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  1. FYI, Ivan from I-carve has one set of Free's and one set of Stealth's left in his stock.
  2. I'd replace the FJ with an FJ80..your area seems to have some nice rust-free 80's. If you can, get one with lockers. I have 335k on my 96..great rigs..glad you're walking away healthy
  3. Back to the ole days of parking lot grilling and chilling, minimal facilities, "roughing" it if you will but for a high price tag. Hoping for the best, expecting the worse and if it means earning turns, so be it. No splitty yet so using the touring skis and heavy F12 frame bindings will have to do.
  4. Check out 27 North Photography on facebook. Joe has great photos of all seasons.
  5. powdahbonz

    Injury sale

    Interested in Voile Split and Kessler..pm sent
  6. powdahbonz

    Injury sale

    Just sent you a PM as well..sorry to hear about your injuries-hopefully this is only temporary. Be well
  7. I will vouch for Matt. He is a good Mainah. This board was Nate Soucy's originally. This was Matt's first step into the alpine. Buy with confidence from Matt.
  8. Is Boyne still allowing access under closure?
  9. Never saw you on a weekend..but it was only 4 weekends
  10. Any interest in a Nirvana swap? 2nd owner..previous owner Jack Michaud. Limited use with multiple boards in stable.
  11. Was happy to have Saturday and Sunday as good as it was...agree that carving is likely a wrap..you guys looked like you had a great morning
  12. Yes, just that there are better options south of BH/MDI and that coastal vicinity
  13. Camden is a fun little mountain..better than Hermon..but I'd make the drive to Loaf. Think you're out of luck on the surf front...
  14. Working on finding balance on the different tool under my feet-find the sweet spot, repeat on similar runs to replicate that good feeling....then of course, I rode behind Jack for a couple of runs and had to restart that process. He makes the turn look effortless on the K175.
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