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  1. Ok. Send me your info in PM name, adress and cell phone. I can ship this week. thanks Charles
  2. I have 44$ delivered usps in 4 business days. This is the cheapest rate that was available. Let me know what you think about this. Charles
  3. Habs2c

    UPZ xc12

    Thanks for the feed back. In terms of size, did you went with the same sizing as deeluxe?
  4. Guys, my bad, completely missed that one. sent you a pm muthahucker to see if you are still interested. thanks Charles
  5. Habs2c

    UPZ xc12

    Already done Déjà fait
  6. Habs2c

    UPZ xc12

    Looking for new boots. Anyone tried the new XC12 upz model. Or the EC12 swoard version that looks the same beside the sping system? Thanks for the feed back. Charles
  7. Nice pair of f2 race titatium , size large. The set is fully loaded, with the lift and cant blocks, including the 2 long black srews for the big block lift. Leash, cover disks and 8 insert mounting screws. 170$ USD., paypal gift, plus shipping. Thanks Charles
  8. Nice pair of raichle 133 mondo 26 in excellent shape. 9/10. buckles in perfect condition. heel and toe pads barely used. 100$ usd + shipping, paypal gift. Thanks Charles
  9. Probably some cheap stuff from China!
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