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    Salt Lake City
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    Was Solitude, now Park City.
  • Occupation?
    I build the Lift you Ride.
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    Coiler Nirvana V-Cam 178 custom graphics
    Coiler Monster 182
    Swoard 175 EC
    Donek Incline 181
    Arbor A-Frame 170
    Oxygen Summit 178 - Retired?
    Damian Avalanche 169 - Retro days
    Kemper Apex GS 170 - Retro days
  • Current Boots Used?
    UPZ RC10 Shokkters
    Salomon Malamutes
  • Current bindings and set-up?
    TD3 Stepins
    Salomon SPX55
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  • Hardbooting since

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  1. Selling Gloria's board?
  2. It wasn't bad. Thin coverage still. Sadly, top of Jonesy's was moguled and too many people. Hopefully I will have better luck this weekend.
  3. Haha Barry! Damian Sanders brought me to the Darkside. Halfpipe in Hardboots!
  4. In search of my Old Blade 180cm. Red and White Custom Graphics. My logo on the tail.
  5. Hey Emdee, I'm planning on riding PC tomorrow. Lookout for a Coiler Nirvana with custom graphics. Perhaps we can meet up.
  6. I'll try and meet up with you on Sunday.
  7. When do you plan to ride Solitude and Brighton?
  8. I like some of the runs off of the Motherlode and Silverlode Express lifts. I don't know PC well but I prefer it over The Canyons side of the resort. Enjoy!
  9. I'll trade you for some stickers.
  10. I was riding my softboot carver due to a recent injury and didn't feel confident with the hardboots yet and a skier complimented me for having a proper stance on my board.
  11. I have the same pair. Great boots! But are they really softies??
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