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    Coiler NSR 185 titanal, Coiler Angrry 160 titanal, Nidecker Proto 167, Never Summer Summit 167, Madd 170
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    UPZ RC10 RCR
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    F2 step ins: 65 / 58
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  1. Eboot


    I forgot what a great collection of music is included in these pages have spent the evening just listening thanx for sharing!
  2. Eboot


    It’s Friday and I can’t help it South Africa has produced some interesting artists. On the other extreme to Die Antwoord;
  3. FYI This is probably not a titanal board but is a great transition board for what you are looking for. It would obviously require shipping from the US.
  4. 100% agreed F2 is well known in the USA but not as common as in Europe. See the thread below.
  5. Also on the forum there have been many similar questions with pages of answers and suggestions. You can search on various theme around new, newby, starter etc Any decision you make should take your expectations into account. It will be important to know what your typical terrain will be like. If you have narrow groomers, a shorter side cut radius (SCR) may be more practical than longer. If you intend to use your board on various parts of the mountain, using a more versatile free board will probably be more practical than a race specific board. Many start off with a single compromise board that provide a medium SCR and softer flex allowing for general carving on various parts of the mountain. Once you have decided what you prefer and want to spend more money on, the second hand market for boards is pretty robust and you should be able to resell well looked after boards pretty easily. Last point: the shorter the side cut radius, the narrower the carve tends to be, all other things being equal, but you need to work harder as there are more turns in the same distance. My 2 cents suggestion would be to look for a board of about 170 length and SCR about 12, but there are way more qualified people here to better advise you then me This was my own thread 4 years ago which had some great advice in it:
  6. Started with a different approach until I saw Wolf's design. Basic construction completed, waiting for the rubber padding.
  7. Purchased as my all mountain board, no longer required. For its age the board is in good condition, no visible loss of edges, no known history of grinding. Some small delaminations, shown in pics as best I can. 1 small snag on top sheet, shown in pic. Typical surface scratches with some glue remnants under the stomp pads, removed before I purchased the board. Tip: 26.5 cm Waist: 21 cm Tail: 26 cm Radius: 8-9 m (to be confirmed)
  8. @bc1 @dredman apologies, I am not sure why I did not respond to either of your comments I appreciate both of them.
  9. I have just picked up 2 Sportube Series 2 at a sweet price, only need 1. Happy to let 1 go at my cost (includes 2 x shipping) Includes handle and TSA lock Manufacturer: https://www.sportube.com/Series-2-Sportube-p/21bkswez.htm?gclid=Cj0KCQjws4aKBhDPARIsAIWH0JWuBQEUrqh3mRMLmpJnYs7Qu6iqcrqoq8EKH6GRksWzVQwAN9CbX5QaAuquEALw_wcB Specs: Length - Adjustable from 48" to 83" (122cm to 212cm) *These are internal dimensions Width - 11" (280mm) *These are internal dimensions Depth - 6" (152mm) *These are internal dimensions Weight - 12lb Material - High Density Polyethylene Shipping: UPS
  10. Hey Currently finalizing travel arrangements. Will arrive in Kalispell from Boston, early afternoon on Sunday 30 Jan, leaving early morning (o dark hundred) on the 5th, after stopping over at Whitefish after MCC. Happy to explore sharing a vehicle and accommodation. Booking a single room in one of the inns in the meanwhile. Brian
  11. Thanx I never saw this before looks like they were having fun, no holds barred!
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