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  1. Better start boring a tunnel. I've got a few extra shovels.
  2. Are we going to be able to see our Canadian brethren this year? Whats the current boarder hopping situation?
  3. The title is a question, but the post is all statements. Are you sharing findings or asking permission from the collective consciousness? I mount my F2 mounting discs longitudinally too to help dial in the bias even on my narrow boards. Occasionally I've even linked a few turns together so it must be working. I'm glad someone is getting some turns in. I started getting the snow itch this week since we are socked in by a wildfire.
  4. You are within size range for the board. Ride it and have fun. I personally like the short pow sticks for real snow. They turn on a dime and float fine since they don't have a tail.
  5. You won't have a bad time. Some of the runs can be intimidating, but once you get the flow of the mountain its fine. There is this one run you could probably drive 6 semis down side by side. I would classify it as a mellow blue in Colorado terms.
  6. SlopeDope represent! Can't wait! Feeling the heat?
  7. Instant coffee crew represent
  8. Just finished Sapiens. It was good. Currently on Dune and Under the Banner of Heaven. The latter is hard to put down. Its about the fundamentalist LDS crowd.
  9. Well not now. It is Summer. Summer is awesome. Ask me again in October. Think positively!
  10. Nice. That KLX is basically the water-cooled, fuel injected update to my Super Sherpa. Getting 70mpg wringing its neck all around town on a carbureted bike. I think it makes like 23 hp at sea level 20 years ago so I'd be surprised if I'm getting 15 hp these days. Love that bike though. Man that thing just oozes cool. I'd rather have that than a Ducati any day. We are a Japanese bike household.
  11. What models? How do you like that KLX? I love Kawasakis.
  12. Tell me all about them. Are they fast? loud? fun? Of course they are. Seriously though how many of yall out there are riding dirt or street while the snow is away? Personally I have a Yamaha YZ 125 for the dirt and a "supermotoed" Super Sherpa 250 to buzz around town. I'll post pics when I get one. I used to have bigger bikes for street and dirt, but honestly I have the most fun on the small light stuff. No interstates for this loon.
  13. EPIC. Nothing else to do around here in the winter so we are hoping for the best. Eagle county has been open for a while now and Vail village almost looks business as usual at this point. Lots of out of staters and some international travelers around. Our hospital is back to a full schedule of elective surgeries. Things look promising. If things don't go as hoped we will be in the market for a used snowmobile.
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