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  1. In my Bennett, I really like hourglass Holey, now discontinued Smoke color, that was softer than their current 78A. Also, while ago I stockpiled on a failed batch of Landyachtz orange cones, that were way too soft for anything but slalom or pumping front trucks. Those things are crazy in hourglass formation, with each other or another cone of desired duro. Most of my Bennetts I've upgraded with spherical bearing on the king pin. I also have one with a ball pivot.
  2. Here are mine, that I remember offhand: When I was still a boy, our family paid up for a trip to Poland's famous resort, Zakopane. Few weeks ahead, my mom and dad went for a ski weekend to a local resort, but never made it there. Their car slid of the road (safety barrier destroyed from previous accidents), down a 70m steep incline, borderline cliff. The doors of our cupe fell off, dad fell out in the first roll, mom in the 2nd, car got completely destroyed by the bottom. They survived, but recovery was long, so obviously no Zakopane... I would have died if I went with them (I begged to go). Also, they would have died if they had the seat belts on. In grade 8, I was supposed to go to Popova Sapka in Macedonia, with family. I ditched them when I heard that school was organizing a 2 week ski trip at the same period I had great time and the first long trip without parents. This spring I was all set to go to Mt Tremblant, for my L4 exam. Then Covid happened...
  3. In a wake of my own thread "Where have you skied/snowboarded?" and of course this spring's fiasco, let's do a reflection on failed trips. So, you were all set to go and it didn't happen... Or, you went and didn't ski at all... Why?
  4. I actually had more problems with Bombers then F2s, over the years. The least with Snowpros...
  5. I think we don't need to covidise every thread... This one was about missing the snow.
  6. Yeah, I agree with you on spring skiing.... However, I don't have time for snow blues... Between all the house renos, sailing, fishing and tennis, I didn't even get a chance to hop on my skateboards or bicycle. Driving errands, with the top down, is quite fun too.
  7. Oh, ineffective vaccines to be approved, how convenient! You get to sell the same product twice... or multitude of times, as it gradually becomes better. Then, when it approaches good, make it obsolete, for whatever reason... It reminds me of a story of an operating system, somehow.
  8. She arrived, safe and sound and it's a beauty! Thanks!
  9. I load my plates too... with spaghetti
  10. Hi Charlie, Believe it or not, hard boots, plates and some alpine boards, work just fine in the park and off-piste...
  11. Interested. I'll pm you just now.
  12. It would also be worth repeating the twist experinent in two different ways: 1) Clamp at the contact point of the nose, apply twist at the tail contact, with and without plate; 2) Clamp right in front of front axle, apply twist just behind rear axle, with and without plate.
  13. This ^ is an error in the experiment. I think it would be worth repeating as Corey suggested. May I add that the 2 separate weight over axles should be used, to take the plate bend out equation, too?
  14. Hey, Kessler replica by what manufacturer? Was it made for your weight, or you've got it used? Has the nose been folded, or base delaminated? There seem to be a line going across just behind that hit and some glue on/by the edge?
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