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    Schweitzer mountain resort, Sandpoint, ID
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    OWNER, THIRST SNOWBOARDS alpine snowboard builder
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    9SW, Thirst Superconductor 19.1cm and 18.8cm waist, PC 181, 8RW, 8R warp, XC, FX, CC, 8R, BX 173, 7X 179, SF, X-Model, BACKSIDE AM 170, BACKSIDE 154, VOLANT GS 173, MULTIPLE POWDER BOARD SNOWBOARDS (ABOUT 15, DATING BACK TO THE EARLY 80'S)
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    UPZ RC-11's, UPZ RC-10's , Raichle 123
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    nitro step in plates
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  1. I'm lookin forward to the trip.
  2. Well I thought it was an incredible day to carve, rode the Thirst tesi8 all day. Took a few runs with Kram, Dane, Pusbag & wife. Snow was very firm to hard, it would take all the pressure you could give it until your legs collapsed under the G's. Rode, Lower K, Cathedral, Midway, Lil blue, Zip Down, Down the hatch and Loophole..few other runs getting from one place to the other as well as a few duplicates. Not many people on the hill either. Stayed until 2:15. Hope Thursday is another day like today.
  3. Annie and I will be up too, see you tomorrow.
  4. Its spring! I'm riding, it was nice today. Thaaat is correct BWD.. I miss my XC a ton!. I'd keep the SF and get an XC...never sell your Thirst's unless you are in bed with a board builder. Hell, I wish I'd never sold the most recent 8RW, Super and XC from my personal quiver. I need a drink to go with my popcorn, ha ha.
  5. I apologize for that, seems that FastStik is offering a discount for the "bundle". I will ask them if they can offer the discount for just one product.
  6. FastStik discount code is: Thirst FastStik is quick to ship product to all who order. Give it a try, its good stuff, quick and easy to apply and you can spend more time actually tuning your boards (like those hideous edges, lol). Two products cover all temps. Oh, and I don't get any money for selling FastStik.
  7. My daughter and I did go carving tonight, I think there were about 10 people total. It was cold, snow was hard and dry and not skied out. Had a great time, some of the best carving yet this year.
  8. Yes, this is the one. @bigwavedaveNo, this is not the one you demoed in the UP.
  9. barryj Start where I recommended please. Don't think about it too much for now, the more you try to undo it the more knotted up you'll get.
  10. @franknshredderThank you for posting the review.
  11. Wider? I have failed and didn't even know it...did you ask if I can/would/could?
  12. NO BOARD FOR YOU!! I couldn't resist Board naked or go home.
  13. Quote: So Mark's boards are not that stiff in comparison to Donek or Virus?? Does his boards go by weight ranges in the build? I'm 6'2" and 229+/- too much at the moment but I typically would go 1 weight range lower or a shorter board length for a softer board (than what my weight usually would dictate) for my 63 year old legs to ride all day. @barryj The demo boards I have are as middle of the road as I can imagine, every rider is different in respects to style, stance, angles, experience, energy, etc. The Superconductor BWD rode in the UP (softer and narrower, but not by a
  14. The RC-12 is a continuation of the RC-11 and RC-12 from previous season, some changes in the toe and heel pads, new buckles, shoxxter strap and lower shell plastic material for this year. The XC-12 is a "extreme carve" model (new model for the 19/20 season). The spring box is larger and does not have a lock position. There are also choices for the springs depending upon what your needs are. In addition the shell plastic is of a softer type than the RC-12. I am an outside rep for UPZNorthAmerica and have spent many seasons in UPZ boots. I'd be happy to help, just shoot me a messa
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