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  1. Bindings arrived today. Great deal, Thanks!
  2. Wish this wasn't a stiff version, I would be all over this for my grandson. But he is 14 and only about 125 pounds. We also ride at PowMow.
  3. I'll take the red pair please. PM me with your email address and I'll do PayPal F&F. Thanks, mick
  4. boardguru


    Nice trenches!
  5. I wish we had parks like these in Utah.
  6. boardguru


    PowMow and Snowbasin are allowing uphill traffic, hiking. So if you want to earn your turns there is Tons of powder to be had.
  7. PowMow and Snowbasin are now open to uphill travel, hiking.
  8. I used to love riding my Rossignol Levitation 170 with hard boots. Awesome at making trenches on hardpack, and 'float like a butterfly and sting like a bee in powder' board. Rossi doesn't make them any longer though. But my grandson is riding a 165 Levitation, NOS, now in softs and is loving it.
  9. Board arrived today. Thanks for the Awesome deal Shred! Board is like brand spanking new, only very light binding marks, definitely 10/10. The wife is going to love this board for next season. It will also have a big brother, a Monster V2 184 that I bought from Habs2c two years ago.
  10. I just keep reading about how much people enjoy this board that I figured I'd better get one soon. It will be interesting to see how it compares to my 170, 20.5 Coiler Nirvana.
  11. Thanks for the review. I just ordered mine, and Bruce said it would be a December build. Oh the anticipation for this new Magic Carpet ride!
  12. Utah- Pow Mow closed yesterday, Brian Head still open. Oh, and Nordic Valley.
  13. Paul Loxton (Aussie) was also one of the snowboarders in those movies.
  14. Only 2 resorts open now in Utah, PowMow and Brian Head. Due to Coronapocalypse in the state now.
  15. Thanks for posting this barryj. Great info.
  16. Thanks for the great deal.
  17. I use Von Zipper Fishbowl goggles. Been using them for 4 years and Love them. Never had any fogging issues or glasses rubbing or contacting the lens.
  18. Glad to help out Jack!
  19. First in line, just need to check my current sole measurements.
  20. I've been looking for that myself.
  21. boardguru

    Yo Lci!!

    big mario, I think I fell into some of your trenches at MCC.
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