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  1. It's empty but not midweek summer empty up here. Some people came up here to "get away from it". The ban on uphill travel is to keep people from coming back from away. They aren't going to be out there kicking people off the hill. They were done clearing the mtn on Monday and Tuesday.
  2. Who else is schralping the corognar?
  3. Wow, glad the guy who comes to Sugarloaf two weekends a year agrees with me!
  4. This weather and future predictions do not look great for future carving.
  5. Isn't it odd to see a child without a helmet these days?
  6. If you're having trouble trying to decide between surfing in Maine in the winter and coming to Sugarloaf, which is arguably the best carving mountain on the East Coast, you should probably go surfing.
  7. Does this board come with some of your southern charm? Will it get me in the pictures?
  8. Guy, get your excuses ready.
  9. Guy, you know how I know?
  10. You need to ride with the GeoffMeister. He holds court at Wa Wa. @GeoffV
  11. I have a pull loop on the top of the tongue, the port is right between the two ends of the loops. It doesn't look like much it's just two pieces of fabric that you can pull apart and stick a cork tube in.
  12. If you're having heel hold issues in a Zipfit you probably don't have enough cork.
  13. The hostel is a good deal. It's on the shuttle route so you wouldn't have to drive to the mtn.
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