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  1. At this point have they been out of it longer than they were in it?
  2. I always thought it was just for the underside of the head of the bolts. Not actually for the threads.
  3. That trip in is no joke. We did it straight to Chimney Pond in one day and it was rough. That last three miles is all up hill. Once you get up there though it's like you are out west.
  4. I am talking about foam injected liners, not what you have. Basically, no one has done this on foam injected liners.
  5. You haven't answered my question. How many people do you have first hand experience in this vein tracing method while foamed working on?
  6. How many people do you have first hand experience with this working on? Sounds a little bit like bullshitski to me. There's no insulation on the toes of my foam liners. I don't care what you do to your veins it's not going to matter. Also, you have one shot to get this right, one. My heated socks work in my ski boots, snowboard HB's, softboots, moto boots... etc.
  7. If you can stand the cold, the foam is great. They also last a long time. I think I got mine in 2012. I have used the same liners over 2 Deluxe shells. Living at a resort, I ride a fair amount. These liners are once and done, no adjustment really (to the foam). Get the Lenz heated socks to go with them. I also just got the Zip fits, the nice thing about the cork Zipfits is that you can add or remove cork at any time during the life of the liner. I am still in the process of dialing mine in. They do take a bit of trial and error, meaning you have to add cork and then ride them. This may take multiple trips to your bootfitter. I think they are warmer, there's more material around the toes than on my Nordica foam liners.
  8. No snow, all rain. I didn't bother yesterday but heard it was better than expected.
  9. Hopefully this rain event won't be too bad. The mtn is in great shape so it should recover fast.
  10. 35 resorts mostly in NH and VT? Seems like a lot.
  11. Can you give an example in the hard boot free carving world for this "hype"?
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