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  1. Been working on my variable conditions carving, steeps carving, and all mountain hardbooting with pretty good success. Even had a few plateau busting days. Felt nice.
  2. If you are beefy and/or charge hard then the plastic baseplate of the carve RS might break and send you into low earth orbit. People love them for all mountain riding though. The race titaniums have metal baseplates and are pretty darn strong.
  3. @FelixDSent you a PM, lets figure something out! I don't have the teaching ability of someone like @inkaholic,so you'll have to join the LCI for that good stuff. I do know my way halfway around a snowboard though so I bet you'll pick up at least a couple things through osmosis.
  4. If your stance width allows it, mount the discs transversely across the board and center the bindings that way
  5. @FelixDDarn you just missed us by about 49 weeks. You are a regular Breck rider right? I'd be happy to take some laps with you at Vail for Beaver Creek if you want to come over this way. I'm usually off mid-week to ride.
  6. Lets be real, I don't think I've ever seen you make a bad turn. This is interesting. Lots of energy on the exit? I'm going to talk Mark into making me the meanest Superconductor he can. Hopefully I will end up with the best of both worlds. A demanding Thirst sounds strange but who knows it might work out.
  7. Thanks James! I'm gonna have to add this to the quiver. A+ content. Even better with the edge catch.
  8. Any chance you end up in CO for a few days again this year?
  9. This is one of the smart guys I referenced. King of the setup over here. Listen to this man. I was mostly self taught for my first few seasons and wouldn't have progressed without his setup methodology and expertise.
  10. That's great and all but really irrelevant. You are the only one using these metrics as far as I'm aware. No one is actually riding with their front toe in the air, just enough lift to get in a comfortable and powerful position. When people say they ride "flat" they mean that the bindings are flat and not their feet relative to the board. Forward lean is good. You should have the sensation moving forward not statically standing upright. Your ski boots are the same way. Ramped forward. You are way to obsessed with your own methodology and the numbers. There are many people on
  11. Ok I've got my helpful hat on tonight. Just to clarify when we are talking about degrees of heel and toe lift we are talking about degrees of lift added to the binding, not in the actual boot sole. So Corey rides UPZ with 6 degree toe and heel lift. This means that he has the bomber 6 degree cant plates under both bindings. This DOES NOT mean that he has 6 degrees of actual heel and toe lift through the soles of his feet. Like Metro said, the goal is not to cancel out the boot ramp, if it was why would they put all that ramp in the boot anyway? Having the front foot completely flat r
  12. Had a slow night at work so here ya go
  13. Got another one for ya. I'll apologize in advance for all my videos being cell phone footage. Conditions were variable, it was cold, light was off, and it was so much freaking fun. I sleep soundly at night knowing all my friends shred.
  14. I'm gonna be honest, this is one of the funkiest looking setups I've ever seen. Personally I would be worried about the length of the screws you have holding that skyscraper of a toe lift onto the binding. I'm no enginerd, but I would think some interesting shear forces/instability would start to come into play with that kind of height with only two screws. Maybe you're onto something completely new, maybe its Maybelline.
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