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  1. He has Salomon Dialogues, size 31. I'll leave him at 21/12 for now and see how it goes. He is a skier.
  2. Got a friend with flipper feet - size 12. He bought a Prior MFR 168W with 270mm waist. It's his first snowboard other than rentals and he's not sure what angles to run. I run 21/9 so I set him up at 21/12 and the rear foot overhangs like crazy. What would be the max, practical angles he could run without limiting his progression. He's not interested in park or riding switch. And yes, I tried to talk him into alpine but he's not having any of it.
  3. Quite a well researched, well written article about the past, present and future of snowboard boots. https://gearpatrol.com/2019/11/15/snowboard-boots-history/
  4. Burton rules the roost at NorAm and World Cup SBX races. The reason? Parts availability and rider support. Call up the Rider Hotline and they'll express ship you replacement parts usually at no charge. Break or lose a part in Kazakhstan or Portillo? No problem. The local shop will have the part. IMO, soft boot bindings have to be just good enough. There's nothing magical about one brand to the next.
  5. Sent you a PM. Or check the For Sale section.
  6. I really have to clear out snowboard gear. I'm getting old, have a basement full of gear and hardly use the stuff anymore. When I die, my wife will probably give it all away. So here's a few boards. I'll post more stuff over the coming weeks. All my gear is lightly used. I'm the snowboarding equivalent of the little old lady who only drove to the grocery store. All prices USD plus shipping. Pickup welcome in Toronto. 2015 Yes Ghost TDF 159. Traditional camber, directional freeride. Still in plastic. $200.00 Kessler 180 Custom World Cup stock. 19.5cm waist, not sure of sidecut but made for World Cup GS courses. Apex (UPM) and 4x4 inserts. Formerly Caroline Calve's board. $500.00 Coiler 177 VSR, 20cm waist, Apex (UPM), 4x4 and extra tail insert for a GoPro. Custom Apex topsheet. Very lightly used, never ground. $400.00 I shot this video using that insert:
  7. You can see that the mounts screw into the 4x4 holes but the plate axles are pushed out towards the nose and tail. We had to be careful about insert placement. As you move out, as lowrider states, you encounter problems with not enough board thickness for a strong mount. Allflex required inserts even further out which not only created problems with board thickness but also created a handy stress riser where the board would often fold. When an Allflex compatible board fails, it folds on a straight line across the front inserts.
  8. To set the record straight, the term UPM was proposed to me by Fin and Sean after we released our plate to the public. I declined since I didn't feel it was a universal at all. And, to be honest, the insert pattern was only a slight modification on the Hangl design. Since the entire plate system was literally wrapped in duct tape and secrecy prior to the Olympics, I highly doubt that the term UPM or ASIP existed prior to the 2010 Games. Benji's plate was indeed the inspiration for the Apex project. The Canadian team wanted a plate that would deliver the benefits of Karl's isolation plate but be actually ride-able by humans and not just Austrian cyborgs. SG used the 4x4 pattern to mount their plates. In conversations with Sigi, he was adamant in retaining the 4x4 inserts. This was clearly a mistake in our opinion since the axle positions were too far inboard. Your foot would roll forward using the axle as a fulcrum, lifting the centre of the plate. SG tried to address this with posts and bumpers under the nose of the plate and by making the plate thick and stiff. Other 4x4 mounted plates had similar issues. All water under the bridge but I thought I would settle the facts.
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