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  1. Curious to know why you are selling it?
  2. ouch!! that video was too painful to watch, real pain there for many!
  3. Not sure if this has been noted elsewhere in this little old thread ... how is it that you have fresh groom ... every day, and no one is carving, or even just skiing, it up? envious
  4. Thank you. However this only works if you are proactive about the topic. All of the videos were moved before actions like this were possible and i did not think it was necessary when everything was in a single section. Your advice is however valid and I appreciate this. It was not my intent to complain here.
  5. Thank you. One of the downsides of the thread consolidation is the loss of easy access to videos, especially if you don't know the name or reference to them. What was once a common go to location for me is now lost in the noise
  6. I will say that I have been leery of posting vids (the ego rebels at exposing oneself) but I have found the feedback loop to be both positive and helpful. damned ego!
  7. My self perception lies! Videos prove that what I think I am doing and what I am doing are QUITE different. Obviously videos lie more. My legs are not as strong as I thought they were. My brain does not believe in completing the carve back up the hill ... thar be dragons! Consequently I have decided to order one of the new style boards that just requires one to lean over, relaxedly, and then does all the work for one, including perfect ice edge hold, super high carve backs and elegant steeps. The cost to improvement effort ratio makes it cheap at the price.
  8. Update: snuck out for 2 hours this morning hoping to consolidate on some of my recent gains. Great first runs on what has become for me a well known slope, moved on to the next faster, icier run and ... felt like I had regressed back to the beginning of the season Serious backside board oscillation, loss of edge ... Have been advised to go back to basics with individual drills and focus on just 1 element at a time. hey ho, hey ho, it’s off to practice I go ...
  9. @lonbordinthank you that was some effort to pare it down, appreciated! I have seen ktv’s write up, missed the Bruce comment in the fireside chat!
  10. Interesting options: tree(s), gate(s), mo(n)g(r)als, first tracks. Clearly missing are the steeps, but hey the price is right!
  11. Am in the build queue for a Contra later this year and was wondering if anyone had done a comparison of the “standard” Contra vs. the wogo? I demo’d @GeoffV’s Contra on Saturday (modified for him) and was very impressed.
  12. Thank you Mark. FYI code does not work, not sure if by bundle you meant both types of product or something else? Ordered anyway
  13. At mount snow, 2 extremes within 5 minutes: that set up rocks, vs. Look it’s a snow skate
  14. Done! Beware what you ask for as no good suggestion goes unpunished
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