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  1. There are some strange attitudes in the race clubs... My son is a member of one. Few years ago I was standing on top of a race course, while kids were coming down a steep mogul field, coach nowhere near. My kid fell, while a girl that was almost tail riding on him, crushed into him. In the process, she made a small ripp in her speed suit, against his ski pole. They skied towards us, where she started crying and blaming my son for the accident. In no time, all her girl friends were onto the scene, supporting her and swarming my kid. The thing looked a bit out of control, so I tried to explain that downhill skier can not be blamed. The girls carried on insisting, while I stood to my opinion, in a firm yet respectfull way. Eventually they calmed down. As soon as the coach showed up, I reported entire incident and conversation with the girls. Later, I recieved an angry email from the girl's father, insisting that I "mortified" his daughter, that my kid is still partialy guilty and expecting an apology...
  2. It's still fantastic conditions, wherever you go on the mountain! Cold and dry... I had 6 hrs of instructor training sessions, mostly moguls and trees... 3800. However, the drive to the hill was less then fun today - 1hr 45min to get there...
  3. Another mega-pow, mega-crowd day, with a collapse of traffic on the snowy road and collapse of the cafeteria during the lunch time... The yesterdays bumps still could be felt through the knee deep fresh, making for super deep spots. Got lucky with opening of the Raven and got the very first track down the First Sun
  4. So what happened with that Nirvana? You kind of disappeared when I asked you for PayPal information...
  5. Yeah, pretty sweet with good vis. Crazy crowds everywhere but Raven... First(ish) tracks down the Slash was a bliss
  6. BlueB

    WTB Monoski

    Without plate should be fine. I'd still use t-nuts, as oppsed to regular ski binding skrews. It's safer and you can easily remove the ski bindings and still ride it as a board
  7. BlueB

    WTB Monoski

    Welcome! I'm not sure if these guys are still in business: https://codaboards.com Also, you can make an adapter plate to mount an alpine snowboard as a monoski. Here's mine: Some of the existing plates (Donek, Bomber...) possibly could be modified to take the mono bindings too. You can also mount bindings directly to a board with t-nuts.
  8. Bindings are Fritschi. They are pretty good and strong. Built in front toe / rear heel lifts and a little bit of inward cant.
  9. Night session, fast and silly snow, sort of sugar on ice... My training session with instructors got canceled, so I got stuck with 3800, whilevI would have been better of with a carver... It still held a pretty goid edge. Run of the day (night)... umm... none. It started snowing at abkut 8:30!
  10. I have a NOS Rossignol jr. race board, still in plastic. I was keeping it for my son, but he only likes his skis. It's much older then that F2, but you can have it for a fraction of the price... I'm in Canada, so no import hassles. Email: boris at blueb dot biz
  11. Rare as a unicorn, but looks like a board = uni-board
  12. Skis can carve a mean turn, even EC with some effort... Also, there's more to snowboarding then just carving. Then, there's Skwal and monoski... Do them all, love them all!
  13. In the mean time you could try the OES Looney, for a feel similar to a Mad 170.
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