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  1. Working on finding balance on the different tool under my feet-find the sweet spot, repeat on similar runs to replicate that good feeling....then of course, I rode behind Jack for a couple of runs and had to restart that process. He makes the turn look effortless on the K175.
  2. I'll be at Loaf this weekend and River next weekend. Only consistent part of my kit to identify me would be helmet--I could be carving, softies or skiing...white POC helmet with Red Bull logo
  3. Conditions look great..I think our East Coast carvers need to make this trip next year. If not next year, we'll be one year older when we do. Have fun!
  4. Great topsheet..is it a Nirvana hybrid?
  5. Weekend looks super for a change without any risk of the R word...looking forward to it.
  6. Email Jason Levinthal at J Skis in Burlington and see what his take is. If you're unfamiliar with J, he started LINE skis, sold Line to K2 and Full Tilt boots. Then acquired 4FRNT. J's has a Park ski that is consistently recognized- his warranty has the same disclaimer - Any problem resulting from impact, abuse, or neglect. This includes but is not limited to rail and rock damage, crossing of skis, standing skis on their tips on concrete, sliding, grinding or banging skis against objects that are NOT made of snow for example steel, wood, concrete, pavement etc. but perhaps produces a burlier product. ON3P doesn't strike me as the first manufacturer I'd reach for in that discipline. Great all-mountain and powder following but park..seems pricey as an option. Top 5 for 2020 has J's Allplay at #5 with Armada having 3 models in top 5. I think the J's are in $550 range?
  7. Just saw 1/31 at Shawnee peak..Nate shared it on the insta..night banked
  8. At the Cat for MLK weekend..Saturday and Sunday are looking up?
  9. Will be at the river on Friday and Mt Abram on Saturday for a "grundens day".
  10. I'll yield to Lonbordin--there yours if you want them..powdah
  11. Is the Monster the far left? Do you have a picture of Bruce's markings on port side with weight, flex, etc? Feel free to PM
  12. If TVR passes, I’ll givethem a go.
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