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  1. Normally I would tell you to go to Blue or Belleayre over MC for carving but MC was one of the few resorts to get 13+ inches of snow yesterday. Belleayre got no snow from this last storm. Blue may have gotten some but MC got pounded. It should be awesome for carving tomorrow. Temps were in the teens last night and won't get much above freezing today. Tonight's temps will be in the low 20's so the snow should set up perfect. Jt
  2. Dave and I went up to Butternut this past Friday. $25 lift tickets with bluebird skies, Butternut did not disappoint. Conditions were pretty good for carving. The racing trail was perfect with great carving snow and a football field wide trail. Butternut is not steep but maybe just enough to keep your interest. Most trails that we rode were just wide enough to crank turns with Rad Air Tankers 172 but we had to be on the ball so not to go flying off the slope. No other carvers on the hill to speak of barring a few skiers that were ripping good turns. All in all it was a great day and I am sure that I will find myself back there this year to ride. Jt
  3. Hello Michael, The times we all get together and ride are seldom. It's usually on the spur of the moment decision. However, I will post if we decide to all get together for a group ride well in advance but again, usually a spur of the moment decision. Jt
  4. I rode today with Tommy, Dave, Patrice and Troy. It's so nice to ride with other carvers that can actually carve good lines. Had a great time for the short 2 hours we rode. Conditions were good as MC made some snow last night and was able to grind it in to the frozen granular that was already in place. Trail width is still not to good but at least you are able to ride from peak to peak. All in all it was a good morning to ride. Jt
  5. I had off today and rode first lift this morning. MC got it right! Conditions were excellent for carving and so should the next few days. MC has more terrain open now and it looks like Zero-G will be opened this weekend along with Great Northern. Its starting to get good. I'll be riding Saturday and Sunday early morning first lift. Jt
  6. We finally have a week of cold temps and snow. We got about 3-4 inches of snowfall today. Enough to cancel our local schools. MC has been making snow around the clock for the last 36 hours. Combined with the new snowfall conditions this morning were pretty good. Visibility was about a 2 out of 10 mostly in part to the fact that MC had every snow gun possible blasting snow but I guess it is for the best. This weekend should be awesome. Take the trip out, it should be worth it. Jt
  7. It's finally here. MC's opening day is tomorrow Saturday 12/23/23. Another late start for no other reason but an uncooperative mother nature. MC has been making snow around the clock for the last day and a half. Tonight's temps are also favorable for snowmaking and I'm sure all guns will be firing away. Not much will be opened and for that reason I won't be there but I'm sure that by the end of next week MC will have more terrain open and maybe we can get the chance to make some curvy lines in the snow. See you there. Jt
  8. Softboot carving totally enhanced my hardboot riding without a doubt but I have found that hardboot riding enhanced my softboot riding even more. I started snowboarding carving a softboard 36 years ago. Within a few years I progressed to plates and a race board. About 18 years ago I went back to softboot carving exclusively and never went back. I feel that I would have never been able to carve my softboard with the control that I have without having had hardbooted. Jt
  9. Mother Nature seems fickle. Well, what started as great snowmaking temps seems to have turned into mild Mid-Atlantic sub-tropical temps. Well maybe that is an exaggeration but as long as the temps stay above 32 F, they might as well be sub-tropical. MC has done all it can to make snow but it just doesn't seem to get anywhere. These rain storms that roll in are absolutely killing the snow pack. Although most cold nights MC has the blowers running, the rain washes a lot of the snow away. I got to give MC credit for it's tenacity but it might be in vain because yet another round of rain is coming this Sunday 12/17/23. Lets just hope that next week brings better temps for snow making. Jt
  10. MountainCreek has started making snow. It looks like the next few days will be prime for snowmaking. Hopefully MC will have an early opening this year and we will actually be able to make some turns during the month of December. More news soon. Jt
  11. Riding has been decent over the last few days. The cold snap last weekend (2/4/23) gave MC the chance to make some snow. It helped! I rode twice since then and conditions have been ok, however the conditions will get much worse over the next few days with the warmer temps in place. Get while the gettin is good because snow conditions at MC do not look good. Jt
  12. Hello, I will be riding on Saturday morning at Mountain Creek for a few hours. There are a few riders that ride MC that can show you a thing or 2. Try posting on the Mountain Creek thread that I started and I am sure you will get a few more replies. Jt
  13. Conditions at MC! WOW!!!!!! We barely have snow. Today is Thursday 2/2/23 and I have only been on the snow for 5 days. Not since the 1998 season have I ever had only 5 days on the snow by now. Conditions have been HORRIBLE! Hats off to MC for their effort to keep the slopes maintained however its an effort in futility. They really haven't had much of a chance to make snow. Well this week things will change. We have a four day opportunity to make snow and MC is taking full advantage of this. Blowers are on full blast and I am hoping to be out tonight and every day for the next few days and/or nights. Hopefully this cold spell will give MC enough time to open up some new slopes because up to this point its pitiful. Jt
  14. Mountain Creek is now open from top to bottom with a few trails. There are a few ways down the mountain now and more trails are opening every day. We have had a string of cold temps these past few days and MC has taken advantage by making snow. Most trails have snow making on them so make sure to bring your goggles. All in all trail conditions are decent. Trail widths aren't quite where they should be but I am hoping after a few more days of making snow they should be at their maximum width. I rode today 12/27/22 and got the first lift up. By my third run I called it quits due in part to the massive crowds. If you plan on riding this week you may want to consider getting there as early as possible and leaving early as well. It will be crowded. Jt
  15. Ride El Hefe. Not much more needs to be said. Jt
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