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  1. Has anyone in the Mid-Atlantic started their season yet? Do Canaan Valley or Wisp have any decent carving trails?
  2. The cuff of the liners clear the heel cuff of the shell by just a little. Definitely curious to see if these would be rideable.
  3. Apologies for being a bit off topic, but has anyone tried using softboot liners in hardboot shells to make a more flexible/ forgiving hardboot, or is this a dumb idea? (currently have a pair of Stratos Pros without liners and Malamutes with holes, so...)
  4. Thank you so much! The kindness and support of this community never ceases to amaze me. Please check PM
  5. Up for sale is a set of Bomber power plates in excellent condition. Comes with plates, mounting disks, 3 & 6 degree cant disks, blue elastiomers, and all mounting screws. SOLD
  6. PM'ed I've passed, as the waist width is too narrow for my boots
  7. That is definitely true! Good to hear from you! I still remember how fun the Rally was the year I was able to make it. Hope you are well!
  8. Hey all, I was tentatively planning on visiting Snowshoe around Dec. 18-20, though I will likely be in softboots. Does anyone have any experience with how conditions are this early in the season and what parts of the mountain will likely be open? Thanks!
  9. PM'ed re. Dynastar 163 Edit: Still available
  10. If you have a spare set of Donek BX plates you're looking to get rid of, let me know! Alternatively, I may be interested a set of Palmer Power Link System (PLS) shock plates. Looking primarily for additional dampening and edgehold on softboot boards. The Gecko stealth would be awesome, but would likely cost more than my entire setup, even used. The Bomber power plates seem to be unobtainium currently. Thus, I think the Donek BX or Palmer Shock might be my next best options. Thanks!
  11. Thanks for the replies! The Pantera does seem to have specs that best match- the longest EE and the widest waist width to prevent bootout, but it is also the longest. My only concern is if the 169 would be a little much to handle on more crowded days or narrower runs- is this worry unfounded? I likely also will miss titanal construction for its dampness, but I assume this board won't buck me when riding through chop? Definitely wish I could afford a Timeless or a Diamond Blade- they would certainly remain considerations if there are any BF sales or the like this holiday season. However, as I have to rebuild my entire setup post moving, funds are pretty tight.
  12. Hi all, I have come across a 169 Nitro Pantera SC Wide and was wondering if anyone had experience with how this board fares as a softboot carving board? Specs are: 1280mm effective edge, 271mm waist width , 9.8/7.8 progressive SCR, -25mm setback. Another option could be a Nidecker Spectre 163, but I am a little worried about the narrow WW when using soft boots. 1240mm EE, 240mm WW, 7.7m SCR, -40mm setback, a fair bit more recent tech baked in. Agree with Jack M that this would be too narrow. No longer a consideration Ride Timeless 162, but it is over 2x the price of the Pantera, making it harder to justify. 1228mm EE, 267mm WW, 11m SCR, -.75mm setback, latest tech, aluminium topsheet Another consideration: Fullbag Diamond Blade 163 - several other BOL members seem to like this board. This one is also a bit out of my price range, but would be interested in hearing opinions on it. I am 190lbs, M27/ ~10 boot, 5' 10" tall. I will be using Flow NX2 GT bindings and Solomon Malamute boots. Does anyone have experience riding in soft boots with any of these boards on groomers exclusively, or have an opinion on which would fit best? Thanks!
  13. I second pow4ever's recommendations for making this a food trip if you are strictly sticking around Flushing. Definitely a lot of very authentic Chinese/ Taiwanese food everywhere, and Korean food / KBBQ around Northern Blvd / Murray Hill area in Flushing. Otherwise, Flushing Meadows Corona Park (1964/65 World's Fair ground) and the Botanical Garden are located there too. However, I would probably hop on the 7 train (purple line), which takes you directly into midtown Manhattan (stopping at Grand Central Station, Bryant Park, Times Square, and Hudson Yards/ Highline in Manhattan) and explore The City.
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