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  1. After much waiting I finally got to take Mark's Superconductor through the ringer at MCC. After one run I was already speccing out an order in my head. The thing absolutely rips. I was on Mark's stock orange board 19.1 cm wide, I believe. Edge transitions were super quick and the edge grip was as expected compared my 8rw (ample). I really liked the snappiness and sportiness of it. Having ridden my 8rw almost exclusively this year I wasn't ready for how fast the Super was ready to come around and it almost took me for a ride (see turn 3 in the gif below). By the 3rd or 4th run I felt completely in tune with it and starting doing my best supermoto impressions getting the nose completely off the snow mid-turn. The stock board felt a little soft for me, but it was not easy overpowered by my 210 lb gorillaness. It's no secret, but I really like these boards. Everything is just so mindless and automatic once it clicks. This frees me up to think about things like what I'm having for dinner or making airplane noises. NEEEEEEEERRROOOOOOOWWWWWWWW. I feel like the only consideration I have to make is what kind of turn I want to make then it just kinda happens.
  2. Indeed. More significant difference between the f2 bails and intec.
  3. Very true. I don't like those type boards anyhow, but everyone in the LCI seems to for some reason ;). Some quick gear adjustments and everyone was happy. Overall I was very surprised with the overall quantity of very solid carving trails with good vert. Can't make it tomorrow but I have a good feeling about next Sunday.
  4. So close. Lowland Canoeing Individuals. I believe it is Loveland Carve Initiative. It originally set out with the purpose to attract people to carving through spectacle and camaraderie.
  5. Carvin' Marvin

    Next Gen

    That was pretty dang good
  6. The dudes tearing it up. D.T. was there rippin it up to but he had some very important professional matters to attend to during filming.
  7. The LCI representing at MCC! Please excuse the amateur hour editing and intermittent heaving breathing. D.T. was also there ripping it up with us, but he is one of those professional types and had some important business to attend to while we filmed. As you can tell, it was pretty nice out there.
  8. I agree. The pitch of the Turner is REALLY nice for carving. The carving pitches seemed to be the perfect length to burn your legs off then take a break. The only negative I think we all decided on was it is not a great big-fast board mountain. With all that pitch and "narrower" runs than we are used to things could get out of hand really quick. Everyone seemed really happy on a 165-175 cm range board unless you had a Monster or 8RW that could be bent into smaller-than-typical-for-the-length turns. Also as a side note: Big thank you to Brett from Prinoth for coming and grooming. The grooming wasn't super great the first day but good the second, and SO EFFING GOOD the third and fourth days when the sun was shining down upon us. Man those were good conditions.
  9. I hit a fresh one full tilt at MCC and I'm pretty sure it jarred some fillings loose
  10. I still can't get over it honestly. I hope Clint will have some good shots of Norm for the video. So incredibly relaxed yet super dynamic and exciting. No wasted movement or effort, just smooth. Shoulders on a gimbal. This is the level of smooth I want to achieve. His wife Diana also has one of the most beautiful cross-unders I've seen. Dredman and Johnasmo have this flow together as well. I was watching you two do your thing from the lift a couple times. Its funny when y'all are synced up you are making almost the EXACT same smooth, undistracted turns, but using very different techniques. I think Dredman stays more centered while Johnasmo is really up driving and diving his nose yet achieving the same results. There were so many rippin' riders there this week all feeding off each other, helping each other improve. The atmosphere was special and it was really a pleasure to be a part of.
  11. I've been working on keeping my hands out of the snow. After Inkaholic endlessly berated me this week for touching the snow, I realized how even the slightest hand pressure on the snow was almost integral to my balance. The tried and true boot cuff drills and concentrating on adjusting balance through angulation are working great for that. Its been a while since I've been really inspired by someone else's riding (narcissistic much?), but watching Norm (dunno his handle on here) rip his toesides is a sight to behold. They are arguably the most technically perfect toesides I've ever seen. His angulation is just insane. Given how hard I can rail on heelside, I always felt like my toesides were lacking and a little asymmetrical. I used to look at Jack's, Dredman, or Johnasmo for toeside inspiration, but now I have new goals. Thanks Norm for the in person demonstration at MCC! Alright crush over.
  12. Well, why don't you? BTW the Breck lifties are some of the most braindead in the country
  13. Right tool for the right person. If you are Monodude, then yes, monoskis are very cool.
  14. I think you might have to be a contributing ($) member to post photos now. Otherwise just click on the choose files hyperlink next to the paper clip icon. Data hosting is expensive so I think that is the case now.
  15. Like the others guys said. Initiate your turns starting in your feet, then your knees, then hips, then finally your upper body. That will help to get you up on edge faster and in the carve. The board should be getting tipped on edge well before you move your upper body across that fast. Keep that C.O.G. over your edge and yeah, bend your knees.
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