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    St-Bruno de Montarville
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    Mont Saint-Bruno, about 5min from home
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    Virus Revolution Pro 170cm

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    El Hefe
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  1. Merci beaucoup. Très gentil. Pas chanceux les 2 dernières années. Ont vieillit lol.
  2. Know the feeling. Broken talus last year. Was perfect this year but took long to healed because I put weight to fast. DO NOT PUT WEIGHT ON IT at all cost the first month. Hope for a fast recovery for you.
  3. Out also. Fractured collarbone today. Maybe surgery tomorrow. 2 years in a row......
  4. El Hefe are pending sale 550.00 for the board. Let's get it sold.
  5. Probably some old boards as it was more than 2 years ago. Not sure what models.
  6. I had a Pantera 166 SC carbon. Probably the best mass produced I tried. Very surprised about Korua as saw a few in shops. Could almost fold then in half just checking the flex. Absolutely not meant for my kinda weight.
  7. No need for surgery yet. It's called risers. About 12mm. But needed. Gecko stealth first and JJA now Using 29.0 mondo Salomon malamutes.
  8. Back for sale. Very good condition. Base never grounded. Lots of edges left. For around 175-200 pounds rider. 168cm 25.2cm waist SCR is proprietary from Virus?? Would say more than 12m. Specs https://shop.virus-snowsports.com/produkt/virus-aft-flp-176/ it's a 1200€ board + shipping. Cost a fortune in taxes in Canada unfortunately. Can also sell Ride El Hefe carbon large JJA Risers 12mm. Let me know if you would like the package or one item. 550.00$usd for the board.
  9. J'espère pouvoir y aller 1 ou 2 soir. Donne pas beaucoup de temps pour revenir avec le couvre feu.
  10. Wow insane setup. Love the carbon plates!!!
  11. Belle Coiler avec la fusée de tintin hier soir sous les chaises.
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