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  1. That's a pre-production 2nd gen.
  2. Indeed....If one cares to listen. Boot stuff starts around 50:00. https://www.iheart.com/podcast/1119-the-bob-lefsetz-podcast-30806836/episode/bode-miller-77502925/#
  3. There are certain snow conditions that will allow a rider to do things on more challenging terrain that simply aren't possible otherwise. Usually softer snow, like the wonderful packed powder we've had this last week, and particularly snow that has softened/melted but not yet become loose granular. The increase in platform penetration, and the slower glide rate combine to alleviate much of the hesitancy that conspires to block the learning of new and more effective movement combinations. The tricky thing is to figure out how the new, effective-on-soft-snow movements can be utilized on har
  4. The biggest challenge tends to be configuring the gear so it works for you, rather than you working around it. Happy to discuss. https://beckman.fit/contact/
  5. Early season ice has been replaced by user-friendly packed powder, but the basic principles still apply. https://beckman.fit/2021/02/06/truth-in-icenet-pressure/?theme_preview=true&iframe=true&frame-nonce=eef7b37d9f
  6. Too many cattle, insufficient hat. Craigslist and "It was a dark and stormy night..." go hand in hand. Or hand in paw. Or paw in... Nevermind.
  7. Nothing. Everything. Was the likely template for Kubrick's twins.
  8. Maine is cold, but not as cold as Wisconsin. In order to find the Catek parts, I had to relocate a spotted elephant, a water pistol that shoots jelly, and a 'Charlie-in-the-box'. The fissile materials I keep in another location.
  9. Probably my storage locker. ->Found a few 'spares' you can borrow for your next jaunt to Outpost 31.
  10. Ooh, that's gotta sting. Take one of these for morning sickness. https://www.webasto.com/fileadmin/webasto_files/documents/country-folder/usa/hd/Data-Sheet/usa-heavy-duty-datasheet-thermo-top-c.pdf Works Pissah!!
  11. Coals to Newcastle. Last I measured, MS/NW starts out lower than Deeluxe. I think it was a size 26, and they measured about 11, as opposed to the 9.7 degrees for the same size MS. You may have noticed that your MS have a removable foam zeppa, which means you can further reduce the ramp if you have access to a sander, or a clean section of asphalt and a skilled driver. Can't do that with the Deeluxe, on account of the boot board being incorporated into the shell to accommodate... the Intec heel. Heel retention is better with the UPZ/MS largely due to shell contou
  12. To accomodate the Intec heel module. There is no other practical reason for those boots to have so much ramp. Of course you can't change it, so you can't know whether or not the ramp you have is the ramp you need to ride to your potential. Instead, your potential as an athlete and rider is limited by a design concession. FWIW, internal ramp of the front boot on the front binding should be somewhere around +2,+3. Ski boots need a certain amount of ramp so that the bend in that platform can easily be concentrated 'ahead of center'. This allows the skier to hold the ski
  13. Guy, Been waiting for you at the Superspreaderquad for weeks now. What gives? Your fuel gel up or sumpin'?
  14. https://forums.alpinesnowboarder.com/topic/48884-mountain-slope-951/?tab=comments#comment-498860
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