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    Spirit Mt, MN/Indianhead,U.P. Mich
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    Thirsts: 8rw 185; Superconductor 175; XC171 and SF162
    Coiler Revelation 179 20.5W, 13-14scr
    Donek REV 175 20.5W, 11-12scr
    Donek Incline 180 "Delrossi", 23.5W, 11.5scr
    Nitro Squash 163
    Burton Fish 160

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    Mountain Slope .951 for carving
    Raichle 323 for powder
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    TD3 sidewinders
    ~60° front, 6° toe lift
    ~55° rear, 6° heel lift
    Carve RS step-ins for powder
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  1. Hi Bob. I have no idea what's going on with Spirit. I'm hoping we hear from @rwmaron or @khoward who have connections to people in-the-know. Maybe we'll be hiking up the hill to make turns? Any word from Buck?
  2. My favorite windsurfers are my old glass boards with that long drawn out pin-tail. My first carving boards...
  3. I have 2 Contras, all mt, so softer and wider and not a fair comparison to a carving stick. Bruce described the new sidecut to me as "mid-tight, like a Thirst". I think a few Thirst customers (johnasmo and crackaddict) were longing for an audibly quieter metal version of a Thirst. Maybe James can provide a comparison between his extra long (195-ish) Contra and Thirst 9SW? The Thirsts have a more springy liveliness to the ride that I enjoy. While audibly noisy on hard snow and ice compared to a metal board, they still have a quiet smooth ride. Not quite the metal-damp ride of a Coiler
  4. Northeast: RI: Diamond Hill, Pine Top NH: Cranmore, Wildcat, Waterville Valley VT: Sugarbush, Glen Ellen, Mad River Glen, Killington, Mt Snow ME: Sunday River NY: Whiteface, and someplace in the Catskills Midwest: MN: Spirit Mt, Buck, Wild, Afton, Lutsen, Welsh WI: Trollhaugen, Whitecap MI: Indianhead, Blackjack, Porcupine Mts West: CO: Telluride, Aspen, Beaver Creek, Vail, Copper CA: Mammoth, Squaw, Northstar NM: Angel Fire MT: Turner WA: Snoqualmie Canada: Sun Peaks, Revelstoke Thanks Bori
  5. Bought a pass at both Indianhead and Spirit. It's a vote of confidence for the next season. There's a discount for being over 65 yrs on top of the already discounted early/pre-season price, so it's not too bad. These are small hills and I'm confident they'll figure out how to make it work with social distancing. We're already wearing goggles, gloves and a often a face mask, plus we're outside, so the risk is negligible. I already used 1/3 the cost of the Indianhead pass in March.
  6. 1st tracks before the hill is open have a special dream-like sweetness. I was "board" yesterday. A little snow in the morning and a cold, blustery day, so I spliced a few clips together of layin' down some of those 1st tracks at Indianhead from this past season.
  7. Just drove by the bottom entrance to Spirit and they have closed the gates to the parking lot. Looked like it was padlocked. There were a couple of cars parked at the entrance, maybe hikers or maybe a guard. There was a cop car watching all the activity on my final day there a couple of days ago. I suspected they might shut it down. There were even more cars in the parking lot the next day when I drove by. Once the word gets out it spreads like a virus. btw, I never got within 30' of anyone and that was in the parking lot.
  8. Rode everything!...well, except the Fish which is for sale. I've got 9 boards in the quiver now, but I know I can get at least one more if I live by Mario's example. I'm in the same boat as Corey where riding a variety of boards makes a small hill way more interesting. Mostly rode my quiver of 4 Thirst carving boards. Rode the 185 (my favorite) and 162 the most. The 175 was a close 3rd and the 171 probably the least. When conditions are good for carving, I'm riding one of these boards. And if I'm having fun on one of them, I'll ride it all day, but sometimes going up or down one size can
  9. That's an interesting question. Like Sun says generally yes, but you might be thinking of chicken pox and the virus that lies dormant in nerve tissue to later cause shingles. There's a lot we don't know yet about this new virus. Treat everyone you don't live with as a potential carrier. ...and don't touch your face!
  10. One run and done today. Never seen so many people on the hill post season. The word has gotten out! Maybe 10-20 on the 4-pipe side plus a snowmobile ripping up and down the trails There was a dusting of new snow after the rain yesterday. Conditions are deteriorating. Some deep crevasses and holes appearing where water is flowing under the snow, along with more thin and bare spots. I should have a rock board for any future excursions. Getting pretty soft today! Ice is out of the river. More wildlife sighted; Hooded Mergansers, Whistler Swans, beaver, mink and tracks of the Spiri
  11. ....so they can protect their stash of toilet paper?
  12. Will also accept guns and toilet paper as payment (I'm kidding!!) ...bump
  13. How am I doing @big mario , am I getting close?
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