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  1. Well... Dreamy... Smooth... Predictable When others try to copy it .. It's gotta be a good board I'm now a believer.. I love how people ask about what weight it's made for... Dude just ride it!! Stop the who it's made for nonsense. It's made for you!
  2. I use my jacket or hand... And a tin foil hat... Outside...
  3. Show us your custom lifts and canting on those Carbo bindings..
  4. Who is this guy?.. Ohhh wait... This guy.. Only took 2 years to figure out how to post..
  5. Pot must be legal in Maine now... Bahahaaa..lol
  6. Ohhhh my!!.. Quality deal guys.. A new one at this length will set ya back 2 grand.. Kurt's sticks are A+
  7. No.. It's Rakuten Japan... Then I use Zen Market as the proxy service.. Used them twice.. Easy and very organized.. They even take photos of it.. If you require them.
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