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  1. Wow... The sales pitch https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F264602447963
  2. More photos and details... Are thy still making sticks?
  3. Catalog http://www.graysnowboards.co.jp/img/pdf/catalog/english/1920_graycatalog_english.pdf#zoom=100&view=Fit
  4. No.. As that method is tough because you don't know if in stock.. Especially the 178.. Almost all on that and Rakuten stated pre order... Also most won't ship either.. I gave up on that method.. I used a third party service.. Pretty slick too.. It's a process but pretty good results for my first purchase..
  5. Godzilla!!! I'm big in Japan.. Lol Gray Desperado Type R VIIw 178cm..26cm wide.Pet Tex topsheet X shape Titanal on top of core... Specs on their website as well....
  6. Looks like something out of Mortal Engines... my god....Montreal Coming...
  7. Confirming Dimensions with Photos Please SEE !!! FAncy WatCh no included.... Waist and Insert width appx..
  8. I know right !! Time for something new A-Aron
  9. Good to know The stick goes both ways...uh wait did I say that out loud...doh.. So how loud is it? Did they use any rubbers with it so it feels damp... hate loud tingy glass sounding boards... (insert metal here)
  10. So how well do they carve these days....im interested..but worried they are not torsionally stiff and twist like a noddle..wish they were metal.. Review?
  11. Not into Flux at all.. I have a pair or Switch back session bindings.. They are light and stiff but no cant.. They are good but I need a second set of bindings so it's between the Hefe's or O drives.. The high back on the O Drive seem higher and wider up top which seem would work better at higher angles.. I have a very very unique board coming from halfway around the globe... Took some doing to get it... Hopefully arrives in a week or two...
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