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  1. 6ft, 190, Coiler Angrry 160. My go to board at my NE mountain unless there are no crowds. Can ride it all day till I can’t any more
  2. Any idea where this was filmed? Looks like the glacier at Klein Matterhorn.
  3. That no matter how much I spin this in my mind, @GeoffV is a better carver than me ...
  4. I am surprised this has not sold, must be that goofy thang.
  5. Looking for a pair of used hard boots for a good skier wanting to start carving. I have provided a loaner set up for him to start, just missing the boots. intially started with m29 but it appears that m28.5 will work better
  6. There are also a few of us that ride at Wachusett that would be glad to see you on the mountain, a little closer.
  7. Looking for a pair of used hard boots for a good skier going to start carving.
  8. It was one of those WTF moments when, committed to a tight turn on a narrow section, I realize I am going to run out of real estate and can’t unhook. Survivor brain takes over and the next thing I go over the handle bars and bounce hard, landing face up in a pile of snow off the edge of the trail. After lying there for a few seconds, making sure that all the critical bits are still attached / working I hear from the lift overhead; wow, I give you a 9.5 for that. I raised my hand and waved, gently.
  9. Mixed messages today: she: that was beautiful, thank you Sitting next to he on the lift: I was watching a carver under the lifts during the week, he was getting soooo low! I don’t think it was you! ( that darn @GeoffV )
  10. I am so much stronger in these conditions that it raises a question for me: Am I more confident knowing that the edge will hold (yes) is the speed in these conditions naturally slower on the same terrain (probably yes) Maybe a combination of both, still exploring
  11. Finding a place to try this for the first time / practice that is not "in the eyes" is going to be interesting. I considered it whilst I had a quick hour this am but the spot was right in front of the lift line. It seems that being scared of losing an edge induces the same commitment inertia as making a fool of oneself.
  12. Looking forward to meeting some carvers
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