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  1. Intuition pro wrap MP28 molded once, used for 1 season including sidas footbed. 125usd+ shipping. Paypal gift Charles
  2. Habs2c

    Prior wcrm 173

    Prior wcrm 173, 12m radius, 19,5 cm, titanal built. base and edge in top shape, freshly sharpened et waxed. some scar on the nose and tail, see pictures. suggested rider weight range as per Prior site 120-200lbs easy to ride board, energic with some pop. 325usd + shpping, paypal gift. Charles
  3. Habs2c

    Prior wcrm 169

    Prior wcrm 169 , 11m radius, 19,5 cm waist. Titanal built. top sheet in almost new condition, base and edge in top shape. energic board with some pop. Fun to ride. Turny. suggested rider weight range 120-200lbs as per Prior site. 500 usd + shipping, paypal gift Charles
  4. I’ll keep them for you Eric. Pay me when you’ll be ready. In the meantime, please send me your full name, adress and phone number at charles.leduc@live.ca so I can prepare the package. Thanks Charles
  5. Hi Eric, I can ship via USPS for 39,62$, 7 business days delivery. This is the cheapest option. Let me know if it works for you.
  6. Head stratos in great shape. Mp28.5. I wear 9,5-10 shoes. No crack, ajustable buckles, liners very comfortable. Comes with ACSS spring system on it. I will also send original spring system that was coming with it. 150$ USD + shipping. Paypal gift. Charles
  7. ACSS spring system . Fits on UPZ and Head Stratos boots. Green springs on it. 50$ USD + shipping. Paypal gift thanks Charles
  8. Ok. Send me your info in PM name, adress and cell phone. I can ship this week. thanks Charles
  9. I have 44$ delivered usps in 4 business days. This is the cheapest rate that was available. Let me know what you think about this. Charles
  10. Habs2c

    UPZ xc12

    Thanks for the feed back. In terms of size, did you went with the same sizing as deeluxe?
  11. Guys, my bad, completely missed that one. sent you a pm muthahucker to see if you are still interested. thanks Charles
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