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  1. 16JAN19 -8F at lift open. Empty, obviously, but I won't complain. Fantastic, grippy groom. 7 Lift was closed, but you could still make the run from 6, with a couple of hops. Kind of neat to look up, at 1:00, and see only your turns. Bonus: 5 coach busses of women's ski club. Paul's Pub looked like a scene out of an 80's ski flick, albeit minus any sign of dudes.
  2. Yeah, I ride Buck once a year, just to remind my myself why I ride Buck once-a-year. Finally, a cold day! Fantastic groom that held-up all morning. Best of the season??? No patrols, no ski schools, pretty much empty.
  3. Thank you! This has been especially obnoxious, this season. Couldn't they just pick a run that no one uses, and rope it off?
  4. Thanks for the input, @lonbordin! I have two other Doneks, and all of them have a lot of camber, so I guess I assumed the REV was the same. I'll see if the shop can put a new, 3-degree edge on the board. Take it from there. Though I still feel like there's something to the sharp, squared-off tail of the REV that keeps it locked-into hard, icy conditions.
  5. I'm curious if anyone has experience with both of these guys. I currently have a 175 REV and I absolutely love it. But that board lives in CO, and am looking for something similar to keep here, in MN. I've been riding a Voyager, and it does great when the snow/groom is good, but just doesn't get the edge-hold when it's icy. The one odd thing about my REV, is that, after 4-seasons (total of maybe 70 days?), it seems to have lost all of its camber. Or maybe it didn't have that much camber to begin with? Anyway, just curious if anyone can speak to the dimensions (are these the same as the REV?), camber, and expected performance, of the Secret vs the REV. Thanks! -Brian
  6. Yeah, @bigwavedave he's a bit of a bofoon; Just does stupid things. I remember one cold fall day, he paddled-out in just board shorts. The water was in the 30's, lasted all of a few minutes, and he barely made it back to shore. We'll bump into him in the UP, surfing really windy, crappy, blown-out waves, when there's a perfectly sheltered, clean wave just around the corner. I don't really get it. He goes by the moniker "Hardcore Dan". This is one of those videos that make every Lake surfers' eyes roll.
  7. Sweet! Scratch off another FMLA day...
  8. https://youtu.be/XdKcLh07NPI Wish I knew how to embed this. Anyway, just stumbled on this, so it might be a repeat.
  9. MNSurfer


    Melting my heart. After 20-years skiing/riding, the Lazy M is far and away my favorite run. Turn after turn, after turn, after turn, after...
  10. Fri 20DEC19 Great day, today! Mellow crowd, and super-fun conditions. No gates anywhere to be seen! Ran into Trent, dragging knuckles riding the sticks. No other 'Booters. Highlands needs some work; lumpy, uneven. Feels like they need to run the groomer over it a few more days, and it should be good. Keep up the excellent work, Afton!
  11. Afton was good, today (Fri, 13DEC); Great snow, no crowd, bar was open at 11am. They were grooming everything on the Alps side, so I'm guessing there will be a lot more terrain open, this weekend. A liftie was saying there is a big ski race/event this weekend, which will make the best runs, moot. On the flip side, it'll be cold as all getout, so should keep things quiet.
  12. Thanks, all! Jack, yeah, I'm originally from PA, and never skied outside of that state. Sugarloaf, Mad, and just about everywhere in NH/ME is on my bucket list. Good vertical and proper cold, without the altitude. I'm guessing the wife won't go for the sci-fi, but I love it!
  13. Anyone have a good outlet for snow-based artwork? Photography, or other I suppose. Doesn't have to be Alpine specific (though a nice track photo would be welcome). Looking for some larger canvas artwork, to spruce-up the house. Thanks! -Brian
  14. Looks like a fun hill. Kind of a mini Afton. It would be fun to hit, on a day off. Andre's Tower Hills looks pretty sweet, too! Afton has been great, this year. Finally opening more terrain, but perfect timing on their part. The Canteen is a great addition, as is the look of the creek re-direction.
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