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  1. NH is an open carry state, why are you even asking silly questions about 300 dollar cameras
  2. I used to give my boards an obligatory pre or mid season grind cause I thought it mattered. Now Im older and more wise so I stopped doing that.
  3. Why going with Zipfit vs Palau? I currently use Intuition Powerwrap but is too high volume of a liner and want to switch
  4. It all looks wrong but this this is yhe toe and heel block position after centering my UPZ hoof boots. Using lifts and the ramp block make things even more absurd. But it feels right. These comments that this is overthinking it are honestly very unhelpful. If me and others are scratching their heads with 10 or more years in the game, then forget about beginners. How are they to even understand what feels ‘off’? The F2 binding manual completely overlooks this important issue.
  5. So a selling point of the UPZ is shorter sole length and ah hem lower binding angles. In trying to center the new to me RC12 shell (312mm) the center point is so far back I have to push the whole boot forward on the bindings. In effect any advantage of ‘shorter sole length’ is lost as I have to increase the angles to compensate this huge bias. Or am I doing something wrong? My measurements find the center point of UPZ boots is about .2 inches towards the heel from the molded ‘centerline’ in the boot or pretty much on the dot of the injection sink mark find right on the bottom of the shel
  6. Ive been riding at Hunter this season and can confirm all what was said above. From what I heard Covid has made things worse in terms of lines, upkeep. staffing issues, and idiots on the slopes. The crowds even on weekdays can make your jaw drop. The North face of the mountain is so poorly designed I avoid it, the good carving runs including Hellgate and Racers Edge are dangerous to go down by 9:30am due to straightliners. The grooming is decent but you can run into surprises all the time. I still like riding here but I think Windham (now under the Ikon pass) may be a better choice n
  7. You are golden my man. Ill take the black! Paypal sent!
  8. Yes that's the one but I think yours is too short (that is a MP 26 size boot and therefore size M). Ill measure mine in the morning and confirm. Have a good night!
  9. Anyone have a spare 2nd band lying around? It's the old style 'zip tie' ratcheting system as circled in the picture, size L (from boots above MP 27). Not the buckle buckle, but the band as that's whats it called on YZcanuk's website https://www.yyzcanuck.com/shop/parts/boot-parts/deeluxe-instep-cable-band/
  10. PM sent on the Coiler Nirvana Free Carve Balance
  11. Konaride, what's the sidecut radius, is this the 10.5/12.7/12 m? Is this a titanal board? Still made with .4 metal? Can you give the me the entire part number on the sidewall, I'd like to decode everything.
  12. For sale: 1. F2 Intec Titanium bindings size L (26.5 and up). Back up bindings no longer needed. Mix of older heel block and newer front block. T nuts checked, everything ok. Set up for 3 deg toe lift and 3 deg heel lift, have extra shims and the big 6 deg ones if you need them. Includes mounting screws, lease, original stomp pad. $75 SOLD 2. Pretty rare original F2 baseplates for Burton 3 hole (3D) binding pattern. These are quite beefy. $30 SOLD 3. Bomber TD3 yellow e-rings. Dirty but in good condition. $15 Paypal (friends or you pay fees) or Venmo. Buyer pays shipping, ca
  13. These bindings were at least 10 years old and the toe/heel blocks were last inspected 5 years ago. Used about 10 days per season?
  14. Yea you can see the T nuts bent in the angle of the lifts! I didnt have time to hunt for T nuts so I bought some shorter ones from Mcmaster (90572A310) and placed them in toe blocks and used the toe blocks in the heels as they still look good.
  15. Was doing some routine maintenance and decided to check the t-nuts to which the toe and heel blocks attach to. All 4 used to attach the heel block had hairline fractures.
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