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  1. One binder to rule them all, Which one, we'll find them, The title tells it all, For our boots, to bind them Multiple choices are ok.
  2. Huge evening crowd, again... These lazy buggers opened the Midway only at 7pm. The other chairs were unbreakable. Otherwise, the snow was interesting - semi-moguled compacted wet stuff from the last night.... Tanker ate it all up for dinner
  3. Awesome sunny morning, hard pack, but very carvable! Getting a bit high overcast now, we'll see what the pm brings. 12cm of fresh on the forecast, for the night.
  4. 1) After riding only very gummy hard boots (practically soft boots in a plastic shell), for almost 2 seasons, I tried my old Dalbellos. Wow, tip and rip! Nothing beats a nice stiff boot, on good snow, for carving! 2) I've find out that I can do nice heel side ECs, with a soft booter-like stance, something like +24/+3. With a noodly 3800 163, plastic plates and soft hard boots, I can do it even at really low speed and a steeper green run. Great fun to link 4-6 EC turns, on a setup that wasn't optimized for it! 3) I prefer jumping the spins on a narrower directional board, rather tha
  5. I've promised a freestyle video to Ace, loooong time ago. Nothing spectacular, but here we go, The Skwal Monkey:
  6. 22.5cm waist, 10.5m radius. An excellent board!
  7. I guessed right on the hero conditions and brought the Easy Jungle Skwal, for the morning. Lots of funny comments were had I even had it in the park, for few straight jumps and a failed rotation. I had the bindings all wrong, the first run, and the board wouldn't run straight on the flats, or initiate toe side turn without speed... Had it 90% dialed-in, within few runs, then I wouldn't waste more time with screwdriver. Fun, never the less. In the pm, I brought out the Kessler BXn, which also had some bindings issues at first (one of those days?), but that I sorted out q
  8. Charliechocolate entering the loading area, on his MK, the liftie said: "Oh some cool boards (or interesting, or something of that extent) today". Then he saw me behind on skwal, front foot loose for paddling and he goes: "This is... this is.... this is..... a cool board!"
  9. Yeah, that one I didn't ride it until yesterday... Different to the Tanker, but very mighty. Might give it another go tomorrow.
  10. Snowy wonderland, this evening... but huge crowd! My usual retreat, Midway, was on stand by, until 7pm. I had to cruze the Easy rider and park for a while.... Toy: A new to me, old Donek Incline 180x23. The thing is an absolute tank, both in weight and stiffness. But, it carves well, once brought up to speed. It was ok for jumps, too.
  11. Absolutely amazing! Sun and the packed powder that hasn't started to turn into hard pack yet, but solid enough that runs don't get destroyed in 1 hour. We were supposed to have freestyle instructor session, but it turned into a carving session, right away. The leader was showing how to get low in the turns, until I've demonstrated the heel side EC (how's that as low?), with 3800 and close to duck stance. Then it turned into a "learn the heel EC" session. For the next hour, I had a good laugh watching everyone crashing and spinning out on heels
  12. BlueB


    Other side of the continent... Cypress Mountain, BC.
  13. BlueB


    Your only chance at demo is to hook up with some local h/booters and try their boards...
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