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  1. Thanks y'all. Missed the ABasin deal, but seeing as they are to be used as patio furniture, we're looking more around that $500 ea mark. Thanks for the tip, Kurt. I'll do some digging, on that.
  2. We're looking to buy one, two or three ski lift chairs, preferably 2 or 3-person. I've skimmed the cyberspace a bit, but have come-up short. Anyone have an idea of where to procure old chairs? I'm fine with refurbishing them, so condition isn't necessarily an issue, Thanks! -Brian
  3. My last trip to Orange County (August), I was shocked at how many WaveStorms were in the lineup. And people were riding them really well! This was my first trip to Cali in several years. I paddled-out pre-dawn, and by the time I could make people out, I saw a half dozen Storms. I thought, When did Sunset go to the kooks? Then these guys were just ripping. So yeah, the boards can take a hit, but depending on the user, they can be fun.
  4. Cracked-open the latest issue of Depression Quarterly, and to my surprise... hardboots! Thought that was kind of neat.
  5. If you're ever looking to sell this, please, please, please keep me on the short list.
  6. MNSurfer


    Looks like Lutsen is open, and is getting a nice amount of snow. The website doesn't mention anything about closures. Anyone have insight as to their operations? Like many of us, I all of a sudden have some free time.
  7. MNSurfer

    Skizee ?!

    Now THIS looks like some good winter fun. Especially on our local snowmobile trails; I'd love to roll-up to the bar riding one of these... https://skizee.ca/
  8. For years I used to deal with this glasses/goggles situation; fogging, pressure points, general product unavailability. Then I found this brand called 'Lasik'. They're like $2600, but it'll completely change your life. In all seriousness, any OTG's are a compromise, and at least for me, it was finding something that fit over the particular frames.
  9. If I had a dollar for every time someone (typically a younger softbooter) in the lift line said, "Man, I want to try that!". A few words into the conversation, comes the inevitable follow-up of, "How much does a set-up cost?". I always reference those folk to Donek, with their fantastic packages. However these are (youthful) softbooters, who can't quite comprehend the $1000 entrance fee. To absolutely no fault of their own; they're used to going to REI or Dick's, and walking-out with a much less expensive setup. And $1K just to try something? That's a tough sell. I've thought about this s
  10. Admittedly, I'm pretty apathetic when it comes to "working on" things. I thought about this thread, today, and tried this, for my last dozen runs. They were the smoothest (feeling) runs I made all day! I went from acknowledging every little bump that was in-front of me, to no t knowing/caring, and just letting the carve work itself out. Amazing. Thanks, Jack!
  11. It makes me happy for the snow-covered bump we have, here. I used to hate on MN hills, but hey, at least it's cold, and they're covered in real snow for 5-months of the year. Kudos to you for sticking to it.
  12. 29+ age group is closed. Drat. Well, got out one last day on 7, before they turn it into a course. At least I think they're doing it on De's Dive.
  13. https://www.aftonalps.com/events/events/hill-of-the-north-banked-slalom Anyone ever run one of these? On hardboots/alpine? I'm somewhat intrigued, and have the weekend free.
  14. This thread is my brevity.
  15. A fantastic couple of days, at the old 'Mill. Just a ton of snow. The groom was so thick, you could really put the screws to it. Though that also means it got banged-up pretty quickly. While it was arseholes-to-elbows at other local places, this Saturday, it was mostly me an the ski patrol, at Coffee. Perfect.
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