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Ma première fois au Québec

Beckmann AG

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In any Quebec resorts, you'll need to be doubly vaccinated (not sure which proof is required for out of country visitors)

Single day trip ? Multi day?

Massif de Charlevoix (4.5hrs) is really nice (and big) but $$$ (flexi fares; cheaper Mon-Thus).  They even have a Club Med (really).  Stoneham (4hrs) near Quebec City is nice.  I think there'll be some carvers there in Feb (14-17).  Money no object, yeah, Massif de Charlevoix.  Mont-Ste-Anne (4hrs) near Quebec City also but reports out of there is that lifts and trails are not optimal due to owner's stinginess)

Tremblant (5.5hrs) in the Laurentians (but busy) but that's starting to be a good drive. Also pricey.  In that area, Mont-Blanc.  A bit smaller but cheaper.

If you want something close to the border for a single/two day trip; Massif du Sud(3.5hrs), Owl's Head (3hrs).

If you splitboard, Chics-Chocs in Gaspésie is best in the East (but 9hrs!) (Massif du Sud and Mont-Edouard are also good from what I've heard))

For glades, Sutton (3hrs, also near the border). But no so great for carving.

Night riding, Bromont (3hrs) but conditions at that point are not optimal (my local mountain).  Good groomers in the AM but very busy in the WE so past 11-12am, not so good anymore unless you move towards the smaller peaks on the resort.

You'll probably need to buy tickets in advance as the ticket pool is kept low due to Covid.

Note that because of Covid restrictions, no restaurants are open (there might be food offerings outside) and you can change you boots indoors but can't leave bags inside.  Entering buildings require masks.  Surgical or N95 AFAIK.


Quebec Ski resorts association (all the resorts are listed there)



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Salut oui le Massif de la petite rivière St François tres elle montagne et une vue incroyable mes 120$ +taxe 😔


Mont Blanc plus petit mes très beau  

Bromont très beau mes beaucoup de monde 


Stoneham du 14 au 17 Février je suis avec quelques amis Démo Swoard 

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Merci, crote123, pour les nombreuses recommandations.

Je ne sais pas combien de jours...

Je sais sur le passeport vaccinal. 🙂 Nous sommes vaccinés et boostés, et nous en avons la preuve. Nous avons visité a Mégantic l'été dernier.  Nous sommes allés dans les cafés pour le déjeuner, et plus tard, plus de café. L'entrée est interdite sans le passeport vaccinal!


Redia, Merci, je comprend!

Je pense Le Massif c’est mon premier choix.

Mais… je dois travailler plus, pour acheter les billets 😕


Peut être… Stoneham, février 14…?




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