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    Kessler KST 171, Coiler VSR XT AM 165, Coiler BX, Prior Khyber split
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    td3, td2, drake 150, Flow
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  1. Listen folks, my already discredited points aren't wrong you just aren't open to new ideas.
  2. Brush sticking through on trails already.
  3. You made broad generalizations of a group that can't even defend themselves on this forum for something you yourself are guilty of and you are calling anyone cowardly? Do I have that right? You embarrassed the organizers and everyone else at that event when you tried to show off.
  4. Didn't you cream a kid at an ECES?
  5. Sharpen those edges for Tuesday.
  6. The conditions on Hayburner are so good even our western carving friends could do it.
  7. Give it time. The GeoffMeister is getting old. His back is failing rapidly.
  8. That semi-aquatic turtles can be taught to follow hand signals.
  9. Conditions have only gotten better. Empty today as well. All the Joey's must be stuck on their Zoom calls...
  10. Listen GUY. By the time I get you dressed and on the chair I am spent. I've already had to tolerate whatever god awful outfit you are wearing, tow your stuck truck outa my lot, carry seven boards up to the hill cause you can't decide, and apologize to my neighbors for some GUY taking a shit next to their car. Never mind the hours of "enough about me, how about a little more about me?". It's more talking than I do in a month. GUY. Who told you to get off that silly Donkey you were stuck on? Billy, If you can get time with Dr. Beckmann, take it. He's tough to schedule time with but we are working on it. I think there's an app for that. He's still getting used to a phone without a rotary dial. Weekends here at the Loaf have been crazy. Midweek mornings are ideal.
  11. What about the turtles!? You forgot the turtles!
  12. I think you have a custom board. It may be stiffer than stock. Where did you get it?
  13. Does this board have a "K" on the tail? I ride a stock version of the 162 at 170 lbs and it seems ok to me. Is 20 pounds that much?
  14. If you need a GUY to train your semi-aquatic turtles how to play polo, I know a guy giving clinics!
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