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    Spirit Mt, MN/Indianhead,U.P. Mich
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    Thirsts: 8rw 185; Superconductor 175; XC171; SF162; 169 PCjv swallowtail (22.5W)
    Coiler Revelation 179 20.5W, 13-14scr
    Donek REV 175 20.5W, 11-12scr
    2 Coiler Contra All Terrains; 185 & 165, 23cm waist
    Burton Fish 160 (woody)

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    Mountain Slope .951 for carving
    Atomic Backlands for powder
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    TD3 sidewinders and F2 race Titaniums
    on carving boards:
    ~62° front, 6° toe lift
    ~57° rear, 6° heel lift
    20" stance width
    on powder boards:
    ~53° F & ~47° R
    20.5" stance
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  1. All midwestern hills are roughly 400-700 ft vert drop. Indianhead in the U.P of Mich. might have the best carving with some nice wide steeps at the bottom of their 638 vert ft. Looks like MSLM is open, north of Toronto just west of Coiler-ville. Might be a busy place, but Coilers are test ridden there. Searchmont (closed this season) north of Sault St Marie. Chouinard goes there.
  2. A race slalom board will take anything you can give it, just watch a slalom race. I was told that a small board is more of a challenge for a builder/designer to get just right. Hard to design a board that will meet all the demands in a small package. A bigger board is more forgiving. I've had some great little boards and some that couldn't be pushed as hard. The modern race SL boards are amazing. But, as long as we're plugging our favorite short boards; Mark's SF is really astonishing to me in that he designed it, built it, and to my knowledge, has never ridden one. I've owned and ridden
  3. Reviving this thread as I have been going through my bindings today. I had a rear bail (front foot) break off completely last year. Didn't notice it til I went to unclip at the bottom of the hill and my foot lifted out when I tried to skate. The bail was nowhere in sight. I liked hearing Beckmann's comments about riding with the soles of your feet. I do focus on heel/toe pressure when I ride and it likely saved me from a bad crash in this case. Today, I was trying to micro-adjust the bail length because I'm at the limits of toe or heel block adjustment when trying to achieve heel/toe bala
  4. Iris, Lily & Rose are the Minnesota flower power Coached by my daughter a few years back.
  5. Thinking of going back to Indianhead for Monday/Tuesday. Snow is in the forecast with cooler temps and possible lake effect.
  6. Buck has a webcam with a good view of the race course. Milk Run cam. https://buckhill.com/skiing-snowboarding/webcams/ I have been an on-the-hill gate judge since the G-team started hosting rttc NorAm about 10 yrs ago, but not this year. I'm impressed that they were able to put it together this year. With the Canadian border closed, it's technically not a NorAm according to the FIS site. Judging by the turnout, I suspect a lot of North American racers decided to remain in Europe for the season after presumably going through a quarantine to enter.
  7. Ken said he saw Collin (Donek metal FC 163) too. @jolson Yeah, I was busy...... After 3 days at Indianhead (which opens at 9am), I showed up at 8:45 at the top of the hill this morning and was surprised I was able to get a primo parking spot. As I was getting ready to clip in and make 1st tracks, I realized...it's Friday...and I'm an hour early! Glad I didn't go down before realizing that. It was overcast with peeks of sun and a building wind. Snow was soft and if you carved hard, the ice base was lurking here and there with an occasional ice chunk surprise. Ken
  8. West B? ....or Buttermilk east? Indianhead Mt
  9. Day 3 Indianhead. Keeps getting better! 1-2" over soft groom, light snow gradually clearing to warm sun. I think it was unanimous, Sundance was el supremo with 2" on top of a plush groom and few tracks other than our own. In fact it seemed less busy today. Never a lift line and unfettered carving most everywhere. It's been fun hanging out with Pat & Terry and Al & Beth. The C's are traveling east into the next timezone to visit the Porkies tomorrow before heading home. That 1st track was real nice this morning. The lifty gets it now, after watching me walk back up to snap th
  10. Only about 1-2 inches overnight, but enough to help the hill groom out nicely after having ~40° temps yesterday. Had a good breakfast burrito for breakfast at the hill at 8 am. The day started out overcast, then sun in the afternoon. Rode with Pat C & wife Terry today. Rode for almost 6 hrs. I started out this morning being quite tired from yesterday, but once I started making turns....it was hard to stop...Rode the XC 1st down the hill again... ...and caught an early chair back up in time to make the 2nd track on the hill. The east side of the hill has great snow,
  11. Drove over from Duluth this morning. Met up with Al & Beth, and @Chouinard and his wife who drove up from lower MI yesterday. Beautiful soft groom and a warm sunny day . It was so pleasant, I almost fell asleep on the chair ride up. Rode for about 5 hrs, very few people on the hill. We're expecting some snow tonight and tomorrow, so I'm staying put. Here's that 1st track...
  12. It's Bob's "happy place". You know you want to Bob...Buttermilk east.... Bobble giggling...
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