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  1. In case you were wondering, I used knurled nuts from Lowe’s to shove the bumpers onto. They have gripped well, and I never lost any bushings.
  2. I have a set of knockoff Gecko Carve plates I made out of G10 fiberglass plate. I used skateboard truck bushings in the exact durometers Apex used. They have worked out great, but was annoying to search out all the parts, and getting the bushing heights cut down was a real bear for me.
  3. I’m a definite on the UFC. I’ve sent you a direct message through my regular email as well.
  4. PM’ed on the Virus UFC
  5. @cfj04 Hey I sent ya a PM. Would like to hear the story behind your prototype too
  6. Looking for a large Burton Coil to putz around on. Anybody got one?
  7. My PayPal address is: DepecheModeified@cs.com It’ll be $260 total
  8. Cool! I sent you a private message through this forum. Check your inbox and spam folders just in case.
  9. Forgot to add, the weight range on this board would be 180-220
  10. I was on the fence about selling this board. I probably enjoyed this the most out of all the boards I’ve ridden in the last 10 years. It is in fantastic condition. The bindings are not included and are daily worn/Frankenstein’s anyways. Specs 175 length, 27cm Waist, 10.65 Radial Sidecut $200 + Shipping
  11. Hey! The board is from 2010. It has rockered tip and tail with mild camber between the feet. The board is properly stiff and carves well. I enjoyed this board on all terrain, and it loves steeps. They definitely do not make this board anymore. I always received compliments in the lift line, it was kinda funny. People dig the shape. Add $25 usd to the total to ship it over the border and we’re good. So total would be $275 delivered. My PayPal address is: DepecheModeified@cs.com
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