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  1. On two separate occasions rode the lift with soft booters. First pointed out my carving board and was interested in talking about carving. Second looked at my board and said “ Carving board ... beautiful!” Turned out to be an instructor who enjoyed riding with hard boots when he could get time.
  2. Poor and on snow in Switzerland in 93 for the first time I learned to ski (too incompetent to do much but bomb in a straight line). Then bought a Burton with hard plates so that I could use my ski boots. Lost the skis, never looked back. Watching carvers under the lifts on the glacier in Zermatt kindled a desire that has never died.
  3. Wash your hands before and after!
  4. Thanx to all for your input. As is typical in my life having gotten excited about something, everything changes. Now it looks like we will just be spending about 4 days in the Burlington VT area (Thursday night to Monday night around the weekend of 20-23 March). I will be checking each of the local resorts nearby for expected snow conditions but any additional suggestions would be gratefully accepted, including resort and lodging options. Not having to drive anywhere would be helpful and access for my wife to her real fire place critical
  5. Eboot

    2020 injuries

    I have just read this thread for the first time. Ladia I am so sorry and wish you a successful recovery. I have been reading about so many rider’s concerns about being hit form behind but this really brings that reality to the fore.
  6. Sad not to be there - enjoy all.
  7. prefer not to have to drive daily Thanx, all helpful. Probably end of March I didn't mention a location as this is an opportunity to explore the unknown. Banff is certainly a possibility due to family nearby but was expecting it to probably be, Colorado, Utah or Montana.
  8. I severed the tensor tendon in my left thumb in a garage door accident. Currently have a pin in the first 2 bones with a cast and a definitive NO SNOWBOARDING order. Splint and cast come off middle of February. In a surprising twist my wife has offered to make up for the loss of my season with a trip in late February or March. Destination would need to offer comfortable fire side days for my wife and a range of runs that can meet my carving needs and spend time with my 11 year old daughter. Recommendations? Admins please feel free to move this to a different location if required. The only places I have boarded in the US are in the northeast.
  9. Seems to me there is a HUGE market gap here: a thin tough outer mitt that can take any amount of hand dragging, is waterproof and has a long cuff to be worn over warm gloves of choice?
  10. Thanx Barry, hope yours was good too i guess it’s time for that old creative visualization action: feeeel the turn, beeee the turn.... Wishing you a good and quick recovery
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