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  1. Hey hey. Who else is is here in the great state o’ Maine? Checking-in from Portland. Would love to meet up and follow some more experienced folks down some hills. I’ll be at Sungarloaf Jan 30 - Feb 2nd, and again Feb 28 - Mar 2nd. Heading to Sunday Riv this Sunday, and often sneak up for to Shawnee when schedule allows (including mid week or nights).
  2. Grip

    Park City 2019-2020

    Anyone around Park City March 17-24??
  3. Did my wrist (going about walking speed... yay!) on day-one last year. Kept me off the rest of the year and off the dirt bike all summer. Just had my first day back this past Monday and had a blast. Wear wrist guards!
  4. Sent you a message as well. Have 27/27.5 RC12s in new condition, never ridden.
  5. Bump what dudedude asked... Anyone review their setup on groomer runs vs their normal hardboot setup?
  6. I’m not selling at the moment, but I’m in Portland too and have 27.5 UPZ RC12s if you want to try them on. PM me and we can figure out a time and place.
  7. Clearances seem good in his opinion for both the liner and the shell (which was punched last winter already). Fitter kindly recommended that he wouldn’t want to stretch them any more. Back home tinkering... remembered reading a trick about using both cant-adjusters to raise the upper shell, therefor increasing the volume around the ankle. Feels a lot better actually. Big toe still in contact on the front corner, and definitely way snugger than my wide soft boots... but seems tolerable. Maybe before the extra pressure was pushing my foot to one side or the other, making it seem like a width issue. So despite my original intent, and the title of this thread, I think I’ll keep these cinder-blocks for the time being and ride ‘em!
  8. Awesome! I had no idea the liners were so fussy. Thought you just bake them and run with it. Heading to boot fitter today and will pay particular attention to clearances with liner out.
  9. Thanks! Yup only have stock liners. Maybe worth trying making some stretch slices in the outer fabrics (as I think I read Beckman recommend on another thread)? What liners do you recommend? I also have wide burton softies maybe u could try swapping? But they have the quick lace system not sure how that would jive.
  10. Hey friends. I’m having a hard time finding boots to accommodate my wide feet. Sorry I now there have been many different threads on different boot models. Can’t seem to make sense of it all. My feet appear to be almost 115mm wide and size 27.5 by measurement, confirmed when getting Sidas footbeds made. I’ve tried having UPZs punched out but they’re still not wide enough... room for toes to wiggle but squeezing the hell out of the whole mid foot. For what its worth, I have an SG The Cult board with a 24mm waist width, and SG Plate bindings, so a slightly longer length boot shouldn’t be too much of a problem. I dont plan to race, just want something comfortable to rip carves all day around east coast resorts. Are any of the light ski touring boots better suited to snowboarding that can be punched out that far (Atomic Badlands, Scarpa?)? I love the idea of light boots you can actually walk in! Or can beginner level ski boots work? I tried on some cheap Rossignol EVO 70 boots that are 104mm wide out of the box. Quite a bit more comfortable but no idea if they would work at all on a snowboard. What other features do I need to look out for - Walk mode, ability to lock forward lean, flex characteristics? Thanks in advance!
  11. Board sold but boots and bindings still available
  12. Ride El Hefe bindings in size M = $225 shipped Ride Lasso size 9.5 = $125 shipped Both in great condition with about 10 days on them. Boots have some slight rash on the heels from running them in Burton bindings that “rubbed them the wrong way” but still function fine. They’re super light, wide, and have great heel hold. DONEK SOLD. Also have:
  13. Thanks guys. However I just broke my damned wrist in Vail on a walking speed tip over. Super proud of that one. No surgery needed so holding off for a few more weeks till it’s healed. Also bought an SG The Cult to get me going.
  14. Ohhhhh I drank that coolaid already too but I went for TheCult 169. Figured I’m just learning and mostly riding with soft boot buddies so it will be more versatile. Hope something like the Full Carve is in my future though.
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