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    K'Port Maine
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    Jay Peak, Sugarloaf and the river
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    I work with money
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    Coiler Schtubby 173, Madd 158 f2, Donek Proteus170, Nitro Saber 181, Osin Team99 167
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    Deeluxe 700
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    TD3's and 2's
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  1. Me too..thought it was odd
  2. I wouldn’t imagine you’ll see turns tomorrow. Go check out the winterstick factory.
  3. Well Khanh..you definitely will have variety this week..
  4. No problem Loop...yes the CANUSA house in Mansonville-Potton. Twas a great week..after Covid, we need to do it again
  5. Loop..i messaged Denis..you were first..you do you..you had dibs so if you two don't line this up, let me know..right thing to do. powdah
  6. Nope I was just responding to Denis..you were first..I’ll wait
  7. Any notches in the tail? Usually 2 notches for 2nd gen.
  8. Snowmobiles are heavy, there are limits on #'s of humans to have onboard and calf injuries take a long time to heal.
  9. Continued rehab on the calf-got out at Mt Abram on Saturday-snow was excellent. Sunday @Loaf-low expectations with holiday weekend-but surprisingly limited crowds...all softies this weekend-hope to be back on alpine this weekend. Glad I'm not wasting time today on this mess..
  10. What's cracking Mark? Maybe Post Covid, we get the band back together for another VT/Provincial return?
  11. Have had great experience with Salomon Malamutes-about ready for a new pair. While I like the boa convenience in boots, I'm glad mine are laces only. They have been burly and are super comfortable.
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