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  1. JohnE

    Yo Lci!!

    For those who attended MCC: How do conditions compare there -vs- Loveland with similar people/acre?
  2. JohnE

    Yo Lci!!

    Good day yesterday. Great carving first few runs. Sunny. Not cold. Gregory & Arne & I riding Ptarmigan & #6. We worked over to #4 and down Mercury. Then over to #8 and several runs on Chet's . Chet's was quite a bit softer and got beat up pretty quickly. Met up with a new guy (Wes) who rode with us the rest of the day. He gets up to Loveland Wednesdays & Sundays. I told him to look for the Sunday Carvers when he gets up on the weekends.
  3. JohnE

    Last Chair

    I've tried to imagine the day I will take the last run of the day on my last day of the season of my last season. Not a happy thought. All of us will face that someday. The question is: Will we be conscious that it is the last run or will we only realize it after the fact?
  4. I think the only way around here to get a decent powder day is if there is a "surprise" mid-week snowstorm that exceeds the expectations and you just happen to be there that day. Or maybe if one gets a mid-week dump shortly after a big weekend dump and most powderhounds get their fix on the weekend and they are satisfied for a week or so. Also, as stated above - if we get a big snowstorm late season (after Spring Break) after most people have turned off their ski brains.
  5. I remember watching Norm at SES for several years. I could pick him out at a long distance because of his beautiful, relaxed style. He is one of the most beautiful, inspiring riders I have ever seen.
  6. JohnE

    Yo Lci!!

    Yesterday: no traffic up or back (50 min each way from Dino lots). Cold (~5 deg F on arrival), never got above about 15 deg. No crowds. Recent snow is great. It has taken the area from marginal to mid-winter conditions. Recent snow was too soft to carve but fun nonetheless. Overcast with light snow throughout the day. Made our first venture over to Lift #8 this season. Chet's Run was good as well as Awesome. Even The Face was doable. Total of about 15 runs - mostly on Fire Bowl and Lift #8.
  7. This seems like a GREAT DEAL. I'd jump on this if I didn't already own a Donek Flux.
  8. Do you think they do shallower groom because they are afraid of going through the snow to the ground below or because grooming shallower is faster? Seems like grooming used to be bigger corduroy.
  9. I still LOVE powder and I know where to find it at my local area (Loveland) after most of it is gone. But one has to really love it to tolerate the traffic & lift lines. I heard tales of driving up last Saturday: one person left Denver at 4:30 AM and arrived at Loveland at 5:30. Someone else left Denver at 5 AM and didn't get there until after 7 AM. That's twice as long sitting in traffic. Yuk. Is it "worth it"? Not for me.
  10. JohnE

    Yo Lci!!

    For anyone that was there Friday, Saturday or Sunday: How was the traffic, lift lines and snow conditions?
  11. ........... Are a thing of the past. At least here in the Front Range of Colorado. I used to LOVE powder days. I would wake up really early on a weekend day and try to be in the parking lot of the ski area before they opened. If we had a good powder day mid-week, I would play hooky and get my powder fix. I don't think that is possible anymore. There are so many powderhounds in the Denver area, it is almost not possible to get some fresh tracks. It's like a huge school of piranha feeding on the first poor cow that wanders into the river. After a couple of hours, all that is left are a few bones. A drive that should take an hour might take 4 hours now. Once you're there, plan on 2 hour lift lines. We had some new snow here in Colorado over the weekend and most reports were of horrendous drives and lift lines. I don't think it matters anymore if it is on a weekend or a week day. It may be worst here because of our huge population growth but how are your powder days elsewhere?
  12. On Sunday if you go to Loveland one of the crew can likely set you up with a discount pass. Loveland and Winter Park are the closest to Denver. About 1 1/2 hour in light traffic. Could be 3+ hours in heavy traffic. At Winter Park you likely won't see any other hardbooters. At Loveland, there will likely be a crew of 6+. Loveland is about 10 minutes from Georgetown.
  13. JohnE

    Yo Lci!!

    Yesterday: Overcast most of the day, cool but not cold, no wind, light snow flurries. Recent snow was groomed nicely (much better than 2 weeks ago). The snow held up well for 3 hours. Little traffic either direction, slopes were uncrowded. Many laps on Ptarmigan, several on Deuces Wild. Tried Rookie Road off #9 but it needs more snow and grooming. Great day. About 16 runs between 9AM - 12:30.
  14. JohnE

    Yo Lci!!

    Mario is unmistakable. Who are the others?
  15. With soft boots, overhang can be a problem. However, if the snow is soft enough that your edge sinks in enough to cause boot drag, the resistance from the snow may not be sufficient to cause your edge to disengage. If the snow is harder, the same amount of overhang probably isn't enough to cause your boots to drag. I've put 1/2" risers between my bindings & board. I do often get overhang but it doesn't usually cause a problem.
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