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  1. Keep referencing these studies and we will soon be a forum of science woke citizens.
  2. As a kid i remember a Corvette for sale for $50.00 dollars because the owner died in it. Do you think there might have been hundreds of similar incidents ? Information and entertainment are not the same thing but l fear many don't know the difference.
  3. On the brighter side just think of the glade skiing that will be available.
  4. Not sure if that's enough to keep me going till Dec. but thanks for posting !
  5. Bruce is always OUT THERE this time of year it's golfing or motorcycle. Send his wife some flowers he'll respond faster !
  6. Grocery store today one way arrows etc etc I'm going up the lane guy comes at me with his cart wrong way I indicate the arrows are going in the opposite direction and his response is well I'm going this way. I think that sums it up completely for me. Mods may delete this thread and I'm totally ok with that decision. I took a gamble taking the vaccine not just to help myself but to try and make a bad situation better for everyone. To those of you like minded thank you for getting your shot. I'm truly sorry for those in the health care profession who will have to deal with the others. It's just not fair for them to have to deal with what's happening now and into the future. Sunsurfer thanks for the links I'm not sure people can still read ! Covid numbers are trending back up all across Canada (Proves were just as stupid as the rest of the world !)
  7. I understand that death can end a pandemic and a vaccination can prevent death but could someone explain how natural immunity is going to end this and upon what kind of time frame ? I like the idea of a strong immune system but what about a strong immune system that decides it's going to work for the other team which seems to be more ore less what covid seems to be doing. We just keep hosting it and allowing it to get stronger with each variant. I took the gamble and got the shot man up and grow some !
  8. Numbers up four days in a row. The most conservative gov't in Canada ( Alberta) is now paying people $100.00 dollars to get vaccinated . That alone screws with my head more than the fact we haven't gotten to 80 percent vaccinated yet and probably won' t until more antivaxers die off and leaves us with fewer to average in ??? Looks like last fall all over again Crack out the mask and hand sanitizer it looks like were back to where we were a year ago !
  9. Boards not too long hill is too short !
  10. You can't do it all in one visit make a realistic plan and hope for good conditions. Remember altitude has it's own attitude towards some people.
  11. Most important lesson about travel in BC is " You can't get there from here." Every destination is a trip on it's own. Roads connect destinations but not usually as directly as they do here in the east. The "Powder Highway" was a marketing ploy to make it seem more natural to spend a day driving between destinations. You can fly to Calgary and shuttle to Sunshine, Lake Louise or Norquay. Interior resorts usually mean you staying put. You could fly into Calgary and do a south to west route and hit places like Castle Mt. Pass Powder Keg ( Tbar Only) and Fernie another day and you could hit Whitewater (Nelson) then next day Red Mt (Rosland ) They are unique in that they are not crowded by east coast standards but have awesome terrain . My personal preference is to scout out new resorts on skis and then hit choice terrain on Skwal or Alpine board. It costs more in time and money to visit off the grid resorts but i find them more rewarding as the years pass.
  12. Sorry for you loss Corey ! First time I've hear of a resort cancelling a season in August.
  13. I suspect turbulence from the prop is providing lift that isn't obvious but if you look at the wake there is a large volume of water passing by.
  14. If this gets out of hand the mods have my permission (like it's needed ) to delete the thread. There have been some good links to further ones education on the subject. My disclaimer is my spouse has pharma background and if she says take the shot I take the shot. She also goes down trails at ski resorts if I tell her she can handle them !! If i had a chance to discuss with more people (I'm about as isolated as it gets these days ) my number one question would be what is the most compelling reason you have for not getting vaccinated against Covid 19. (Numbers trending up again in Canada)
  15. Since I'm no longer in the baby making phase of life and looking only to prolong the inevitable if the choice is drink from the cup and live (That liquid being produced by some of the smartest people on earth. This stuff isn't Jones koolaid) I'll choose the cup rather than what is offered by the other members of the gene pool . Tried to buy Thiabendazole yesterday but non available who's hoarding that ?
  16. It's never the going fast that scares me it's the sudden stop !
  17. Of all the statistics that will be analyzed post Covid 19 the one I'm most interested in is the IQ of those who died from Jan 2021 forward .
  18. I like them too I just don't like it when their agenda is leading us over the cliff . No one put them in charge but they are controlling the agenda . It's pretty interesting that we are personally in charge of our own destiny at this point in time and the debate seem to be exactly that but many are unable to agree what is clear to me the better of many choices !
  19. I'm beginning to understand why it took so long for snowboarding to be accepted by the flat earth society.
  20. Case numbers climbing for the last three days and the premier said schools will be open in Sept. if he has to drive the bus himself. He might have to change that to an Ambulance. Apparently third dose of Pfizer give 11X the protection but sadly can't get a third dose yet. Stay safe everyone !
  21. Been farming for 40 + years and have never been able to predict anything with any certainty. If it's cold enough to go snowboarding in the winter i do . If not then there is always something that needs to be fixed and the weather is never one of them !
  22. I suppose in times to come our sport will be measured in terms of carbon negative or carbon positive but for now I bow to the guys that measure the season in vertical .
  23. Scottishsurfer sorry to hear of your illness. When people are careful in their activity level it is disturbing to hear that you still contacted Covid. One wonders how others can flaunt the recommendations and justify or rationalize it . West, I used to say there's no cure for stupid but more and more it would seem people like to flaunt the idea that they are bucking the norm or accepted behavior and proud of it . How are health insurers in the US not going bankrupt over Covid coverage ? We have universal health care in Canada but I'm at the point where I'd like to see the Gov't say if your not vaccinated due to medical conditions and you get sick the bill is on you ! My doctor suggested to me the other day that some of her patients who used multiple excuses for not getting vaccinated were actually using these excuses to mask the fact that they were actually afraid of needles (usually big tough guys) !
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