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  1. Thanks. Looking like Tuesday at Sugarloaf will be first day... and it’ll prob just be slush over ice (or grass) at that point.
  2. OK here you go... We didnt discuss any “special specs” specifically. I left it to Mark to do what he does best and make me a board for the east coast. 19.5cm waist and my weight around 210lbs. We worked together on the color gradient, and I asked him to “make the logos look like pure gold!” Hahaha. I think he nailed it.
  3. This sweet Thirst XC just arrived today. Kudos Mark!
  4. Dang I’d be all over this if I didn’t have a new board already in the works. I’m in Portland too, over near The Great Lost Bear.
  5. Is the SG binding considered an F2 clone?
  6. Thanks for the note. They have less than 30 days on them so I guess still settling in.
  7. Hey hey. I’d love to try a set of wrap liners in size 27.5 or 27 for my Mountain Slope .951s. Tongues on the stock liners seem to wander no matter what I do. What have you got? Whichever have less volume in the shin/calf would prob be best for my tree stumps. Thanks!
  8. I think I’m getting this with my SG bindings too. Seems I can never get the right tension on the bails, so I carry the Allen wrench in my pocket. The little rubber pads in the binding blocks cause some extra friction with the .951s rubber soles which gets a little grabby sometimes too.
  9. I’d love to tag along as well some day. Mid week sugarloaf is doable. Will send you guys a PM once I get me schedule figured out.
  10. This one is very well composed yin yang affect. Very zen. You are one with the carve
  11. I have 2019 UPZ RC12 size 27-27.5 for sale. Check the classifieds
  12. Hey hey. Anyone planning to ride Sunday River, Maine next week? I’ll be there for the week starting Sun 31st, and would love to meet some fellow carvers. I’d also love to demo a narrower (19-20cm waist) board and would be happy to swap for half a day with my SG Cult 69, or a Winterstick Seth Wescott 160 soft booter.
  13. SOLD! $250 shipped or can meet at any of the Maine mountains. Just bought these as an experiment but the fit isnt right for me. Catch and release. Great boots with 2 sets of wrap liners. Details in original ad here (apologies for basically double posting!)
  14. 2019 UPZ RC12s, size 27-27.5, black “anthracite” color. Includes used but serviceable Intuition Luxury liners. Stock liners not included. Excellent condition. Comes with just about everything they did new, original box, shoxxer straps, wrenches, stickers, I think I even have an UPZ neck gaiter if I find it. Professionally stretched for a bit of extra width for comfort around the mid-foot. Only ridden about 15 times (partially because I got injured shortly after buying them). Possible trade towards a newer generation carving board (such as a Coiler Nirvana, etc.) to compliment my SG
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