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  1. Great choice Absolutely love mine. Quite stiff. Made for a 215+ guy that gave back one of the 2 as too stiff . Mine is TBX with small scr. Just needs a good grind and race tuned. Any pics of your beast?
  2. I think I tried more than 25 boards in 3 years. Settle with 3 favorite fir now. Always looking to try new thing. I just like to experiment and see. So much fun to discover what another board will bring. Better to change boards than changing wife's
  3. I just ride when I can. This year. When I really can. Enjoy every day guys...
  4. Let me know how the Le surf ride. Want one next year.
  5. +100hp on a S4 is right there moving lol Great platform to work on. Needs pulleys and exhaust Can't see anything But had two 911. A 996 turbo on a cobb must be insane. Lapped Mont Tremblant track on a 996 tt chipped. The brakes were awful but that was after a 993 3.8rs full race car lap running 10 sec a lap faster
  6. Glws What I learned on this forum is that well everyone is poor... or you read between lines...
  7. Oui bien j'ai ma passe à St-Sauveur alors pas en reste. Moins de temps la semaine toute façon Mais j'avoue j'aimais tard le soir la semaine vu je suis collé. Merci savais pas ils gardaient les billets.
  8. Bonne saison!!!! J'habite à 5min. Pas réussi à avoir une passe de soir. Toutes vendus.
  9. Beaucoup moins de monde un dimanche soir. Belle conditions seulement sur une piste. Bien aimé la Jasey Jay sur certaines plaques de glaces après la pluie cette semaine.
  10. Pretty sure My father in law is watching. Maybe he is renting and I don't know
  11. Very good first impressions and review. Would love to try the AZX1 Any risers or toe drag? Angles? Width of the board?
  12. Flying to Gabriola's island picking up my camper that is still there. Visiting states parks everywhere Canada/USA. Downhill biking everywhere. Surfing everywhere. Cross country back home.
  13. I think I like the goldfinger also.
  14. Thanks for the offers guy's. Keeping the board. Was having remorse selling. ABSOLUTELY NEVER happened selling.
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