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  1. The last numbers in the code (6.2+8) have to do with the weight and requested stiffness for the rider the board was built for. However, these numbers change when other variables are changed. Bruce built two Contras for me last spring. Same model, same rider weight, same requested flex and stiffness. Because one is a 162 and the other is a 178, these last numbers are different from each other.
  2. One pair is sold. Keeping the last pair.
  3. It's seems that Bruce (or johnasmo) has taken the recent Coiler sidecut from the last few years (10/12/11 for example) and shrunk that composite down to fit between the inserts. Then they added much larger radii in the nose and tail. Ingenious!
  4. I believe the Contra side cut is just the opposite of what KST is. Kessler states on his website that the largest radius is in the middle of the board. The radius then decreases in front and behind the inserts moving towards the tip and tail where the smallest radius resides. In my text thread with Bruce he states the opposite. Not exactly the opposite though. It's not as straight forward as KST. The following is from a post by RCrobar. This was in his review of the Contra 166. "Bruce sent these SCR numbers as a guideline for me: 15 nose - 9.5 front foot - 11 between the feet -
  5. ^^^^^^^This.... When ordering a Contra Bruce will tell you to go with a smaller SCR for a given board length. I also just like small SCRs. Either way, I simply do what Bruce tells me to do.
  6. Give me an address and I will check on cost.
  7. Read the original post. The title is sarcasm. I'll never drop the hardboots.
  8. I have no idea what the side cut radius is. Waist is 19.5. I bought this board off eBay about 5 years ago. I never used it. It was purchased for the graphic. It's in very good condition. Some light surface rust on the edges. Lots of life left. Please be honest. I want this to go to a kid who wants a carving board and doesn't have one. Buyer pays actual shipping. Price for the board is $0.00.
  9. West: Steamboat Springs, Breckinridge, Keystone, Vail, Heavenly. Canada: Tremblant NY: Whiteface VT: Mount Snow, Okemo, Stratton, Killington, Sugarbush, Stowe, Jay Peak NH: Crotched (my first mt), Temple (work here for 9 years), Canon, Loon, Pats Peak, Waterville, Sunapee, Ragged, Gunstock ME: Sugarloaf, Sunday River
  10. New Coiler quiver. 162 x 19.5 9m SCR Contra 178 x 20.5 11m SCR Contra 169 x 27.5 8/10/9 SCR BXFR The 162 graphic is a tribute to my favorite snowboard graphic ever, the mid '90s Rossignol Throttle.
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