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  1. Yo Canuck, is this board a Shred Gruumer design?
  2. The third pic makes it look like the edge is rusty. It’s a reflection of the color of my shirt.
  3. Bought this board used, has a couple of dings on one edge. Board is in great condition otherwise. Perfect example of an Oxess you won’t have to treat super kindly. $250
  4. What flex is this board?
  5. Yeah it must be a custom somebody had made. It’s an awesome board. Shoot me you’re email, i’ll Send you some pics
  6. Plate is sold! Yo Barry, you can have the Oxess for $250 shipped. It has a couple of dings on one edge, otherwise it’s perfect. It’s an Oxess SGX168 with a 19.5cm waist
  7. I believe it to be V1 but it is the 4mm plate. I’ve had it for a few months. Bought it used. I’ll post pics shortly.
  8. Hey guys! I’ve learned what I needed to learn about plates. I’ve enjoyed flawless operation of this plate and it sure does eat up the bumps. I am moving this along as I just imploded my Powder board and my kid’s snowboard needs are getting salty. $200 and just let me know if you need pics.
  9. I just Tore the edge out of my D1 6++!!! I love how this board wiggles down the hill. Anyone have something similar to sell??
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