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  1. Anyone know anything about this board? I know it's got a square tail and I think it's from the 80s or 90s.....
  2. https://www.snowboarder.com/transworld-snowboarding-archive/snowboarding-photos/when-vintage-snowboard-trading-goes-awry/ At least one of the members here is mentoned.
  3. What's the SCR and WW for the 158? also what's the recommended max weight? feel free to DM me. thanks,
  4. this is the nut in teh boot, right? Where am I missing the fracture in the pic?
  5. 153- 155 range ~18/19 waist width looking for something fairly turny, poppy is nice, and ok for 150 lb rider no old burtons or other fossils
  6. @Ohob Yes, that's doable and I was reading about it. Any other thoughts you have on it?
  7. @michael.a sorry, but I'm slightly confused....so I can use Burton disc for F2s - at least the titanflex model?
  8. Also re: the MK: sorry, but not spending >1K right now for a board.
  9. @ursle I love my Donek FC 1 163 but rarely ride it, mainly b/c I prefer a shorter board on these hills. As I'll already be buying new bindings, I don't really want to buy a new Donek, esp. at the current prices (and I have some very large expenditures coming up soon). My boots are nothing special - Raichles that are at least 10 years old. "on this board" - you mean re: the actual board, right, vs. this message board?
  10. @Lurch Yes, I'm goofy. I'm not familiar with the Thirst brand - is it decent?
  11. Yes, that would be helpful (duh). Thanks @Wolf Burton Speed 154: WW 190mm SCR 8.18M SC Depth 27.5mm would running length or
  12. Ha, I just started a new thread....I haven't purchased a board in years, so I'd really appreciate recs from you guys who are likely much more in the know. I already have 1 board displayed, wife definitely won't be a fan of another one. I may look to sell.
  13. Looks like I need to move on from my Burton Speed 154 and my FP b/c finding step-ins will be a pain and even if I do, not sure I'll trust them. Recs for (used or new) boards for something comparable to the Speed, which was turny / poppy and good for my local hill (overcrowded and small) ?? I have a Donek FC 163 but I prefer something shorter most of the time her in the Mid-atlantic. I'm a lightwight / intermediate rider. Not looking to spend a ton, but don't necessarily need the value option. Also, the blood splatter design of the Speed will be hard to beat.
  14. I think you're referring to something else. Sorry, should have clarified. Asking about compatibility of F2 intec bindings and old / traditional Burton insert pattern (3D or whatever they called it) OK, I just go confirmation that's a no go - glad I didn't buy. I'd like to keep riding my beloved old Burton boards but need a step in binding (that isn't impossible to find)
  15. Just about to pull the trigger on the F2 RS Intec and realized I'm not sure if they're compatible with old Burton design - anyone know / can advise?
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