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  1. Do the boots fit perfectly? It reads like they're too big for you and you'll later need to get smaller ones. Like AgassizSkidder said: get proper boots first. Snowboarding in boots that are too large is miserable!
  2. Interesting, Sika 252 didn't last very long for me. Too soft and prone to tearing on cold groom. Shoe Goo lasts forever - if you can keep it from peeling at the edges. But it's so stiff that you have to use small strips/patches so you still use your hands to pick up things.
  3. Are the only choices Lululemon or free-ballin? I go for general whole-body strength training in the 5 to 20 rep range, close to absolute failure. The only extra that I add for alpine snowboarding is calf raises, but rolling laterally. Think of moving both knees to the right while doing a calf raise, then both knees to the left on the next. This really helps with the feet-up riding I like to do. The sides of my calves used to hurt so bad in my early season days; this fixed it. I should do more cardio. LOL!
  4. Oh, and I start many a run in milder conditions with a hand lifting one side of the goggles off my face, to let cool and dry air flush through the goggles. That doesn't work very well below about -20C though as any moisture can flash freeze.
  5. What temperatures do you ride in? I really struggle in very cold weather, but the central Canadian definition of "very cold" is probably different than yours. Wow, that's a brilliant idea! Dry or de-ice the first one while riding with the second. Though I worry that I fall too often and would smash the 2nd lens...
  6. I'm going to lock this Necro thread as the user hasn't been here since 2009. Contact info is in the first post if you find this and want to sell your antiques roadshow snowboards. If you are the original poster and you want this reopened, please reach out and we'll unlock it.
  7. Didn't someone on here chop the bulk of the nose off one of these? Looked great as I recall!
  8. Corey


    I tend to ride a little harder after a Ministry song loops through my playlist. Like a shot of caffeine!
  9. Great advice! We have some great board builders in North America, but there are also great builders closer to you. Go easy and cheaper to start and save that money for a upgrade later if you decide this is the sport for you. Stick to a smaller sidecut radius. 10-11m. My 2nd board was a 13m or 14m - it scared me and wasn't that fun. I wasn't ready for it. Granted, I don't have wide runs, so YMMV.
  10. Great stuff Mr. Pow! Uh, can I say I kinda forgot about Covid for a minute there? Yeah, that changes my thoughts above... I learned to carry my boots after the second year. So nice to put on regular footwear for the trip home!
  11. Parking a car can really suck in Aspen. As long as you're ok with a little walking and only carrying one or two boards, the buses are fantastic and frequent. I rented a car for the first 2 trips to Aspen, and then not again for the next 7. I didn't miss the car!
  12. Near stuff! What if you made the rear dowels only an inch or two long? Then you wouldn't need to open the tonneau to get the boards out the tailgate. Just lift a bit to clear the short dowels and slide out the tailgate.
  13. I'm not talking about in here as a representative sample of the world, because it's not. There are fringe people on both sides of this issue that are quite aggressive, and some militant. That's what I was referring to above. That is common to ALL belief structures! That's why there is information checking and data analysis to help us make sense of complex issues.
  14. Can you imagine how that could be re-written to express the "other side's" opinion? Anti-Vaccine sentiments have formed an almost cult like following. - anyone presenting evidence against their point is met with vitriol. - All information sources are dismissed unless they push a specific dogma. - COVID is now seen through a pure myopic view. We are at an interesting time where there are so many people proclaiming to be experts that have little training, and they're able to get large followings thanks to the ease of information flow. See podcast I mentioned above. Plus, both sides point to extremists on the other sides as representing the core values of the other side. And there are definitely extremists on both sides. Here's to good health for everyone!
  15. We all clicked/watched his videos, so he's winning at YouTube.
  16. Related - This is a fascinating, but long, psychology podcast about how conspiracy theories grow and spread so much faster now because of how easy it is to form a group of like-minded people on the internet: https://youarenotsosmart.com/2021/07/26/yanss-211-how-the-psychology-that-leads-people-into-qanon-can-help-us-understand-not-only-what-leads-people-into-a-conspiracy-community-but-which-community-and-why/ One key point that I found interesting is that the other side spewing facts at you matters less than where those facts come from, and whether or not your trusted people feel they are valid or not. The irony of sharing this on a website of like-minded people devoted to a fringe form of snowboarding is not lost on me.
  17. And isn't that Jason's torso just a few seconds before Norm? Looks cool guys, can't wait to see it!
  18. Shred doesn't do less than a .3048m pie!
  19. Great advice above. I'll add that alpine boards work best in a true carve. They just don't slide/butter as easily as freestyle boards. That can be a little unnerving when you're starting, but stick with it and you'll see they can still be safely skidded as needed.
  20. Burger Express is going to be the place to be on Jan 30! Crossing my fingers for Covid to be under control and borders open...
  21. Yeah, we're in a crazy drought. The "river" that they pull water from is tiny on a good year. I have a love-hate relationship with Holiday Mountain. Since they got bought by Lake Louise there's a definite feel that they're desperately trying to cut operating costs while also increasing prices. But it's the closest ski area, and it's better than not riding. I fear that it won't open again. It's been a lean few years here for Holiday - this may be the end. Top to bottom at Holiday:
  22. I got a chance to try a foil last weekend. It was behind a little open aluminum boat (?? I'm not a boat guy) at a surprisingly-low speed. 5 mph? Just above walking speed. The owner insisted that was best. It was surprising how little speed you needed to come up on plane! Pitch control was hyper-sensitive! I couldn't get the hang of it, lots of rising up and dropping back into the water with the subtlest fore-aft weight shifts. Never got to the point of turns before we had to part ways. It was very different flying on something so far beneath you. Felt like skateboarding on a tall unicycle. It's wild how the chop just disappears as soon as you get up on the foil. I mean, no duh, but the change is so striking. Like the moment of lift-off in a small plane. And that foil is SHARP. Sliced my foot before I even started. He warned me, and then I kicked it 20 seconds later. Super fun, would do it again if I get the chance!
  23. I got a little scared just looking at that picture. Wow!
  24. I should add: I can't believe the price disparity between skateboard stuff and bike or car stuff. This would be a $300 car part. Nope, $79.
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