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  1. Are you telling me they are sending singles up solo on a quad?!?!?!?
  2. Everyone on here has inspired and shamed me into organizing the gear closet. A few bits of scrap wood later and all of a sudden it's my favorite room in the house.
  3. Thankfully! We've been working together for a few years trying to sort my ankle mobility issues (which the issues are starting to translate into my knee and hip). He is an avid snowboarder himself so he caught on quick. He was even willing to go as far as examining the gear and reviewing video. A+ fella
  4. Glad y'all are getting out! Turns out my 4 pak got returned in the mail. Only took them a week to get back to me, but it is safe in the ticket office. I really want to come see all y'all, but I'm doing my best to wait for more runs. Got out to Vail on Friday and it was reasonably fun. Decent snow, a few runs, and nobody acting a fool. Rachel is till a good month away from skiing shape so trying to find the motivation to go solo is tough.
  5. So my physical therapist says I need to try out bail bindings instead of intec due my erratic nature wrenching my rear knee around. I can also trade a nice condition pair of medium titanium intecs. Thanks for the help!
  6. Super cool! I bet that was a beautiful day on the course. First two wheel golf kart I've seen.
  7. Those look like they'd protect you from the hottest pizza pie! Have you ever seen b.free's EC gloves? Similar but covered in a rubbery type coating.
  8. Thank you for the existential reflection. I now realize that no, things really have come full circle.
  9. All kidding aside, I ordered a 4 pak on Oct 18th and still have not received it. Having trouble getting in touch with the appropriate authorities. Has anyone else experienced such dire hardships?
  10. I was still playing with blocks and eating dirt.
  11. When do they open? DO I NEED A RESERVATION?!?!?!?!?!?!
  12. Cool collection! I see you are also a man of style and taste. +10 Push Points. Not much cooler than pushing it to life and just setting off into the sunset!
  13. Cool bike, cooler shoes
  14. Sucks, but probably a good thing. Just think how nice the ribbon of death will be when they can open, and we have so much more time to do squats!
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