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  1. My wife had Moderna yesterday and she's not feeling all that great today, but not too much of reaction. Her sister, in Europe, had Pfizer few months after she survived a pretty bad case of covid and she had huge reaction. It was like having covid again for a day. Her husband had Astra and no reaction. My mom had Russian vaccine and no reaction. Everyone is different...
  2. Tinkler snow sticks, anyone?
  3. That's awesome, the legend lives again! A bit wide for hard boots, though. Are you involved with the company?
  4. 167x23cm, 8-10m, heavily tapered, lots of rocker in the nose, just a bit in tail, low camber in the middle.
  5. I think you would like my OES AM prototypes. They carve like beasts (as long as you don't stay on the nose right through the turn) and are practically unsinkable. 23 waist.
  6. You know, there was a board like that more than 15 years ago... the 4807.
  7. Super clean, all of it! And a backside 360 to finish it off - respect!
  8. To be honest, I wouldn't ride anything longer than 12m on softboots, unless racing BX. The BX racers mostly don't carve high edge inclinations (in the ways free carvers do) anyways... It still sounds a bit unclear to me if your intention is bombing the runs, or really carving.
  9. Yes, of course it will! You can also get the self adhesive aluminum foil, to make a non-titanal board ride just like the titanal technology. Who needs to spend hundreds of dollars more, while you can do it with vinyl. [/sarcasm]
  10. Ride the Spectre with soft hard boots and floppy plate bindings. It's only 24 at the waist.
  11. Enter on your right edge, very mellow right carve, pop or ollie of the edge, change the edge and 15-20° of direction in the air, land on the new edge/turn. Bonus points for an EC on the left edge. Or a bit more monkey approach, but still HB style: Enter switch, on the right edge, tail roll a 180° of the lip, land on the left edge to finish the same turn hard. Works better for a goofy rider.
  12. The calculator is correct for ideal carve, where all parts of the edge follow the same track and are into the snow at the same depth. Now, it is possible to push the mid parts of the edge further out from the centre of the arc, than nose and tail, while none is actually skidding. The resulting groove is wider than a "pencil line", but still uniform - carved. It's easier to achieve the above on a longer board, as there's more leverage to work with. Longer board has more sidecut depth than a shorter one of the same radius. I guess, that's where the observation of the cut depth comes from.
  13. Metal and rubber that's required with it.
  14. Back to Cypress, the last day for Luka and me... Lots of snow came down over the last 2 days and sun this morning brought out thousands of people! I have never seen lineups like this, ever! Well, that's it. Thanks everyone for a good season, and have a good summer! See you all in November!
  15. Lake, day 4 Sunny morning, great groomers and moguls in upper mountain. Results are in. I did shitty, even the teaching part that I thought it's more than 50% odds to pass. My buddy Sam passed his riding. We are driving back home, now. Went through a big snowfall at Revelstoke. Sunny around Shushwap. Apparently another snow system awaits us at Coquihala.
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