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  1. Two staff "on foot" sessions, today, with enough time to ride in between I teamed up with Patrick for about 6 runs. One guy inquired about HB for splitboarding. He's serious - texted me already. Conditions: mix of hard and somewhat softer. Toy: a new to me Elan Vertigo Ti 162. It's quite awesome. Kind of old school BX with modern materials. Possibly big pow coming tonight
  2. The core almost never extends to the edge... Still unacceptable to have major failure from hitting a piece of wood... Probably a different construction problem, poor adhesion or something. But then, it could have been pure bad luck - speed plus awkward angle - bam!
  3. Lowrider's and Corey's posts kinda prove my remark about the stifness scale being different for various models. It's always the best to find out the original intended weight.
  4. From what I've heard, the flex number is relevant only for a particular model. 6.2 can mean different stiffness on an AMT vs a NSR... Don't take it for granted, though.
  5. So far, our hill is looking ok. Booking required for day tickets, but not for annual pass. Lift lines are relatively big, due to 2/chair policy, but it results in less people on slopes. People seem to be behaving quite well too.
  6. Great day, snowing all morning. Crowd is less than expected. There are more people in the lift lines than on the slopes, due to 2/chair policy. People mostly behaving in organized and safe manner. Done with the on-snow staff training, after the lunch break I have to walk them around the base area and lodges... One of the new guys is really good, trainer material, I'd say.
  7. Early opening and 25cm of pow! Few of my "boys" heading up, have fun! Pics please!
  8. I wonder now if the 20.5 that I recall having was actually a 160., not 164... Anyways, sorry for misinformation.
  9. The one I had long ago was 20.5 at the waist. What a killer deal for a good unused board! I had to focus hard not to pull the trigger on it That FR is a quite nice beginner board too.
  10. Aren't you worried the buckles might hurt you in a case of impact? Back to poles... I never tried them on board or skwal. I use them on mono and wouldn't go without. On skis, I like them for freeriding and racing, but not for deep carving on well groomed runs.
  11. There's a talk here too, about no quarantine and 2 tests a week appart.
  12. The best is to completely forget the street size of the shoe and just measure your foot in cm, rounding off to nearest 0.5. 27.5 and 27 are the same shell, btw.
  13. 325 is narrower than 700, in front and mid foot. However, both are somewhat wide at the heel. I never could get good heel hold from Deluxe boots.
  14. I agree. That, and our climate here in Vancouver, were crucial when I picked my old SLK for a toy car, instead of a Spit.
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