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  1. Another bike ride, another snow making update. Guns haved moved from ScissorBill to upper 4pipe. Still going on SkyHooker and the feeder from the top of Gandy. Blowing snow all night and all day! At this rate they should be able to have a few more runs open this weekend! And Huttner is hinting at a wintery change in the weather pattern in about 10 days.
  2. Rode the fatbike up to check on progress on the hill. Snowmaking is going full force on ScissorBill, Skyhooker, the bottom of 4pipe and the nordic loop next to the chalet. Good snowmaking weather this week. Only open Sat/Sun for the next 2 weeks.
  3. A 15 min commute to the top of the hill again today for 2½ runs (one run in the rope tow park for fresh tracks without traffic). The groom was much nicer this morning. Can't wait for more terrain to open. No falling over today after increasing angles 10° front & back. Never underestimate the value of carpet carving your set-up before hitting the hill after moving bindings. I noticed snowsticks all along the north side of ScissorBill. Are those new? Oh, they have reserved "covid" parking in the upper lot near the chalet for 65+ year olds.
  4. Drove to the top of the hill today with boots on :) Had the 1st run to myself about 20 min before opening. The snow is man made ice pellets and chunks making for a soft spring-like slush cone groom and deep trenches. I tipped over 3 times in heelside turns on my first run. Just kind of got stuck and couldn't right myself. Sometimes the first day on snow feels really awkward. I recently moved bindings from another board and the set-up didn't feel right. After making an adjustment, I took another run and only fell once. With just Bindle Stiff and the tow park open, things got busy real fas
  5. I liked riding my Contra AT better with flexy hardboots and bindings (Raichle 413's and Carve RS). With my regular carving set-up (Northwaves and TD3 SW) it was easy to overpower the board. It's an easy rider for sure. It will be my ride of choice for the first day on the hill. Nice and turny for the limited terrain and crowds.
  6. Making snow last night and all day today. They moved guns over to ScissorBill. Website says it will be Bindle Stiff and the rope tow park for opening on the 27th. Season pass holders only. The forecast does not look good for snowmaking over the next few days. Freezing rain and snow tomorrow and then warmer temps. Might be tempted to go take a few runs if it's not crazy busy. We'll see...
  7. 1½" of wet snow today. Spirit was still blowing snow on BindleStiff yesterday. If they open on Friday, it will likely be one run open. Hopefully in a couple of weeks the weather will shift. A year ago today we were off and running and had 3 runs open full width...
  8. If I go by Mario's rules I can have 2 more, right? Not pictured is a 160 woody Fish and I have another Thirst in the works.
  9. Picked up my pass today. Spirit had been making snow on one run (BindleStiff) for several days before this recent warm-up. Most of the natural snow has melted off the slopes. I won't be surprised to see opening day postponed. Looks like BlackJack (BigSnow) has postponed their opening day TBA.
  10. Just came across this beautiful little film of splitboarders carving up untracked snow and leaving some nice lines behind. There is more walkin', talkin' and contemplatin' in this film than turns, but it's worth the wait, just like in actual splitboarding.
  11. I was wondering if you'ld go out today. When you said a picture of lines, I was expecting lines in the snow, like tracks...
  12. A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles. A perfect quarantine read as the nights grow longer. The story of a man that spends 30 years under house arrest in the Hotel Metropol in Moscow after the Russian revolution. Masterfully written and a delightful read.
  13. Well I haven't seen much snowmaking happening since the weekend, even though it's been cold enough. I suppose they saw the warm-up headed this way and decided to wait until the cold returns.
  14. Yeah, about 2 or 3 trips up for me. Takes about 20-30 min from the bottom of 4pipe and maybe 20 min on the Gandy side. It's a good workout.
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