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  1. Thanks for reaching out Geoff. I’m trying to confirm these details with the original owner right now. And yes it was the perfect beginner board for me, and would be for someone else.
  2. It was made by Team 8. This was a company based in Maine which was affiliated with Seth Wescott. They are no longer in business. I got it used from someone else, but I know who it was built for. Base and nose don’t have any major delamination. I think your last question might be referring to the storage wax? Either that, or I misunderstood what you were referring to. I can take more pictures when I’m home Monday.
  3. Up for sale is a replica of a Kessler slalom board. *Not a winterstick, just some stickers* I picked up this board last season to learn to carve, and it served me very well. It would be great for someone trying to do the same, or a young racer. Only selling to upgrade to a different board with longer side cut. It’s a 164, with a 21 waist, and a 10 side cut. I weigh about 165 and I would say it was a good flex, with a bit more left. Edge life is pictured, and the base is in decent shape. I pictured one larger blemish which is not to the core. The base is currently in storage wax, but could use a stone grind. I can peel off the wax if someone wants to see the rest. I will include the board case with sale, but no bindings. Asking $250 obo with buyer paying shipping. Local pickup in Portland Maine gets priority. Feel free to message with questions.
  4. Price? Waist width? Sidecut?
  5. would you part ways with the heels and spring setup?
  6. Looking for a TD2 with the step in heel to accompany a deluxe track 700.
  7. I would be interested in the step in heels and trench diggers if you would split?
  8. Mthib17

    Maine shredders

    I split time between the river and loaf. Gear is a black jacket with green pants on a white team 8 board. Ill be at the river on Monday but likely in soft boots to try and enjoy some of what's leftover after Saturday's snow event.
  9. I'll take the F2's  What your paypal?       my address      Charlie Russell   2601 Hillway dr  Boise ID 83702

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    2. ibrussell


      Hi Matt   Looks like I sent you  $135 instead of $120  and I sent the other person $120 could you send a refund of the $15  Thanks Charlie

    3. Mthib17


      Yes I can send that over right now.

    4. Mthib17


      Will send tracking info tomorrow 


  10. F2 race titanium bindings size medium. These came on a board I purchased. I opted for TD2s instead. They appear to be in good condition other than a few screws which are stripped. You can buy the replacements online. Asking $120 shipped USPS flat rate in the lower 48. Local pickup available in Portland, ME. I can also meet at Sunday River or sugarloaf on weekends.
  11. Any chance you would sell just the step in heels?
  12. Thanks for reaching out. Ended up buying a pair of boots listed on here already.
  13. Starting the process of building my first hard boot setup. Looking for UPZ or Deeluxe 27/27.5. Can meet in norther New England, or pay for shipping via PayPal friends and family.
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