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  1. Seems to me there is a HUGE market gap here: a thin tough outer mitt that can take any amount of hand dragging, is waterproof and has a long cuff to be worn over warm gloves of choice?
  2. Thanx Barry, hope yours was good too i guess it’s time for that old creative visualization action: feeeel the turn, beeee the turn.... Wishing you a good and quick recovery
  3. Eboot


    HI Ashford There are a constant stream of boots for sale either in the "For Sale" or "Vintage for Sale" sections.e.g.
  4. Currently for sale @Johnny Danger
  5. Shout out to a stand up guy. Board at my door less than 2 days after payment, well packed and in as good, or better, condition as advertised. thanx Cliffh now I need to find some powdah!
  6. last weekend i had to drive a tractor on the road fro about 30 minutes. temp about 35 degree. fingers were frozen after 20 minutes wearing the gloves this thread started with: -30 deg C??? can't even handle + 35 F donation to a warmer cause
  7. I was supposed to be there this year but could not make it i have friends that own an apartment in a village nearby (Graechen). If you need a shipping address I could possibly help. enjoy!
  8. Curious what this stands for / means trust that I am showing my ancient
  9. Is anyone else having difficulty playing video oof late
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