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  1. Good final day of a good season at Spirit. The hill's looking quite tired and will take a biblical miracle to open and be worth riding next weekend after the forecast rain.
  2. Looks like Spirit will be done after this weekend, but with a possible weekend opening for March 27-28 if conditions permit. Waxed the Rossiboard with paraffin and finished with a wire brush texture.
  3. Jane will be back late tonight. We’ll talk about going up there, but if we do, it’ll be later in the day and we’ll drive separately. Another good day.
  4. Good this morning. Jim there, too. There was about a 15 minute delay in loading for first chair with ongoing grooming. Gave up on the long lift lines by 10:30. Will be back tomorrow for first chair
  5. Great day on Wednesday, but otherwise occupied today. Dave, tell us what you really think... Planning first chair Saturday, weather doesn't look favorable for the hill to continue through the end of the month
  6. Thought you'd like to see your old boards. Getting in to off-season training - running, elliptical and weight-training. Congratulations on selling your practice and retiring.
  7. Finishing up our season with USASA Nationals at Copper. Jane smoked Slalom with the Rossi Board. I rode the Generics mostly. Groom was still good, and we had a lot of fun riding with our friends. Starting on our way back to Minnesota
  8. Jane podiumed at USASA Nationals in GS riding the Rossi Board
  9. According to my reliable source at the Spirit Mountain Board Meeting this evening, there was a “situation” with one of the groomers on Monday night, and the Board approved trading in the old one and purchase of a new Pisten Bully 400
  10. Using Straight Paraffin on the Prior. The Hydraulic fluid all over 4Pipe Tuesday melted it into a gooey mess. Moral is don’t carve through pink snow. Maybe out Thursday and more likely Friday.
  11. Good luck tomorrow and see you soon. That hydraulic fluid on 4Pipe turned the wax on the Prior to stickum. Spent more time cleaning bases and rewaxing than riding today. Still, had a good day.
  12. A ‘Skol’ of Ski Patrollers on the chair lift. Back tomorrow with a Surfing setup
  13. Will try for first chair Monday
  14. Using an old hair band on the TD3 heel block helps
  15. Planning first chair. Waxed and mounted TD3s on your F2
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