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    Thirst: 9SW 195, 8RW 185; Exegi: Double Wide 168; Coiler: T4 187 Prototype, T4 NFC 181 and 178, 2x T3 NFC TT+ 178, Mega-Classic 186, VSR AM 171; Donek: Sabre SRT 165; Furberg Freeride 168, Freeride Split 162; NeverSummer: Ripsaw 164, 25 Split 162...
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  1. Indeed we do lack a standard metric for board stiffness, but @BLOODTYPEZX10Rdeserves credit for trying. Mark's "Flex Index" is about the closest thing we have. Maybe it's time to take this brilliant concept and perfect it. Just as a longer board should have a larger radius for a given turn shape, the longer board also needs to be stiffer. When you apply pressure to a board (i.e. when you turn it) that pressure is applied largely at the ends of the effective edge. So with a longer board you're applying that pressure further out from the centre, and therefore with more leverage.
  2. Ya, that's pretty much a direct quote, and it is true. I came to that realization after measuring the depths on a bunch of boards in my quiver and finding that there was a surprising amount of consistency between boards of vastly different lengths. If you don't believe me, go to your boardroom and lineup your boards in the order of the turn size you feel they make. Then measure the sidecut depths and see if the order isn't almost identical. This is (almost) correct. @johnasmo knows what he means but he didn't say it quite clearly; the two metrics do of course desc
  3. Bump? Have I succeeded in getting anyone to try this trick? Have you guys had any success yourself? Write about your experience below? I also had many many 270s before my first complete 360. Just lean back and power through... @slapos: Sweet man! Beautiful. @Jonny: I'm guessing you ride LFF/regular right? The rotation of the earth helps with counter-clockwise 360s in the northern hemisphere, and clockwise 360s in the southern hemisphere. That explains why the heelside is easier for you. This effect is even more pronounced as you travel closer to the poles, and at the win
  4. Oh my goodness... Now the FOMO is palpable...
  5. This is pretty much my only trick. The crowds love it and not many people can do it, but it's not that hard to learn and it's not dangerous. These are my best tips, give it a try. As long as you end up on your feet it looks cool. What the heck else are you gonna do with all that kinetic energy at the end of your run? Don't waste it on a skid stop, you came out to make turns right? There are at least a few variations to the carved 360, I classify them according the shape of the track they make (the perfect circle, the spiral, the teardrop...). More on those below, what's described he
  6. All the boards have sold except the 9SW. Goofy only. $600
  7. Not necessarily worth watching, but if you're viewing this page I have to assume you're not too busy and it's less than forty seconds...
  8. Not sure if this was meant to be tongue-in-cheek, but it makes me laugh... No one shows up in the morning here unless there's fresh snow. Milles and miles of perfect cord all to myself! (Mind you, it snows almost every day.) Today I rolled up at 8:45, fifteen minutes after the lifts opened and parked right next to the handicap spots. I estimate that there were less than 150 people on the mountain at 10am. Traffic is so light this season that sometimes when it doesn't snow I can't tell whether a run was groomed the previous night or the night before that! And who cares anyway? It'
  9. Okay... While helping a tourist figure out his Donek today, the opportunity presented itself and I got a few seconds of video. Not my best turns of the day, and not the steepest runs in Revelstoke, but it's something to back up all my trash talk... Set your volume at maximum for the full experience.
  10. All the Coilers are sold! Who knew these were so popular???
  11. That's right Neil, but that's only part of the story. A board with a higher scr also needs more angulation for the same size turn as a smaller radius board, and more angulation means more boot out. I was riding 12/27 flat on the Exegi last year but that didn't work at all for the Jasey-Jay (14m vs 17m scr, same 300mm waist). It took most of December to figure out the necessary angles and lift, the boot modifications were also required because of the stiffness, and also not anticipated. As I've said elsewhere on the site, board width is not just about how big your feet are, it
  12. Three boards sold: 180 T3 Coiler, 180 T4 Coiler, 185 Coiler Mega Classic. Gonna be some big smiles next weekend... Remaining Boards: 178 T4 Coiler Nirvana Energy in excellent condition, 2018 but hardly ridden, one substantial but cosmetic ding in the nose, otherwise in near mint condition. 20cm waist, 12.5/13m dual sidecut. $350 Thirst 9SW 195 asym goofy. In excellent condition; some topsheet scuffing but the base and edges are perfect. $700 Donek 164 Sabre SRT 12m sidecut, 31cm waist, p-tex topsheet, excellent condition. Was $1000 USD new; this is not the cheaper Kna
  13. The new setup and the only thing I want to ride right now, is a JJA TCX 166: 300mm waist, 17m sidecut, mega-stiff, super heavy, T4 titanal, rubber and carbon construction. With barely any sidecut depth I have to angulate a ton to avoid hitting trees on this monster, so I've increase my binding angles and added lifts. 21/36 degrees with 3/8th lift has reduced boot-out, the Drake Podium bindings are not my stiffest binding, but it's the one with the lowest profile heel cup. I also put UPZ Flo liners (mondo 26.5) in my Driver X boots, and plastic tongues from Head Stratos Pro boots bet
  14. Looks like I can ship a big board anywhere in the CONUS for $50-$60 with insurance... Yes, there are some soft boot boards on the wall. I'm unloading everything I don't ride anymore. It's either that or build yet another board rack.
  15. From left to right: Coiler T4 NFCE 178, Coiler T4 NFCE 180, Coiler T3 NFC VC T++ 178, Coiler Classic 185, Thirst 9SW 195, Donek Sabre SRT 164, Exegi Doublewide 168... PM me an email address and I will send more detailed photos of the individual board you're interested in.
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