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  1. You’re right, I never saw the skinny look on the slopes, at least not on boarders. And I seem to remember trying to ban one piece speed suits for all snowboard events, from SBX to Alpine. Something about respecting snowboard culture and marketing.
  2. Nice read. Removed the spaces to get the link to work. https://www.gearpatrol.com/outdoors/a625668/snowboard-boots-history/ Not only are the boots stuck in the past, so is the clothing. It occurred to me when I was looking for a new jacket and walked into a board shop at Mammoth. Other than a few minor color variations, snowboard clothing has retained the same baggy gang banger look for nearly 20 years.
  3. I remember reading about that in one of the Aspen newspapers. At the time I thought it was odd because they’ve never been concerned about the crowds on a normal weekend at Mammoth. At least that was the case until they thought of surge/dynamic pricing. It’s easy to imagine Rusty Gregory saying “Damn, why didn’t we think of this scam 20 years ago.” if I do buy in, it won’t be until the very last minute. I have no enthusiasm for next season. Alterra is clearly taking us for granted and why not? I’ve been renewing every year since the original MVP. But this year it’s different. Th
  4. For me the deal breaker was removing Aspen from the base pass. I would have already renewed had they not done so.
  5. I know this may be unlikely, but I’m wondering what happens to this deferred credit if the company goes bankrupt?
  6. I agree. When you factor the $150 surcharge to include Aspen in the Base pass, this isn’t the big deal that their PR dept says it is. Or at least it isn’t for me. My seasons average about 6 to 8 days at mammoth and 4 to 5 at Aspen. Because the conditions were so bad at Mammoth this past season, Steamboat replaced one of the Mammoth trips. So now It’s the beginning of May and I’m still undecided. Unless by some miracle a vaccine is available by September, I’m leaning toward sitting next season out and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Otherwise they wouldn’t be playing these shell games.
  7. Like it or not, the times they are a changin’. From what I’ve seen, alpine is not going to grow, at least not from the youth and it’s not related to the cool factor. I started skiing in my early 20s and rented my equipment for three years before I committed and bought my own skis and boots. Which was a big deal at the time. You can’t rent alpine/hardboot equipment anywhere that I know of and demos days are few and far between. Even less now with the demise of Bomber. I never used soft boots. I went directly from skiing to alpine/hardboots. The twist and skid method of getting down the h
  8. As this pandemic drags on, I was leaning more and more towards sitting out next season. Now with doubling the discount and allowing deferral to 21/22, well that’s puts it in a different light. Still undecided however. I’m glad they extended the renewal an additional month.
  9. Well one would think. But given the fact that that they are almost as good as the airlines at finding ways to squeeze every last dollar out out us, I wouldn’t get my hopes up for that. E.g., note the locker rental rates at Mammoth. And did you ever think they would use surge pricing on lift tickets for holidays? I don’t know why the restrooms are still free.
  10. I expect that they’ll be pulling more of the popular resorts out of the base pass in the future. Still not sure if I’m going to spring for that extra $150 for Aspen. I’m thinking of doing Montucky next year instead of Aspen.
  11. I did not know him but this saddens me none the less. So young. https://www.ktvn.com/story/41500105/renowned-snowboarder-dies-of-apparent-suicide-on-christmas
  12. I’ve never taken my boars there for tuning or waxing. But from what I’ve seen of the staff, if you walk in with an alpine/carving board they will think you are from another planet. Same for Val Surf, though I have gone there for waxing.
  13. There’s a guy... There is a guy that works in the wax/tuning shop at Canyon Lodge at Mammoth. He’s a bit older than the regular crew of teenagers whom you are likely to encounter there. Anyway he’s been there for years and he knows about alpine boards, tuning and beveled edges and such. I’ve never used them but you might also look up Stick Docs. They’ve been around for a few years so I assume that they know what they are doing. http://stickdocs.com/ Not sure if that’s much help but that’s all I got for California. If you have plans for Aspen, Gene Taylor’s at Snowmass has
  14. I won’t be at highlands today, but will join for dinner tonight.
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