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  1. Hah! No biggie. We carvers are weird, but the right kinda weird. Thanks for everything!
  2. Length: 148 Effective Edge: 110.6 Tip/Tail Length: 26.5 / 17.5 Tip/Tail Width: 30.5 / 28.7 Waist Width: 25.4 Stance Location: 53 Stance Setback: 2.5
  3. This is my boy’s board which was outgrown too quickly. It’s in perfect shape minus some very minor scuffs. Ridden maybe 5 times? I love this company, they make quality products. Colorway could be for a boy or a girl. My kid rode this board at 90-115 lbs. Could easily take it to 140-150lbs $200 plus ship
  4. The board rips. Adults and small children are terrified by it. I am 200+ and this board handled everything I threw at it. My only reason for selling, is because my older boy destroyed his board on the first 5 runs of the first day of a ski trip. There were tears shed at the bottom of that run. Back to the Incline, it is in great condition, I repaired a couple of spots with p-Tex at the tip. The board is not perfect, but it’s quite solid. All specs are in the pics. Price? $250 +$50 for shipping
  5. In case you were wondering, I used knurled nuts from Lowe’s to shove the bumpers onto. They have gripped well, and I never lost any bushings.
  6. I have a set of knockoff Gecko Carve plates I made out of G10 fiberglass plate. I used skateboard truck bushings in the exact durometers Apex used. They have worked out great, but was annoying to search out all the parts, and getting the bushing heights cut down was a real bear for me.
  7. I’m a definite on the UFC. I’ve sent you a direct message through my regular email as well.
  8. PM’ed on the Virus UFC
  9. @cfj04 Hey I sent ya a PM. Would like to hear the story behind your prototype too
  10. Looking for a large Burton Coil to putz around on. Anybody got one?
  11. My PayPal address is: DepecheModeified@cs.com It’ll be $260 total
  12. Cool! I sent you a private message through this forum. Check your inbox and spam folders just in case.
  13. Forgot to add, the weight range on this board would be 180-220
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