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  1. Tracks of the elusive boarder patroller. If you arrive early enough you may spot him in his bright red plumage marking his territory by laying down deep tracks (known as trenches) across the full width of the slope. Look for the signature hand-track next to the deepest trenches for a positive ID. No one knows why he does this, or if it has a purpose, but it's beautiful sight to see if you're lucky enough observe one in the wild. Some enthusiasts even like to make photos of the tracks they leave.
  2. Bluebird day, if ever there was one in MN. Some of the best carving snow so far this year Holiday crowds did not appear til early afternoon, then uncrowded and untracked runs were found over on the Gandy side. Rode most of the boards in my quiver today from 9:30-3:30 with a lunch break. Too much fun to know when to quit. In honor of the King, I went to the mountaintop before the hill was open and laid down the first track of the day...that is if you ignore the footprints and snowmobile tracks ... I'll be back out tomorrow.
  3. Well, the wind scoured the hill all night. Much of the slope had a crusty groom with "groomer features©" (khoward terminology, used with permission) interspersed with very soft spots and snow drifts. Not quite the 1st-day-groom heaven I was hoping for, but still nice to be out making some turns. Holiday crowds today, so I left after an hour. Indianhead reports 16" from the storm.
  4. 8" of fluffy dry pow this morning Parking lot was half full when I arrived Then I found that most of the cars were there for a foot race up & down the side of two of the trails which were closed off to downhill sliders. Just the middle of 4 Pipe was groomed. Everything else was pow! Only about 15 people waiting for the first chair, but more people were coming down from the top. There was just enough powder so you only touched bottom occasionally. Started to get busy after about an hour or so when I headed out, but it was mostly all tracked out by then. Got lucky and made the 1st run down an un-tracked DoubleJaw with no traffic just as the patrol was opening it up after the foot race On & off snow showers all day. It's now blowin' a blizzard! House is shaking. Lingering lake effect snow here as the storm moves off to New England...and lake effect snow is dumping on daUP tonight with NW winds! Soft 1st day groom tomorrow!
  5. For future reference, which ZipFits did you find work well with the .951. Once my feet are in, the Roxa liners are very comfy, with good heel hold since I heat molded them. Getting in & out is painful and I may tire of that, or...maybe I'll just leave them on Of course, I rode UPZ's with the stock liners for 1½ years before they all of a sudden became unbearable. Putting Alpine wraps in them was a revelation in how much control I was missing! Maybe I'll have the same experience with these, but for now they seem to be working as well or better than my old set-up.
  6. Maybe I'll try the Intuition wraps from my UPZ's. I'm about 185lbs. I have not bottomed out the green springs, so far. I also haven't ridden very hard as I am nursing a knee injury. Carving on relatively gentle slopes on one very cold day with them so far. The flex felt perfect for me. We'll see if the flex is any softer in warmer conditions. So far, the flex with this MS set-up felt similar to my UPZ set-up. I do like flexy boots though, and for the past few years I have been using green (softest) springs in DGSS and UPZ boots with black tongues and Intuition Alpine wraps.
  7. Received the Mcmaster springs mentioned above and they fit fine. I'm mounted up with green (soft), I like my boots flexy. (I have the .951's, not WC) Rode in -10°F today and the plastic didn't stiffen up like my UPZ's did in that weather. After 4 hrs in them today, I pretty much agree with what everyone has said. I'm keeping them. Thanks @jburrill I spot molded the heel of the liner to get a better heel pocket. Now they feel one with my feet. Very comfy. My only complaints are that getting in & out is painful as the plastic cuts into the dorsum of my foot (high instep?), plus it takes me a bit of fidgeting to get that liner tongue seated properly under the plastic shell. I suppose a wrap liner would be the fix, or maybe putting the liner on first--ZipFit style. I like the stiffer lateral flex, higher cuffs, easy walking rubber soles that don't seem to clog with snow, and seem to be a friendlier interface on the metal toe & heel blocks of sidewinders. I don't feel the need for any aftermarket bts--they have a nice smooth flex, more ROM than the stock UPZ's. (they are harder to drive in though, especially a stick)
  8. Started out at -10°F warmed up to 5 above. Beautiful sunny day, Finally! Very firm and grippy groom, and no hint of the ice base! No plates required todayan 8rw day Maybe 10 other folks on the hill besides me and Russ for the first couple of hours. We couldn't destroy all the groomers by ourselves--we tried, but we could use some help! Later in the afternoon, got invited to do a "safety sweep" of the plush, freshly groomed snow in the BigAir park with the boarder patrol --our own private closed run for a ½ hour or so. We took this job very seriously and swept it several times before declaring it safe for the general public--a great way to end a great day!
  9. I was there last Wed. The snow was nice and soft. Riding plate-less boards all day didn't bother my knee. Plus, thin post holiday crowds. They're getting lake-effect snow on the tail of this storm and should also get dumped on this weekend like the rest of us, with more lake-effect after that. Let me know if you want to go. For the time being, things should be back in tip-top shape at Spirit. I'm hoping there's now enough snow to completely bury the ice base. Certainly after this weekend. We'll be out tomorrow and will file a report.
  10. About 2-3" of light fluffy snow today. Went out for a few runs this afternoon to test softer springs in new boots. Very few people out today, but school bus loads of kids were arriving shortly before I left. 5PM: Snow is moving out now. Should be nice tomorrow, soft snow, sun & cold! Fingers crossed that Spirit doesn't decide to close, or delay opening due to AM sub-zero temps.
  11. Great rant @bobble. Sorry, but it made me laugh, "don't poke your eye out" . Maybe 12" of snow this weekend will cover the mogul field. ...or... Maybe it's time for a nice quiet trip up north.
  12. In general: Soft snow out west, cambered glass boards rule. You don't even have to sharpen your edges! Out east on hard groom and ice, no question, new tech boards make riding more fun. The mid-west is becoming more & more like the east coast.
  13. Website states they're meant to keep the boards they're selling from breaking. Definitely copied the Apex design. Doubt plastic (acrylic?) will be as durable or effective as Apex's carbon fiber product. Didn't this guy post pics of his boards last year in the "board porn" section with actual pornographic topsheets?
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