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  1. Try it sometime. Not only is it "green" but it works really well. The whole board gets pretty warm and the wax lays down like the surface of a still lake. It seems like the wax more permanently bonds with the base. Just don't leave it out too long - it can get too hot to touch!
  2. Loosen the bindings. When we get a sunny day I'll do my "solar wax" job: put the boards out - base up, let the sun get the (black) bases nice & warm, crayon on some wax, let it heat up until it forms a nice even sheen and then take them out of the sun to cool. Wait until next season.
  3. I may have had my last day of the season on March 4th and didn't even know it.
  4. I use Flow Talons. They are the most supportive, most comfortable snow-sliding footwear ever (ski boots and snowboard boots). Mine are difficult to get on and more difficult to get off but the heel hold-down is great and the boots are always comfortable. I think Talons are among the stiffest soft boots.
  5. When SES was in Aspen, I always thought a great video would be to gather a bunch of carvers at the top of the West Buttermilk Lift and have a videographer get on the lift below. At the right time, each rider could start down the run under the lift and have another follow behind about 5 - 10 seconds later. The videographer would catch each rider coming into view and then passing beneath as the next rider came into the frame.
  6. The run underneath the West Buttermilk lift in Aspen. Easy run. Usually vacant. West Buttermilk is populated mostly by beginning skiers.
  7. This season doesn't appear to be as good or as long as last season. Last year I rode until May 3rd (some rode longer). My guess is our season will last at least another month. We may fall into the melt - freeze cycle though and the snow conditions may be sub-optimal.
  8. JohnE

    Yo Lci!!

    Wednesday: Drive up & back: 8/10 Weather: 9/10 (sunny & cool) Crowds: 7/10 Snow conditions: 6/10 (a bit too firm) Overall: 7/10
  9. JohnE

    2020 injuries

    This sounds awful. Though not being able to every ride again is hard to deal with, getting your health better for day-to-day living is more important. We're all thinking about you. Heal well.
  10. JohnE

    Yo Lci!!

    Yesterday - Cold (~5 deg), breezy, sunny. Arne, Gregory & myself. Arne rode with his wife. A few laps on Ptarmigan (very good carving), then over to #4 (Mercury) groom was sketchy, then #9 up to Rookie Road (groom very sketchy). Back to #4 and Telstar then over to #8. Awsome was very wind sculpted & windpacked. Groom on Chet's was poor. Back over to Firebowl & then to Dueces (groom was good on both). Clouds moved in quickly about 12:30. Visibility went bad & started snowing so we ended the day. Didn't see our new friend Wes. He may be up there on Sunday.
  11. JohnE

    Yo Lci!!

    For those who attended MCC: How do conditions compare there -vs- Loveland with similar people/acre?
  12. JohnE

    Yo Lci!!

    Good day yesterday. Great carving first few runs. Sunny. Not cold. Gregory & Arne & I riding Ptarmigan & #6. We worked over to #4 and down Mercury. Then over to #8 and several runs on Chet's . Chet's was quite a bit softer and got beat up pretty quickly. Met up with a new guy (Wes) who rode with us the rest of the day. He gets up to Loveland Wednesdays & Sundays. I told him to look for the Sunday Carvers when he gets up on the weekends.
  13. JohnE

    Last Chair

    I've tried to imagine the day I will take the last run of the day on my last day of the season of my last season. Not a happy thought. All of us will face that someday. The question is: Will we be conscious that it is the last run or will we only realize it after the fact?
  14. I think the only way around here to get a decent powder day is if there is a "surprise" mid-week snowstorm that exceeds the expectations and you just happen to be there that day. Or maybe if one gets a mid-week dump shortly after a big weekend dump and most powderhounds get their fix on the weekend and they are satisfied for a week or so. Also, as stated above - if we get a big snowstorm late season (after Spring Break) after most people have turned off their ski brains.
  15. I remember watching Norm at SES for several years. I could pick him out at a long distance because of his beautiful, relaxed style. He is one of the most beautiful, inspiring riders I have ever seen.
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