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    1. b.free


      Hey, is it a place to visit?! Worth to go?

  2. I custom ordered these boards from Sean. I didn’t ride them much at all. They’re both in great condition, nothing wrong with them. The specs are in the pictures attached. If you’re interested in more info, please message me. Donek Flux. $485.00 plus shipping Donek FreeCarve. $485.00. plus shipping
  3. Hi, Your board is not a custom board, correct? thanks McK.
  4. Near new, barely used Ride El Hefe bindings. $250.00 plus shipping
  5. Hi Corey, I'd like to get a liner that is similar to the stock liner that came with the 225 boots. I went to the Intuition site, looked like the Power Wrap was the model that seemed to closely match the original liners. I've done the empty shell test, so i'm sure about the size to order. I talked to Intuition today, but they are unfamiliar with the Deeluxe boots/liner, so couldn't offer a recommendation to a close comparison. They did suggest also looking at the ProWrap and the Alpine. What are your thoughts? Thanks
  6. I’m trying to find a size 26m. (Size 8 US)boot liner, for Deeluxe Track 225. The Bomber store isn’t open and can’t find another supplier.
  7. Has the group been to Big White or Big Sky?
  8. What other mountains does the group ride? A fellow Hawai’i carver.
  9. McKarver


    I was in Niseko 3weeks ago, mostly on Annupuri and Moiwa. I saw very few Hardbooters, though I’m sure they’re there. Alot of boarders there are riding powder boards that carve really well on groomers too. I met an instructor named Mr. K at the Powder Company, at the bottom of the Annupuri lift. I took a night carving class with him at Annupuri, was a lot of fun, no crowds. The store rents boards but mostly Gentemstick powder boards. Moiwa’s a smaller Resort next to Annupuri, the main run (Main Burn) is good for hard booting but it’s short. Hirafu is sort of the epicenter of
  10. I don’t know if this is what you’re looking for, but I’ve been thinking about a Karakoram binding. They’re pricey, but high tech. I connected with the guys at the Powder Company at the base of , Annupuri Niseko for a guided mountain carving/powder tour. I saw a Karakoram binding there. I use the Union Atlas on my Gentemstick HP Fish and Jones Hovercraft. I found universal straps from Tognar, to bind the top of your boot to the high back, but haven’t tried them on the on the Atlas. https://www.splitboardbindings.com/shop/karakoram-quiver-shop-17/
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