight is it made for... Bahahaaa
  6. Can we stop with the weight.. Ie. Your too light to ever ride a Kessler... Stop it
  7. Ohhhh my! The Asian softboot carving got it going.... So much cool stuff to be had.. But I like the specs on the cross 163 much better... Tighter sidecut and narrower.... It just need the x carve nose and tail... And bam!! I'm sure will see one here soon...
  8. Probably one of the best I have seen. The Original Madd and follow up boards were done by children
  9. It gets even better when you drink their beer... Who knew... www.ebay.com/itm/WHITEFISH-MONTANA-BIG-MOUNTAIN-SKI-RESORT-Beer-40th-ANNIVERSARY-PRISTINE-KESSLER-/233845540661?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292
  10. I'll beat the snot out of them any chance I get... Then I head to the parents a teach them too... It's just as much their fault for raising this problem child.
  11. Hmmmm m...... Hmmmm m... Hmmmm.. Maybe... Hmmmm. I'm thinking..
  12. Here ya go... It works for me oxess@bluewin.ch
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