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    Thirst: 9SW 195, 8RW 185; Exegi: Double Wide 168; Coiler: T4 187 Prototype, T4 NFC 181 and 178, 2x T3 NFC TT+ 178, Mega-Classic 186, VSR AM 171; Donek: Sabre SRT 165; Furberg Freeride 168, Freeride Split 162; NeverSummer: Ripsaw 164, 25 Split 162...
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    UPZ RC10 w/ fintec
    Head Stratus Pro w/fintec
    Dynafit Neo px (for Phantom Splitboard Bindings)
    Ride Insano
    Burton Driver X
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    TD3 Step in, 3 deg rear, 3 deg front, 55/60 deg stance angles, 20" wide
    Drake Podium and Ride El Hefe 18 and 30 degrees, 21" wide, Phantom Splitboard Bindings
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  1. You're forgetting about all the Americans who aren't coming up here this season... They're gonna go ride somewhere. Slopes are empty in Revy right now. Also because there's a covid outbreak in town...
  2. Hey @timrich99, How much use have the Head boots seen? Did you buy them new? Is the liner still in good condition? (This is my all time favorite liner.) Do you still have the stock lean mechanisms? BTS rides good, but I like a walk mode. James
  3. Okay Sculler. Listen carefully this time... You got a lot of advice last season but it seems you only heard what you wanted to hear. I'm not re-reading the entire thread right now, but I doubt anyone would have recommended doing only one exercise with heavy weights all summer. For this season, don't stress; you are stronger than last year, you surely have more muscle mass with all those dead lifts. However, now you have to teach those new muscles how to snowboard. Do that by riding. Your new muscle fibres pretty much only know how to deadlift right now but they will adapt quickly.
  4. Rides great of course! Everything you would expect from a Coiler, only bigger. The 194 was the board of choice for my final runs when the resort announced the closure in March (with three hours notice). Hard on the legs for sure, cumbersome at slow speeds, but a totally exhilarating ride!
  5. Will Do! Howdy West! 22.75 inches wide, 9 and 27 degrees for softboot carving, -3 and 18 for freeride and powder boards. Nine degrees is as low as I can go on the backfoot and still get smooth deep heelside carves. And by the way, it's not about huge feet, the width is necessary for extreme angulation. With a 17m sidecut at such a short length I'm going to have to tip it up real high to turn tight enough to keep it under control on the steeps. The NeverSummer is not as wide but the extra sidecut (about 9m SCR) means it's almost as wide under the bindings and it won't re
  6. Oh ya... This one too. Jasey-Jay TCX 166 T4 titanal soft boot carver! 17 metre average radius, 30cm waist, stiff as ****... This one was a bit of of a collaboration between Bruce Varsava, Jasey-Jay Anderson, and John Gibson. Bruce had so sell Jasey-Jay on the contra sidecut idea, John had to design the actual sidecut, and Jasey-Jay built the board. Thanks again to the team! This is my third custom board with a 30cm plus waist. I think this is the one I've been waiting for. I hope that with this design and the advanced materials and construction techniques, I'll finally be
  7. NeverSummer West Bound 157 DF... 28.0mm waist!!! I have high expectations for this beauty. I'm so psyched not to have to choose between a carving board and a freeride board anymore!
  8. Did anyone else notice that NeverSummer started offering super wide DF (drag-free) options on some of their boards? The West Bound , for example is now available in regular (25.7cm waist for the 160), X-Wide (26.5cm), and DF (28.4cm)!!! Most of you won't care but some of you probably ride soft boots and suffer from toe drag. You, my brothers, will be so excited to see wide waists finally making it past the custom market niche into production models. It's finally happening! Props to@Ryan Knaptonfor having the vision and pushing the limits! No more stressing about whether it's a
  9. Just found out that these things are illegal to ride on roads or sidewalks in BC! That makes it way cooler. Now I'm keeping it.
  10. Lol... I think I'll keep it for the summer. It's a decent choice for following my four year old around on her bike, and towing her on her skateboard. The upside is that I look pretty cool riding it, it turns a lot of heads. But I'm open to offers. It's only got 20km on it, comes with side handle and fender...
  11. What is up with this thing??? I bought a Onewheel XR+ because everyone is raving about how radical it is and that it's great exercise. I have to say I'm quite disappointed. It's dangerous sure, but not that rad. Maybe I'm missing something but I wouldn't say this thing carves. I get more lean and g-force out my longboard, even at slow speeds. It's like a sideways Segway. I would hardly call it exercise. It's kind of fun, but not really exhilarating until you almost crash. I should have bought a dirtbike... Way cheaper. I'll keep practicing, maybe it gets funner when the
  12. Hell yes!!! So stable, turns tighter than I expected. Feels just like a regular board, only faster. Fewer total turns but they are of the highest quality. Hard on the legs, cumbersome at slow speed, barely fits in the gondola... wouldn't trade it for anything.
  13. ...So how do we access the google drive? The link is gone.
  14. 12 in the back, 27 in the front is pretty minimal for soft boot carving. If you're dragging your boots, go to steeper angles, get lifts under the bindings and/or buy a wider board.
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