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  1. Odd that it only happens in the winter. Have you ever tried some of that bottled oxygen when you're feeling bad?
  2. JohnE

    Yo Lci!!

    Went up to Loveland yesterday for our first outing of the season. High winds were predicted. Very windy at the Dino lots and we considered bagging it. We went ahead anyway. Drive up was fine, parked right next to the stairs. Wasn't nearly as windy up there as in the foothills. The mid-week demographic seemed different than the last 2 years: younger and more snowboarders. Crowds were light and the snow was good enough (not great, not terrible). The winds were never an issue. Visibility was bright to a bit flat but never really an issue. We did 15 runs split between Firebowl/Turtle Creek,
  3. In the limit: If I could ride every day would I? Probably not. Not even if it was only a short walk to the lift. It would loose it's specialness. The days that stick in my memory are the really great ones. The great days make the mediocre ones pretty forgettable. Most people think sex is pretty great but If you could every day would you? Might start to feel like brushing your teeth.
  4. It appears that the consensus is quantity over quality. When I originally posted I purposely called them "times" and not "days" because it has been a long time since I have boarded all day. Five hours of either being on the lift or riding is about the most I can handle. We spend almost no time in the lodge and going mid-week there are no lift lines. Spending 3+ hours in the car in order to ride for 2 hours just doesn't make the cost/benefit ratio for me.
  5. Would you prefer to ride about 30 times a year in conditions varying from bad to good or ride 10 times a year in good conditions? Often the way you get some really great days is to go regularly regardless of the conditions. However, if you could pick & choose your days and go only when you think conditions are optimal, your overall experience may be better - just less. I realize that in order to improve your skills, quantity helps a lot. Your skills are likely to improve more when conditions are bad. But, if you are like me and have begun to realize that you're at a plateau in a
  6. JohnE

    Yo Lci!!

    How are conditions lately? Snow, crowds? Improving, staying the same or getting worse? Are many going up during the week this week or next?
  7. It hasn't effected me personally (yet). I am thankful for that. If people take the recommended precautions and still contract it, I feel for them. On the other hand, if people flaunt the guidelines (wearing masks, social distancing) and wind up contracting the virus, get admitted to the hospital and expect frontline healthcare workers to risk their lives because a patient couldn't be bothered to wear a mask - that is the ultimate injustice.
  8. JohnE

    Yo Lci!!

    Photo on the front page of a section of the Denver Post on Saturday. Softboot carver at Copper making a nice toeside. Anyone know who this is?
  9. Photo on the front of a section of the Denver Post on Saturday. Softbooter making nice toeside. Anyone know who this is?
  10. JohnE

    Yo Lci!!

    What is the lodge situation? Does anyone go in there at all? Can't eat. So maybe just go in to change in/out and out to the lifts or what?
  11. JohnE

    Yo Lci!!

    So Arne - this is 2x fake knees and 2x fake hips? If you keep replacing parts you'll never die!
  12. JohnE

    Yo Lci!!

    How were conditions at Loveland the last 4 days?
  13. Very cool. My folks took us up to Geneva Basin where we skied as a family from about 1969 - 1976 or so. I think I recognize some of the people in the old photos. I definitely remember the Burkes. I think a season pass for a family was $150. My dad would take us up every Saturday morning all season long - regardless of conditions.
  14. JohnE

    Yo Lci!!

    Email from Loveland indicates that no more eating or drinking inside their lodges (even carry-in food). Can I assume that means that we can still go inside wearing masks and social distancing?
  15. JohnE

    Yo Lci!!

    Parker better be careful or he could get frostbite in some really tender areas.
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