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  1. Heck we can just mob it over the mtns and park it at my house just a few short miles
  2. My birthday is the 8th maybe I should come
  3. Did you say thurst snowboards I might show up
  4. I call it the bow down lol. Was riding at mt Spokane liftee looks down sees my set up and says. "Wow, I ain't giving you shit you must know what you're doing" My wife and I are still laughing
  5. Great day on the slopes. Wow what a mtn. Rode with some Australians riding doneks. Bet there ain't many aussies on custom snowboards. James is a strong impressive and great host. Races was a winner in my book.
  6. Arrived safely, ferry ride in the storm was awesome. James hospitality is off the hook. Definitely coming back for another visit and I haven't even ridden the mountain yet. Lets see how much it puts down overnight is it pow boards or Ferraris.
  7. Boards loaded up heading out around noon after I get off work. Revy here I come
  8. So looks like Jan 28-29 fits my busy schedule. Will be me my wife for sure I will see if any other carvers can make it. Might drive up on Sunday fyi. Shall I bring you some boards? Crackaddict
  9. Let me see if schweitzer can get one.
  10. Because I got a bad leg alpine is the only way
  11. We barely get enough participation when it's free good luck.
  12. I rode one thirst sf 162 warp.
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