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  1. Has anyone had a problem with the stock mounting screws for the F2 Race Ti's being too short to mount said bindings to your board? The thicker ptex topsheets seem to be an issue for me. I have never had this issue with Bombers. What would be an appropriate replacement screw/dimension that you'd recommend?
  2. Fs/ft 163mm Fullbag Diamond Blade. I bought this board new last season and put 5 days on it. This is an incredible softboot carver with excellent edge hold and stability at speed. It also floats remarkably well on softer snow and is a versatile all mountain freeride machine. Cosmetically, there is some discoloration around the insert packs from my Flow center disks/baseplate elastomers. On the base, there are some superficial marks that should come out with a base grind (never been ground). There also appears to be less than an inch of typical mild surface oxidation on one of the edges that should come out with a wet stone, or an edge tune. Overall, a killer ride from boutique board builder, Mig at Fullbag!
  3. Has anyone in the Mid-Atlantic started their season yet? Do Canaan Valley or Wisp have any decent carving trails?
  4. The cuff of the liners clear the heel cuff of the shell by just a little. Definitely curious to see if these would be rideable.
  5. Apologies for being a bit off topic, but has anyone tried using softboot liners in hardboot shells to make a more flexible/ forgiving hardboot, or is this a dumb idea? (currently have a pair of Stratos Pros without liners and Malamutes with holes, so...)
  6. Thank you so much! The kindness and support of this community never ceases to amaze me. Please check PM
  7. Up for sale is a set of Bomber power plates in excellent condition. Comes with plates, mounting disks, 3 & 6 degree cant disks, blue elastiomers, and all mounting screws. SOLD
  8. PM'ed I've passed, as the waist width is too narrow for my boots
  9. That is definitely true! Good to hear from you! I still remember how fun the Rally was the year I was able to make it. Hope you are well!
  10. Hey all, I was tentatively planning on visiting Snowshoe around Dec. 18-20, though I will likely be in softboots. Does anyone have any experience with how conditions are this early in the season and what parts of the mountain will likely be open? Thanks!
  11. PM'ed re. Dynastar 163 Edit: Still available
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