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  1. I can see the advantage. Trying to run with them with regular bindings will launch you skyward !
  2. Montana is up there on my list but why would you want to spoil someone else's playground. A case of beer and a meet and greet with the groomer crew can do a lot to make your favorite run better no matter where you ride.
  3. What motor and transmission did you go with ?
  4. I wouldn't want your wife to hear you say that. Unless your looking to get into trouble.
  5. If your like me (serious denial and old age around the corner) you have a pet project you have been planning to get to some day . Well the day isn't here yet and you still have it squirreled away somewhere. What is it and why haven't you tackled it yet ? Mine is a bugeye sprite, motor was rebuilt 20 years ago oiled and shelved multiple boxes of parts body panels and crates of extra parts. The pandemic should have been the impetus to get this done but there is sits. what's your story. I promise I won't contact your significant other and shame you ! ( It's been 42 years !)
  6. Much cheaper if you do it as a layover on a flight to Europe well not really cheaper since you are going to spend time and money in Iceland and Europe.
  7. When we were kids our local bumps had rope tows. You could go up the hill faster than you could come down especially when a friend was driving the tow and threw it in third gear. Tremendous for building upper body strength.
  8. It's on the bucket list. Meeting up with kids in Salmo and traveling down for some fun and sun. Probably need a wheelchair lift by the the time the border opens and vaccination levels are where it's safe to traverse the country. Nice to see that you don't have to jump off the cornice but I worry it will attract more never evers . I think you would need thunder thighs to get up that lift on the Skwal .
  9. I thought it always was ! At least with their feelings about the east.
  10. We must be getting better Leaf's vs Canadiens in Toronto tonite 500 front line workers allowed ! First large gathering sine start of pandemic. Montreal had a crowd of 2500 so Toronto has to do something in the way of rabbit out of a hat to win. And the Leafs loose again ! 1967 was a while back.
  11. Apparently she hasn't dropped off Neil's radar ! I've given up on my old crushes who wants to chase after someone's grandmother ?
  12. Was recently vaccinated and he thought symptoms were just results of that. He got worse, was hospitalized, ventilated after three days and died . He did a media interview from the hospital the day before he was put on ventilator. He didn't seem to be in too bad of shape. My wife and I have taken covid seriously but this adds a new perspective that's been missing up to this point.
  13. My cousin died last nite his wife 5 days before covid now has a face.
  14. Sorry wasn't trying to get you in trouble.
  15. I'm reading closely between the lines looking for a hint of politics. Can't find any ! Except ( "no memory in general , always been that way " ) I'm thinking it could be reference to a particular individual .
  16. What a pussy giving up some tricks @ 53. I didn't start to Skwal till after I was 53 but taking it main stream doesn't seem to be working ! Actually the fact that he knows his limits @ 53 proves he hasn't taken too many hits to the head in spite of the fact he's riding on pavement. 39 years hell of a career ! I wonder how many boards he has destroyed in his life time . I quit after a few weeks. The steel roller skate wheels just weren't doing it for me . I landed without the board around too many times. Skis fastened to my boots turned out to bee a better match.
  17. So my question is how do you calm the market when the gov't doesn't seem to want to use the only tool they have (Interest rates) ?
  18. lowrider

    The Economy

    What has happened to the fundamental principals that once defined an economy. An eight foot 2x4 costs $7.00 a sheet of plywood is $75.00 houses sell for hundreds of thousands over asking price and a new truck can't be had for lack of computer chips. I don't think anyone would argue that the only tool to curb inflation is a substantial interest rate hike but the gov't doesn't seem to be interested in addressing this at the present time. Perception and reality help me understand what's going on today.
  19. Fin's not as old as me but as I stare at unfinished projects and not yet started projects littering my 140 acres i Think out loud "Just because you can doesn't mean you should " hope the trip goes well ! I've made 3 cross Canada trips in vehicles that once littered my shop floor. I know the kind of stress the first few miles can be wondering what nut I forgot to tighten or what that sound is that I'm hearing . Usually it's a change in the pavement that triggers the " Why am I doing this again. When you finally get home your primed to do it all over again !
  20. Gov't pulling AZ as clotting cases now around 1- 60,000 . People don't seem to grasp the idea that numbers change with more experience and that modelling and reality aren't the same thing .
  21. Perhaps a rifle scabbard would deter aggressive people.
  22. There is always a market for BLING.
  23. USPS is best option but delays may happen due to covid cases with postal workers at customs and sorting facilities. If your shipping a Coiler product from US to Canada there is no import fees on products made in Canada so be sure to declare if product is Canadian made.
  24. I get shit for political comment but never anything as egregious as that ! Have you tried bleach on your knees ? Any assist to keep doing something you enjoy doing is a good idea. My only concern is to prevent further harm so please if the idea is something you've never tried or considered unorthodox it can't hurt to run it by a pro with credentials.
  25. Why go to a real Dr. when you can get Dr. Internet for free ?
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