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    Home: Pats Peak.
    Favorite: Steamboat Springs.
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    Home Automation
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    -162 Coiler Contra
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    -168 Donek Flux
    -169 Coiler BXFR

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    Mountain Slope .951
    Burton SLX
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    Bomber TD3 Standard
    -60ish/55ish (Depends on board width)
    -20.25" Stance width
    -6 degree lift front and rear
    Burton Cartel
    -22.5" Stance width
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  1. Depends on the rider and the mountain. I am 210lbs and 6ft. I really enjoyed having the MK which is 162 long, 18 wide and 9ish SCR. Before I rode the MK for the first time I was always a 175 and up kind of guy. I bought a 180 Proteus and loved it. It was my favorite board for a long time. The MK changed my mind. I now like a short board with a small turning radius, but only on the right mountain. My home mountains are Pats Peak and Crotched. They are small and usually have a lot of people on the trails. Having a small board in these conditions is far more effective and fun.
  2. Either the nose dove into a soft area, which I doubt, or it hit something raised. The light was flat so I don't know. I didn't go over the handlebars. That would have been better as it would have released some of the direct pressure on my ankle.
  3. This past Sunday was supposed to be day one of a full week of riding at Sunday River. The conditions were fantastic. Firm packed powder and excellent grooming all over. I had spent the day following my wife and kids all over the mountain on my new BXFR. Around 3:00 I was on one of my favorite pitches, Sunday Punch. It's a steep blue that was, at that moment, perfect for carving. Hard chalk all the way with no ice. 80% of the way down, near the end of a toe side, the nose caught something and the board came to an abrupt stop. All of my momentum was forced upon my front foot. I felt a po
  4. I've mixed on a Neve console before. It made everything else I'd used before seem like a toy.
  5. I have been to Steamboat for 1-2 weeks per season for 16 of the last 20 years. If you can swing it bring both soft and hardboot setups. There are so many great trails for craving, but, if it snows while you are there stick to the chutes and Christmas tree bowl. These bring you to the big meadow where you'll find freshies and way less people.
  6. It's written on the board under SCR or side cut radius.
  7. That Throttle is my favorite snowboard graphic ever. I had it tuned. Didn't like the flat bottom at all. Now it's 1* base and 2* sides. @barryjMy opinion of the Contra 162 is simple. Best hardboot board I've ridden to date. I've never had more fun and laughed harder while riding than I did today. It's turny and sticks like my MK did, but it doesn't require anywhere near as much effort. My 162 is 19.5 at the waist and has a SCR of 9. I was on my new Mountain Slope boots and it was my first day on the Contra so I went for the shallow green first. Not enough speed, was m
  8. @dhamanngood meeting you today. We should plan to meet up and ride some weekday soon.
  9. In music, I'm a drummer who has played hundreds of gigs, we call it GAS. I suffer from GAS with my snowboard collecting problem and my snare drum collecting problem. Gear Acquisition Syndrome
  10. I feel like any donation made to this website should be made at the expense of the seller. It costs the seller money to sell on eBay. Why should a buyer be expected to pay a donation?
  11. Mr. Beckman is currently taking care of my boot fitting.
  12. I ride soft boots more often than I ride hard boots. Mostly it's because I am with family and friends who want to be all over the mountain. I don't love trees, powder, bumps or even black diamond trails when I'm in hard boots. I love all of that sfuff when I'm in softies. The couple times a year that I go snowboarding by myself I will be in hard boots. Otherwise, I love the comfort and freedom I get from softies. Don't get me wrong, I am a one trick pony. I don't ride switch. I don't get air. If I go into a terrain park it's to ride the untouched groom on the side that @bigwavedave re
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